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Dear Parents/CarersWe have had awonderfullysuccessful year atHornsey. This finaledition of HornseyNews for the yearcaptures theHornsey Vision so well, with itswealth of examples of ourstudents ambition andachievement; their commitmentto developing individual andsocial responsibility incampaigning to improve theworld (particularly for youngwomen) and their love oflearning. Yes, we really are ahappy school the ultimate line ofour school vision.I n s p i r i n g L o n d o n s W o m e n o f t h e F u t u r eAt the end ofanothersuccessfulschool year atHornsey wetake a look atour newsstories from theSummer Term.Summer EditionA letter was sent out to allfamilies last week which outlinesthe arrangements for the end ofterm as well as dates and starttimes for the new academic yearin September. Please ensure thatyour daughter gives you theletter which outlinesarrangements as follows: is the end ofterm. Students will pay 1 atthe school gate to be allowed towear non- school uniform itemsin their House Colour for ourGambia project.The new term forstudents begins with a staggeredstart for students in differentyear groups. This helps toensure that the new Yr 7students are not toooverwhelmed on their first dayin Secondary school. Years 7, 11and 12 arrive at 8.30am; allother year groups (Years 8,9,10and 13) arrive at 10.45am.So, until the new academic yearin September may I take thisopportunity to wish you all welland, no matter where you arethis summer, may the sun shine.On Tuesday 10th June 9 students from Hornsey School for Girls attended the Global Summit to EndSexual Violence in Conflict, at the ExCeL Centre. The summit, which was co-chaired by the ForeignSecretary and UN Special Envoy Angelina Jolie, focused on addressing the culture of impunityaround sexual violence and increasing the number of perpetrators brought to justice.Students were invited to attend by women's rights charities Womankind Worldwide and Plan UK aspart of Citizenship studies, which has seen them campaigning on women's issues including: genderinequalities, forced marriage, female genital mutilation (FGM) and violence against women andgirls (VAWG).At the event the students took part in a classroom activity with Plan UK, spoke to Radio 1Newsbeat and First News (an online newspaper for young people) before going on to take part in ainterview panel organised by Womankind Worldwide. The event, A Different World is Possible:Ending Violence Against Women and Girls,provided an opening for the young activists ofHornsey School for Girls to engage withprominent women taking the lead on tacklingviolence against women and girls includingMinister Lynne Featherstone, MP for Hornsey &Wood Green, and womens rights activists fromUganda and Kenya.Students at Hornsey School for Girls have been campaigning with Womankind, calling for action ontackling the underlying causes of violence against women and girls and supporting the work ofwomens rights organisations on the ground. Year 10 students organised Hornsey studentsdesigning placards which were being displayed at the exhibition, raising awareness about violenceagainst women and girls and how to prevent it.The students all received lots of praise for their hard work and effort; for their presentation skills;their willingness to engage a large audience ina mature and positive manner and for takingpart in lots of activities, interviews anddiscussions. They were a credit to HornseySchool for Girls and we wish to thank them allfor their hard work throughout this summit.Scarlett Myers, Year 10 studentLynne Featherstone MP6-15JUNE2014THE CROUCH END FESTIVALLOCAL SCHOOLS EVENTAs part of the opening celebrations for this years Crouch EndFestival, Hornsey School for Girls teamed up local schools to put on aperforming and creative arts extravaganza. Our student and ParentMusic Association choirs sang both solo and joint songs, our steelpans belted out hits and our dancers created beautiful shapesoutside Hornsey Town Hall to an audience of over 300 people. Ourstudents artwork was also on display in Hornsey Library whichincluded a large water hanging panel, featuring a leaping dolphin(see left), as part of our joint schools art project. This exhibition cannow be viewed at Park Road Leisure Centre in Crouch End.What a fabulous way to end a very musical year. Ourmusicians have been extremely active in the communitythis academic year, particularly in this summer term.On Tuesday 8th July, we had the pleasure of showcasingsome outstanding musical talent at Hornsey. As well asbeautiful harmonies of the school and communitychoirs, we showcased carnival-style performances fromour many steel pans bands, and we also witnessed someamazing individual and group compositions from a rangeof year groups.Thank you to all students who participated in thiswonderful musical extravaganza. Onwards and upwardsfor next years musical events there are many.Watch this space!Mr Austin - Head of Performing ArtsJack Petchey Awards 2014On Thursday 12th June Hornsey School for Girlsstudents were rewarded by the Jack PetcheyFoundation for their hard work contributing to schoolprojects and events. The Foundation exists to raise theaspirations of young people, and has invested inHornsey School for Girls to reward students for theircontributions to special