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Pagadian City Division Clearance for Teachers..


Republic of the PhilippinesDEPARTMENT OF EDUCATIONRegion IX, Zamboanga PeninsulaDIVISION OF PAGADIAN CITYPagadian CityTEACHERS CLEARANCE(Secondary)(School) (Date)The Schools Division SuperintendentDivision of Pagadian CityPagadian CityThrough ChannelSir:I have the honor to inform you that I have satisfactorily accounted for all money and property accountabilities for which I was responsible and that all reports required of me were submitted on the date indicated below:1. DepEd Form 1 6. Special Reports 2. DepEd Form 2 7. Income Tax Return 3. DepEd Form 18-A 8. Real State Tax 4. DepEd Form 137-A 9. Form 86 5. C.S Form 48: March 10. Homeroom PTA Report: April11. Fund Raising Report: May 12. Property Inventory Report: Very truly yours: Teacher Recommending Approval: Department Head Teacher1st EndorsementSchoolPagadian City (Date) Respectfully forwarded to the Schools Division Superintendent of the DepEd Pagadian City Division the clearance of the teacher named above with the information that:1. He/She has been cleared with money and property responsibility 2. He/She has been cleared as to financial reports That, his/he last day of service is on + in the school, hence approval of the same is recommended. (Principal)APPROVED:FELIX ROMY A. TRIAMBULO Schools Division Superintendent


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