Evaluating Websites for Research

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Evaluating Websites for Research. Part 1 : Identifying the Author. I will be able to identify the authors name on a web page. . Student Objective #1. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


ResearchEvaluating Websites for ResearchPart 1 : Identifying the AuthorI will be able to identify the authors name on a web page. Student Objective #1In a world of information overload, it is vital for students to be able to find information on the Web, as well as to determine its validity and appropriateness. The information you find may vary in reliability and quality: it can be very useful and reliable, very bad or directly misleading. Keep in mind that everyone can publish information on the Internet. This means it is your job to evaluate the quality and reliability of what you find, and whether it fits your needs. Knowing how to effectively and efficiently find accurate information is a skill that will enable you to make informed decisions. Why is this skill necessary in life?A good way to start evaluating websites is to see if you can identify the following: authors name authors title or position authors contact informationscope of the information needtimelinesstype of publicationprimary or secondary sourcesformatpoint of viewlevel of difficultypurpose of your product (inform, persuade, entertain) related to the content and audience.Other criteria for evaluating sources Hold a degree in this subject Study or do research on this topic Work in a related field Write about this topic regularly Have first-hand knowledge Have participated in, or observed, events and peopleHow do I evaluate the author?The author's expertise and credentials should relate to your subject. A credible contributor might:http://www.bronxzoo.com/http://www.turtlebackzoo.org/tbzoo/index.jsphttp://www.brookview.karoo.net/Sellafield_Zoo/Who is the Author? Ask yourself: Why would this author or organization publish this information?Read the "About" page.Can you find contact information? Web trick to try:Go to a Whois data search website:www.domaintools.com