projects.In attendance at the Bernie Grant Arts Centre andhanding out the awards were David Lammy MP andCouncillor Kaushika Amin who is the Mayor forHaringey (pictured right).Congratulations to the following:Student ProjectTeresa Callow Year 7 Chatter Box Lunchtime ActivityAlice Hadley Year 8 Crouch End FestivalHeather Gilchrist Year 8 Y8 Emotional Skills for LearningTaya Ming Year 10 Steel Pans BandMary Thom Year 11 I-Read ProjectErica Kouassi Year 13 Bugsy Malone ConcertThe award winners with the Mayor of Haringey:(from left to right)Alice, Taya, Mary, Erica, Heather & TeresaOn Wednesday 25th June Hornsey students tookpart in a geography workshop which was led by avery important geographer called Daniel Raven-Ellison who works for National GeographicMagazine. Daniel likes to go around the worldtaking fabulous pictures of wildlife. One of hisassignments was to take pictures of a greenerLondon. He did this by pointing his cameraupwards towards the sky so you could see the treecanopy, every 5 steps he took a photo of the skywhich made a fantastic video when these photoswere linked together. Amazingly, most of thephotos he took included an incredible amount oftrees and he was able to show just how greenLondon is!The activity I took part in was the Wild LondonerProject where we were asked to take close upphotos of living things, nature and greenery e.g.flowers, trees and animals (see photos on the left).We did this around the school grounds includingthe pond and student garden as well as in theschool boundary hedges.Our aim was to show the greenery of London sothat we can all support Daniels great idea ofmaking London the worlds first National Park City.For more details follow @LondonNP on Twitter andhelp to spread the hashtag #WildLondoner.All Hornsey students can get involved if they wantto. So, if you want London to become the worldsfirst National Park City all you have to do is:1. Sign the petition bit.ly/LondonNP2. Share a #GLNP tweet of support3. Photograph a #WildLondonerAll information and some great photos can befound on Daniels website:www. Greaterlondonnationalpark.org.ukDont forget you can also follow the@HornseyGeog Twitter page and like the HornseyGeography Facebook page too!By Tyra Schwarzer Year 7Wild LondonEvery year the English and Literacy Faculty have an afternoon tea party to acknowledge theachievement of students in our reading programmes: Accelerated Reader and Lexia. OnThursday 3rd July we celebrated the excellent progress of selected students from Years 7 to9, along with their parents.We recommend that our students read for 35 minutes a day to develop their reading skills.This expectation, along with our intervention programmes for readings result in Hornseygirls making on average 2.1 years progress in their reading age in 1 year! We areparticularly proud of some individual students whose efforts have delivered some reallyamazing results; several students have increaded their reading ages by as much as 5 yearsover the course of this academic year. We thank parents for their support in encouragingreading. It really is such a fundamental part of students' learning.Accelerated Reading Programme WinnersIf you walk through the canteen during aWednesday CoCo Time you are sure to find pairsof students dotted about engrossed in reading.You will also hear the low hum of KS3 studentsreading enthusiastically to their partners.Since the autumn term Year 11 and Year 10students have met with Year 7 and Year 8students, once a week, to take part in I-Read.I-Read ProgrammeWhilst the aim of I-Read is to help promote alove of independent reading it has also been anopportunity for KS4 students to learn mentoringskills as provided for by the IAL department.Mary Thom, 11E won this year's Jack PetcheyAward for her commitment to the I-Readprogramme (see page 5). We would like to takethis time to thank all the KS4 students whovolunteered.Year 10 Mock ExaminationsCongratulations to all of our Year 10 students who haverecently sat mock examinations. We wish you all the verybest of luck as you receive your results!Thank you to all of those involved in the smooth running ofthe exams, briefings and revision sessions.From the KS4, KS5 and Exams team.After the ups and downs of the past 5 years we all cametogether again to celebrate the success of our exams and tomark the end of an era.The evening was memorable with students and teachersmingling and sharing good memories. It was filled withmusic, laughter and some nostalgic moments.All in all it was a great evening and we all had an amazingnight!Sofia Khan Year 11Year 11 Celebration PromOn Friday 27th June Year 11 Students celebratedcompletion of their examinations at the Year 11 Prom,held at Penridge Rooms in Southgate.The evening was attended by 130 Year 11 students aswell as teaching staff and tutors. The evening wasorganised by Mr Frayne, Deputy Director of Learningfor KS4 and the Prom Committee.The evening was a huge success with everyone enjoying themselves and having the opportunityto catch up one last time.Developing Core Learning TimeAs you have read in this edition of the Hornsey News,this year has been filled with lots of things tocelebrate. With success in mind, next year we will bestrengthening Community Time to ensure our studentsare supported in being successful throughout eachstage of their education