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DubitDriving DiscoveryAndSharingDigital Kids Summit September 2015Dubit -Dubit -Knock, knock.Whos There?Kids Digital Entertainment.Kids Digital Entertainment Who?2Dubit -Dubit -Exactly.3DubitDubit -Dubit -Content may be King, but5Dubit -Dubit -Discovery is the keys to the Kingdom.6Dubit -Dubit - 7Water, Water EverywhereDespite ubiquitous content, across age groups, kids often/sometimes get frustrated trying to find something to watch >60%Dubit -Dubit - 84 Trends Affecting Content DiscoveryFragmentation (content)& Concentration (device)De-schedulingRise of socialLowered barriersto content creationDubit -Dubit - 9Knowledge is PowerHow do content creators / IP owners know what kids want?How do marketers / media buyers know how to engage an audience?Dubit Trending:4x/year survey of 1000 families each in the US, UK and one other countryEvery waveQ1 2015 Q2 2015Dubit -Dubit - 1016.115.612.213.412.212.911.0 10.79.2 9.49.1 9.28.2 7.98.0 8.29.1 8.98.2 8.205101520Wave 1 Wave 2Watching television Using a tablet Using a Smartphone Using a Games Console Using a Portable ConsoleUsing PC/Laptop Video from PVR/DVR/TiVo Video from DVD/Blu Ray Listen to radio Child TabletShare of time: Hours per week (Total sample)Dubit -Dubit - 1110. 8.6 8.6 8.3 7.5 7.26.5 9.48.6 8.6 8.5 8.5 8.47.6 6.45.4W1 2015 W2 2015Preferred types of entertainment: 2-15B-Q16. Please rank these different types of entertainment in order starting with the one you enjoy the most? (Base 1000 US) Mean score (out of 15)Dubit -Dubit - 1218%44%17%52%29% 25% 28% 25%13%25%9%13%9%12%11%9% 10% 11%7%10%28%13%10%13%14%16% 12% 13%6%7%36%11%17%15%23%22% 20% 22%5%7%7%8%15%8%13% 16% 15% 9%37% 6%8%6%10%8%8% 9%7%7%12%7%5%5%4%4%4% 4%4%4%4%5%11%10%6%5%7% 6%7%4%3%5%4%3%5%4%5% 5%6%4%4%3%16%16%40%10%14% 12% 15%15%6%20%5%5% 4% 5% 4% 4% 4%3%4% 4%10%3% 3% 3%2% 3% 2%3%2% 4%4%4% 3% 3%3% 3% 3%3%3% 3%5%11% 6% 3%5% 6% 4%4%4% 3%Theme Park Attraction Live Event Music A board game A toyA magazine A book An app that isnt a game As an gaming app As a video/computer gameAs a movie Watch on DVD Watch online Watch on a TV showCross platform: Top 10 propertiesB-Q14. We are going to show you a selection of toys, games, apps, TV shows and books, for each one we'd like you to tell us how you enjoy them? (Base 1000 US) Dubit -Dubit - 1346%42%27%25%20%18% 17%14% 14%11% 11% 10% 9% 8% 7% 6%4% 4% 4%0%10%20%30%40%50%60%C-Q3. Thinking about how you first hear about a new app or show on television, where are you most likely to hear about it? (Base 1000 US)Hearing about new entertainment: TotalTV ads ThroughfriendsThrough parentsThroughonline adsThroughsocial mediaIn app ads ThroughsiblingsAt the movie theaterOnline video platformsIn magazinesBlogs/ forumsThrough other adultsOther websitesThrough mobile adsViral videosThrough outdoor advertsOn the radioTraditional mediaWord of mouthOnline mediaSocial+10%+2%+34%+17%+32%+36%+ 5%+22%+27%-23%+ 6%- 5%+11%+25% +15%+24%+31%Dubit -Dubit -Hearing about new entertainment: By Age14Dubit -Dubit -How Often do you Share with Friends?15Inside Circle:Early AdoptersDubit -Dubit - 1643%39% 39%16%13% 12% 12% 10%8% 7% 6% 5%0%10%20%30%40%50%60%C-Q5. Where or how have you told your friends about entertainment you enjoy? (Base 1000 US)Platforms for talking about new entertainment:Through FacebookThrough InstagramLending to a friendSharing YouTube linkBlogs/ forumsOwn blogFace-to-face outside schoolTraditional mediaWord of mouthOnline mediaSocialFace-to-face inside schoolSending link to online articleThrough other social mediaThrough TwitterThroughtext messageDubit -Dubit -Innovators and Early Adopters CapturingInnovatorsConvertingEarlyAdoptersEarly toMass Long Term Sustainability17Dubit -Dubit - 18Reaching Consumers: Tools and MotivationsGroup Motviation Tools in 1995 Tools in 2015Innovators / Early adoptersClosed communityRisk takersSocial influenceSpecialist magazinesLocal influencersCommunitiesFeedback forumsEarly majorityOpen socialSee themselves as innovatorsFace to facePlaygroundClubsCelebritySocial mediaFace to faceViralsCelebrity (has changed)Mid-late majority Being part of the crowd TVRetailTVRetail DigitalLong-termsustainabilityFandomUtilityRelevanceNew contentTVConsumer marketingNew contentSocial mediaConsumer engagementDubit