Digital Literacy WebQuest Poet Biography

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Digital Literacy WebQuest Poet Biography. A WebQuest for 3 rd Grade (Language Arts) Designed by Jennifer E. Benzo Introduction. You are a biographer trying to find out information about your favorite poet. By using three different search engines, you need to: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Digital Literacy WebQuestDigital Literacy WebQuestPoet BiographyA WebQuest for 3rd Grade (Language Arts)Designed byJennifer E. Benzojeb119@zips.uakron.eduIntroductionYou are a biographer trying to find out information about your favorite poet. By using three different search engines, you need to: discover their life span (birth to death [or still living]),where they are from,their style of poetry, and a famous poem they have written. TaskAt the end of your internet search, you will have: Used three different search engines to discover your informationAnswered the questions on the following form to organize your information Poet Biography.docxIncluded the websites in which you found your information (Each website should come from a different search engine so you should use at least 3 websites.)ProcessYou will first open the Poet Biography document; print it; and write your name at the top of the page next to By: _________. Poet Biography.docxNext, choose a poet you want to write your biography about. Write his or her name on the first line next to Poets Name.Choose 3 search engines you would like to use to conduct your information Process ContinuedAfter choosing your three search engines, type in: poetry and [your authors name] and biography into each of the search engines.Choose a website listed from each of the 3 search engines.Fill out numbers 2 5 on your Poet Biography sheet (the information about your poet).After you have compiled the information about your poet, list the three search engines as well as the websites where you found the information on your Poet Biography sheet. Share your biography with 2 classmates.EvaluationNeeds ImprovementAcceptableAccomplishedSearch EnginesUses 1 Search EngineUses 2 Search EnginesUses 3 Search EnginesWebsitesLists 1 WebsiteLists 2 WebsitesLists 3 or more websitesPoet Biography SheetMore than 1 area of information is missing1 area of information is missingAll areas of information are completePeer SharingDoes not share biography with classmatesShares biography with 1 classmateShares biography with 2 or more classmatesConclusionAfter fully completing your WebQuest and Poet Biography sheet, you will have become an accomplished biographer. Here are some additional websites to find out more about your poet or other poets your classmates discovered.www.poets.orgwww.gigglepoetry.comTeacher PagePURPOSEThis lesson was developed to encourage students to become better digital citizens. Specifically, the lesson will address the issue of Digital Literacy, which is defined by Ribble (2012) as the process of teaching and learning about technology and the use of technology. Content Standards/Benchmarks Addressed:ELA Reading Applications: Informational, Technical, and Persuasive Text 3. Identify and list the important central ideas and supporting details of informational textTechnology Standards/Benchmarks Addressed:Technology and Information LiteracyB3. Search for information in an online library catalog, electronic encyclopedia, or teacher-selected list of websites.B4. Select, record, and use needed information to answer a question or complete a project.C2. Type a simple search time in a teacher or librarian selected search engine to find general information (e.g. weather).D1. Read the list of results retrieved from a simple search performed in a search engine and select one of the search results and review the information it provides.