at Hornsey School for Girlsand Sixth Form College.As some of you may know, there are vast nationalreforms ahead for GCSEs including more robustexaminations, removal of modular exams, morechallenging content, a greater focus on extended writing and spelling, grammar and punctuation.These changes will be felt from 2015, beginning with English and Maths.In order to prepare our students for the changes to the content and assessment of their GCSEs wehave made changes to Community Time to strengthen the start of the school day. These changescontinue to embrace our vision that our students leave Hornsey equipped with the skills neededfor the 21st century.From September 2014Year 10 students will spend 3 sessions per week at thebeginning of each day on English.Year 11 students will focus for 3 sessions per week onMaths. During this additional time for their coresubjects, specialist teachers will deliver planned sessionsthat help prepare our students for the changes to morechallenging examinations and assessment. Students willcontinue to have one assembly per week and follow arelevant programme, including Careers Advice andGuidance on the final session of the week planned by their Director of Learning.Year 7-9 students will focus on Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance to ensurethey are prepared to make informed choices as they progress through their education.To launch these changes, Community Time will be called Core Learning Time and Tutors willbecome Lead Teachers, with the emphasis on the start of the day being a central time for learningand starting the day successfully.We are very excited about the opportunities that Core Learning Time will give to our students inensuring that they are well prepared for more robust examinations at the end of Year 11. We willgive you more information and answer any questions at the Parent Information evenings inSeptember.1. Why have we changed Community Time?Community Time has been changed to CoreLearning Time and tutors will be Lead Teachers.These changes have been made as we arestrengthening the start of the school day to ensurestudents can make outstanding progress personallyas well as academically in English and Maths. Thegovernment have made significant changes to thecontent of English and Maths GCSEs, therefore, weare planning for this by introducing more focusedtime at the start of the day to ensure students arefully prepared for these changes.2. Does my daughter have to change her Tutor?In order for specialist Lead Teachers to deliver Core Learning Time at KS4, there is a chance thatyour daughters Lead Teacher will change. However, it is important to remember that this is toensure students are able to get the best possible outcomes at the end of Year 11.3. My daughter has a really good relationship with her Tutor, why does shehave to change?Although your daughters tutor may change next year, this will be an opportunity to get to know anew Lead Teacher and build strong relationships with them. Change is a normal part of life andher new Lead Teacher will fully support her with this transition.4. Why dont Years 7, 8 and 9 have Maths and English Teachers as theirLead Teacher?In Year 7, 8 and 9 Lead Teachers will be a member of teaching staff in the school. They will focuson important aspects of KS3 such as transition into secondary school, GCSE preferences andCareers, Information, Advice and Guidance. In KS4, English and Maths Teachers are Lead Teachersto ensure that students are well prepared and equipped at the end of year 11 to be successful inthese important subjects.5. My daughter is in Year 7, why does she have to wait until year 10 and 11to do English and Maths in Core Learning Time?In year 10 and 11 Lead Teachers will be English and Maths teachers who will be able to givestudents specialist support to prepare them for taking examinations in these subjects. However,in years 7-9 students will continue to have literacy and numeracy sessions in Core Learning Timethat will help them to develop the skills needed to be successful at GCSE.Ms. Douglas, Senior Assistant HeadTim Prendergast - Paralympic Gold Medallist VisitSky Sports Schools Programme uses sports stars and sports skills to improve the lives of youngpeople in secondary schools. Year 8 student Gabriella Scipioni explains what Tims visit meantto her.On Wednesday 3rd July Paralympic Gold Medallist Tim Prendergast came to our school to workwith the Year 7 and 8 Gifted & Talented Dance Club. Tim competed at the London 2012Paralympics in the 800m athletics. He told us about how he had started losing his sight at 8years old and he now only has 5% vision, but that he doesnt let his disability hold him back!Tim hasnt always achieved the results he wanted but was so determined to keep going whichresulted in him winning a gold medal at the Paralympic Games in Athens in 2004. In 2008 heran at the Beijing Games but, after suffering from heat exhaustion, he stumbled and fell nearthe finish line and had to be taken off by stretcher. In 2012 he ran again, finishing 5th, but wasnot too disappointed as it was a personal best performance.Tim taught us a lot about 6 Key Skills to Success, which were:1. Mental toughness 2. Hunger to achieve 3. People skills 4. Sports and life knowledge 5.Breaking barriers 6. Planning for success. We were shown a range