Esso extends Brazilian activities

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Filtration Industry Analyst January 2000 MC Eurovent 11 &~rom, 1 .i! > Airtech International Group Inc 11 Mleghany Corp Mleghany Corp 8 8 4rvin Industries 4rvin Industries 12 12 bahi/America Inc bahi/America Inc 7, 13 7, 13 3aker Hughes Inc 3aker Hughes Inc 13 13 >algon CarborrCorp >algon CarborrCorp 13 13 &co Environmental &co Environmental Corp Corp 12, ;6 12, ;6 =Cown Andersen Inc =Cown Andersen Inc 11 11 Xnaldson Co Xnaldson Co 13 13 Environmental Elements Environmental Elements Corp Corp $1 $1 ZXX Electronics Corp ZXX Electronics Corp 12 12 :arWest Group Inc :arWest Group Inc 11 11 Ztegg Industries Inc Ztegg Industries Inc 13 13 iach Co iach Co ii ii nterfilta (UK) nterfilta (UK) 11 11 onics Inc onics Inc 8, 11 8, 11 solyser Co Inc solyser Co Inc 12 12 -ydall Inc -ydall Inc 9, 13 9, 13 \Iletcalf & Eddy \Iletcalf & Eddy 11 11 Wet-Pro Carp Wet-Pro Carp 9 9 WFRl Inc WFRl Inc 16 16 Jail Carp Jail Carp 5, 11, 12, 16 5, 11, 12, 16 >arker Hannifin Corp >arker Hannifin Corp 6 6 Jet-&air Inc Jet-&air Inc 12 12 Severn Trent Services Inc Severn Trent Services Inc 12 12 Seychelle Environmental Seychelle Environmental Technologies Inc Technologies Inc 11 11 Smith &.Loveless Inc Smith &.Loveless Inc 11 11 $pectum-Arabieh Inc $pectum-Arabieh Inc 12 12 Synthetic Industries Inc Synthetic Industries Inc 13 13 The Viet fhang Textile Co The Viet fhang Textile Co 12 12 The Weir Group The Weir Group 16 16 Tokito Ltd Tokito Ltd 12 12 Trigen-Cinergy Solutions 12 Trigen-Cinergy Solutions 12 USFilter USFilter 11 11 Vivendi Vivendi 12 12 Whatman plc Whatman plc 1 1 WTC Industries Inc WTC Industries Inc 7 7 CONOCO CHAIRMAN BACKS E-COMMERCE The energy industry is indis- lensable to society, but must adapt itself to changes nought about by the explo- ;ion of information technolo- ly, says Archie Dunham, Zonocos chairman and chief :xecutive officer. Dunham told the annual Arthur Andersen Energy Sym- losium that successful energy :ompanies must be fast, nim- ,le and aggressive and must :mbrace new technologies like :-commerce to become more :ompetitive and profitable. Dunham said information ethnology was connecting :ompanies to all their stake- rolders in ways unimagined a decade ago. building important :lectronic links to suppliers in order to increase productivity, :ut cycle time and improve ustomer satisfaction. TOTALFINA EXPANDS IN LIBYA IotalFina and its partners Repsol YPF, OMV and Saga lave signed an agreement with Libyas National Oil Zorp (NOC) to explore .he M-4 block in the Mur- mk region of southwestern Libya. TotalFina holds a 24% nterest while Repsol YPF has 12%, OMV 24% and Saga LO%. Block M-4 covers an area of around 12 300 km in the northern region of the Murzuk oil basin. Repsol YPF will operate it during the exploration phase. The new agreement tits with TotalFinas strategy to strengthen its positions in North and West Africa. Total- Fina is already present in the Wurzuk Basin with a 30% nterest in the NC-l 15 block md has been a partner on Ilocks NC-186 and NC-187 ;ince November 1997. EXXON AND MOBIL MERGER IS COMPLETED Following approval from the US Federal Trade Commis- sion (FTC), oil giants Exxon Corp and Mobil Corp have nerged. However the FTC says


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