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Essay 1: We would like you to tell us about your post-MBA immediate career goal, describing your industry, function & country of choice and a plan on how you would achieve this goal. (Maximum : 300 words) My immediate near-term post-MBA goal is to serve a frontrunner technology services organization in the field of product management or mew product management, so that I can further develop and hone my newly acquired skills in the area of technology marketing.Post NUS Business school , my goal is to work as product marketing manager in technology company such as Microsoft or Oracle. NUS Business school, being a top business school will open the doors tof various technology companies across Asia, and its . The career services and distinguishedvaluable alumni network available at NUS business school will enable help in a seamless career transition. A role in a globally positioned corporation will expose me to the management of complex operations, and nurture team-building skills in a work environment of multi-functional and multi-cultural professionals. My past experience as an Engineering background and work experience at xxx will help me to understand the technical aspects of product marketing. The decision science, marketing and strategy classes learnt at the NUS MBA program will prepare equip me with required expertise for product development and customer engagement. At Xxx, I displayed strong analytical and technical skills in software development for vastly differing domains like healthcare and automotive domains. I also conducted market research for technology services/products in healthcare, mobile applications, wearable-devices and kiosks. In the process, I have and worked in functional silos in the process. To be I was not involved in the product planning and strategy (disciplines that will drive larger business value to the consumer),. To complete my learning, I need in-depthdeep understanding of product planning/positioning, market opportunities/communications, and other the business insights and different aspects of business managementmarketing. My past experience as an Engineer will help me to understand technical aspects of product marketing. The decision science, marketing and strategy classes learnt at NUS will equip me with required expertise for product development and customer engagement. Participation in marketing events at the NUS I plan on joining Marketing cClub, to participate in several marketing events and get an opportunity to network .I intend to participate in and case competitions such as Cerebrations, will develop my managerial potential, and provide to get a hands-on experience and new perspectives on for handlingsolving business situations. Through study tour I will also get an international exposure to consumer insights. Along with it the small class size at NUS will enable me to make a professional as well as personal relationship with students from diverse background and utilize the valuable NUS resources effectively. NOTE -- This point is more relevant for the next essay, so I am not including it in this one. The fulfillment of the above-mentioned short-term objectives will, facilitate accomplishment of long term goals, i.e., to identify and provide innovative products/services in the field of technology. Thus NUS Business school provides me with ample opportunities and resources to become a successful product marketing manager, and is therefore my chouice of destination.hone my leadership and decision making capabilities. . NUS essay 2: Considering the vision and values of NUS Business School and a typical NUS MBAclass, tell us what makes you a good candidate for admission. (Maximum : 300 words). Were here to makeput a dent in the universe. This one quote, that which drives me to dream big, and strive hard for the bettermentdevelopment of self and society, is in tune with the mission of NUS Business school and its commitment to business and society. After graduation, completing engineering, I chose to join xxx as an Associate Software Engineer for its vision and its products,. and proved my adaptability by working creatively in diverse domains like healthcare and automotives, to develop software and a toolAt Xxx, I worked in the healthcare domain, in which I was on a project that developed an interface for American Army Veterans. Post this, I also worked in the automotive domain for Volkswagen and Daimler, for which we developed a tool that areis currently applicable and in large scale useused by more than a million users globally. A strong desire to acquire new skills drove me to volunteer venture into In healthcare, to showcase the product prototype to various stakeholders, I conducted market research for technology products/services in healthcare -- a step that led me to showcase a product prototype to several stakeholders. mobile applications, wearable-devices and kiosks. In the pre-sales role, I was challenged beyond my comfort zone, and learnt to cope with multiple responsibilities, empathize with customer problems, and take initiatives. At NUS, I believe I canwould be able to make valuable contributions by sharing e with my peers the real world experience of understanding customer problems, developing solutions, and establishing a business vertical in an emerging Asian markets. for my organization.The small class size at NUS will enable me to cultivate a professional as well as personal relationship with peers from diverse backgrounds, and put the programs valuable resources to good use I can share my technology and domain experience through a A leadership role in the tTechnology cClub will facilitate exchange of technology and domain experiences. Also, in the pre-sales role, I was challenged beyond my comfort zone and learnt to manage multiple responsibilities, empathize with customer problems, and take initiatives. From this experience, I now better understand consumer needs, while developing solutions that meet goals of technology and business. InteractingWorking with clients from three countries has exposed me to different work cultures:, therefore the multi-culturaal atmosphere of the NUS campus will not be new. which will help me to easily fit in to the diverse class at NUS. Being part of community services fromsince childhood, I would be happylike to continue my servicescontribution through the Social Impact Club. Pursuing an MBA program in a reputed university like NUS, will be an immensely enriching experience.At the same time, I would be able enrich my understanding of business by learning from my classmates experiences and perspectives. Therefore, I want to pursue MBA at NUS Business School to further broaden my perspectives and refine my understanding of business. Its core values excellence, integrity, teamwork, innovation and care -- have and will continue to followed me throughout my years of learning and working. I also firmly believe that on must give back more than one gets, particularly in the case of family, society and the alma mater. NUS essay 3: What is the most critical problem facing your organization or community? What recommendations would you make to deal with this problem? (Maximum: 300 wor While I visited a government hospital as a volunteer with an NGO, I met a young mother (Vasudha), on one of my visits to a government hospital. Married at age married at the age of 15, and mother of two, 19-year old Vasudha had been abandoned by her husband. and now abandoned by her husband. Today, she struggles with the dual responsibility of all of 19 year old and with two kids to look after she is struggling to makinge her ends meet and caring for two young sShe has neither education nor skills no degree or skills to back her; her . Her education was discontinued cut short by her parents in spite of her desire to continue.wish to study further. Vasudha is just one of the million other girls in India who never receive basic education either because of societal norms and pressure, or gender bias, and end up becoming depending on others for their living. In a country like India where female literacy rate (2011 Census) is 65.46%,. Wwomens Lliteracy is the need of thean hour .I believe thatthat the education I received from childhood, has made me the confident women that I am. I am today, has been possible because of the education I received. I want million other women to have same It is every womans right to become self-sufficient, and have a strong self-belief. To educate a man means to educate an individual. To educate a woman means to educate a family. Empowering Enabling women to learn, grow and contribute to society, will liberate them from a life of dependency, andnot only empower women but also prevent poverty in a developing nation like India. To combat this problem, Tthe very first step would be to is to control give incentives for education of the girl child, and minimize the girls drop-out rate of girls from at primary school, by level by building moreproviding school facilitiess close to girls homes. Schools must be made, and making schools girl-friendly. Additionally, the school curriculum must be priented towards content of education must be improved by serving education as the vehicle for transformationing of attitudes and fixed social norms not just for girls and but also for boys alike. At a higher level, Rrural women should be impartedgiven training on special skill sets such as computer education, professional communication, entrepreneurship etc and so on. which will encouragehelp women them to seektart employment. Another avenue for iIncreasing wom,ens income for women is through the avenue of microenterprise development is another possibility.. Health education and the art of self-defence are two additional vital considerations. Finally, finance management and counseling must be made available to teaching women acrossin all the sectors: to manage their finances by giving attention to special innovative savings and insurance schemes should be introduced. The journey towards empowerment of Indian women is a long and arduous one,re is a long way to go to empower the women of India but these small steps taken in the right directionps will propel help us leap into the bright future where men and women will be onare in par with each other, and contributeing in to national integration and development.development of the nation.