of activities to help usunderstand and practice these skills. For example, one task involved asking teachers yes or noquestions to gather information about a famous person. This helped our people skills and ourdetermination (hunger to achieve). We also took part in an activity which taught us how to planfor success. Our Sports Hall represented our life, one end was when we were born and theother was when we die, and we had to stand where we wanted to represent when we want toachieve our life goals. We then wrote our younger selves letters telling us how we couldachieve our goal.I really enjoyed Tims visit because he used a lot of metaphors to explain things, which mademe think of my life in a different perspective. Also the activities and games were great funbecause we had to work as a team to try and overcome challenges and think about differentways to complete different tasks.I think Tim is a great role model because he never gives up and always tries to do better than hedid last time. Meeting him was a life-changing experience and I will always remember to try andimprove and not let anything hold me back.Year 8 students recently took part in a Come Dine With Me experience that looked at differentreligions and their food laws and beliefs. Here students from class 8A explain what theyenjoyed and learnt from their experience.Come Dine with Me was a unique and fun experience!Students in groups had to research into a particular religionsfood laws. My group had Sikhism and we learnt that manySikhs are vegetarian and are not allowed to eat rituallyslaughtered animals e.g. Halal meat and Kosher. We designedmenus in art classes and had to do research on menusaccording to our religion beforehand. I enjoyed learning aboutthe food laws of different religions and tasting their cultures food; the food was scrumptious.This project was a very valuable experience and I learnt more than expected. Tahiya TahninIt was a unique experience that gave us a new view of othercultures and religions. Firstly, we researched food laws formany different cultures, for example Catholics may not eatmeat on a Friday. We were then put into religious groups andlearnt about why their religions food laws are important. ForCome Dine With Me we gathered in our classroom andprepared food from our religions, which was a really creativeway of showing cultural food to others. Our Sikh groupprepared samosas, onion bahjis and mango lassis, there werelots of different delicious dishes. It was really educational. We learnt more about differentreligions and we used team work to create our dishes as close to perfection as possible.Alice HadleyI enjoyed the competition and team spirit because itmade it fun to learn, we had such a good time that wedidnt realise how much we had learnt. It was great towork hard for our team, even though we were proud ofthe whole class effort. Natasha Khan-RowleyI would say that the Come Dine with Me project was fun,but it was more than that. Our classroom (Ms Ilobisroom) smelled great from all the different food mixingtogether to make the fragrance mouth-watering. Some people had cooked in D&T for thecompetition whilst others brought food in from home. I learnt a lot from this project; such asHindus dont eat cows because they are considered sacred. Daniella ShaqiriThe competitive yet creative challenge to make food from different religions was a blast!Everyone in the class put in lots of effort by making food and menus and finding out fun factsabout their chosen religion. Everyone learnt about food laws in each religion, I learnt a lotmore than I expected. I didnt know that food laws are quite similar especially when it comesto the subject of meat: Islam and Judaism both have laws about blessing the food and the waythat they kill animals. Djenaba Davis EyoCOME DINE WITH ME - Religious ExperienceHaringey has received a significant amount of money from the Mayor of Londons office to helpour students Raise their Aspirations and Applications to Top Universities: the RATU project. Theypaid for us to select 24 of our top Year 12 students to participate in a summerscheme run by the Brilliant Club, an organisation who are experienced at helpingstudents from inner-city secondary schools apply to the best higher educationproviders. Our scheme began with a trip to Oxford University, continues withthem receiving tutorials all summer, ends with them submitting a university-styledissertation, and will be celebrated with another trip, this time to CambridgeUniversity, in September.On Friday 20th June we set off bright and early for OxfordUniversity, picking up 24 students from Fortismere on theway, and joining students from other Haringey schools oncewe reached Lady Margaret Hall College in Oxford University. We loved thegreat hall, full of tapestries and portraits, and listened carefully as the BrilliantClub explained how they would take us on an academic journey which couldchange our university destinations. We split into groups to tour the universitywith some current students and had a slap-up lunch surrounded by portraitsof the powerful women who had previously run the college or studied there.Meeting current university students (undergraduates) was a highlightthen it was time for some hard work. The PhD tutors assigned toHornsey School for Girls all commented on our students enthusiasm,application, and excellent prior knowledge, putting them in a reallygood place to achieve great things in this project. At the end of theday, we left tired but happy, withstudents commenting I am so glad Iwas selected to take part in this tripand I would never have thought ofapplying to Oxford before but this trip has shown me that if I workhard it could be possible.Trip to Oxford UniversityOn Wednesday 25th June 8 students from Years 7and 8 took part in a Maths Team Competition atHeartlands School.This involved completing a variety of maths problemsand being marked on the results. Such eventsincluded a team challenge, a 'silent follow on'challenge and a maths relay event. There were a totalof 22 teams competing from schools all overHaringeyIn events like this all teams are winners, and it really is about taking part!Mr Robbins Teacher of MathsOn 8th July 2014 twelve talented year 9 pupils from Hornsey School forGirls were invited to take part in a STEM Challenge Day hosted byMiddlesex University, aimed at promoting confidence in Science,Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM).Hornsey was one of five schools from Haringey and Enfield and pupilscompeted in mixed school teams on three separate STEM relatedchallenges, these were: Vehicle Building, Robotics, E-fit forensic identitymatching.Two out of the three winning teams consisted of Hornsey girls.Congratulations go to Isgard Hague and Bless Cogonon for winning theVehicle building task and to Zubaida Ambia and Aisha Mohamed forwinning the E-fit task. Also a huge well done to Eden Dodd and TabithaOakley-Brown for coming second in the vehicle building task and toLeah Garrad and Fatme Amidein for coming second in the Roboticstask. It was an excellent day and the attitude of our talented year 9pupils was exemplary.STEM DAY9 Imperial Environmental Technology MSc students visited Hornsey School to take asession about sustainability with year 8 groups in their science lessons on Monday 7th July.The themes of the sessions which were:1. Climate change with the World Cup as a case study2. The environmental impact of a Ham and Pineapple Pizza3. The environmental impact of electronicsThe lesson was a great way to inspire young school pupils to think about their relationshipwith our changing planet and empowering them with the knowledge and tools to make adifference in their own lives. It also helps them to see cross-curricular links, for example,the overlap between science and geography.20 year 12 pupils who study AS Sciencesor BTEC Applied Science were invited toattend Summer Science Exhibition onThursday 3rd July at the Royal Society.The Summer Science Exhibition is an annual display of the most exciting cutting-edge scienceand technology in the UK. The visit will help prepare students for considering the widerimplications of science beyond post 16 study and their next steps towards a career inscience.The week-long science festival featured 22 exhibits from the forefront of British innovation.Students met the scientists behind cutting edge science and technology exploring everythingfrom antibiotics to x-rays. The students also got the chance to take part in an interactive talkon robotic spacecraft with Royal Society scientist Dr Chris Arridge, with live demos.On Wednesday 2nd July a group of our highestachieving Year 9 students went on a rewards tripto The Big Bang event at Westbury KingswayCollege. These students, who all achieved a Level7 or above, were offered a place due to theirrecent success in their end of KS3 Science tests.The event was a great day for the students toexperience some cutting edge science. Studentswere able to choose which workshops theywanted to attend and choices included: CrimeScene Investigation, Investigating Pharmacy and Making a spectroscope. The workshops wereall run by people who worked in their respective fields. The Crime Scene Investigator taughtthe girls how to investigate a Crime Scene with a variety of different techniques, includingfinger printing and blood analysis.One of the highlights was a presentation by adventurer Huw James who talked about howrecent scientific developments helped him on his adventures as he travelled the world. Heeven managed to get four of the girls to sample a range of bugs and insects. He also showedthe girls a new range of water filters that would help people access water even if the waterwas incredibly dirty. He demonstrated this by drinking water from a tub containing a toiletbrush amongst other things!Year 9s also completed their ScienceWeek which involved a workshoplooking at Recycled Fashion and theymade some stunning pieces ofclothing out of materials likenewspaper and black bags.Many of the designs were amazinglyconstructed and are currently ondisplay in the library until the end ofterm (see photo on right).The annual Summer Art/ Design Technology Showtook place on the 12th June this year. Visitors came tolook at a wide range of creative work by GCSE, AS &A level students as well as students in KS3. Theexhibition - including paintings, lino prints,drawings, textiles & mixed media work linked withan exhibition at the Hornsey Library showing Year 7collages, ceramics & paintings as part of Crouch EndFestival.Photos: students hard at work on theirGCSE art and proudly standing next to theirGCSE and A Level artwork displays