Davies Top 5 Tips- Ways to Get More Out of Your Real Estate, Real Quick

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DAVIES TOP 5 TIPS Ways to Get More from Your Real Estate, Real Quick: 1. Evaluate your rent prices on your rental property. Are you getting market price for the property you are providing to your tenants? The rental market prices have increased about 10-15% in the past year. 2. If you are making upgrades, consider going green or sustainable. Properties, on average, are valued at 9% more with green or sustainable features. 3. Are you paying too much for property taxes? If so, you can request a reassessment of your taxes from the County Assessors office. Contact us about some helpful insider tips about this process. 4. Check your insurance coverage. Call your trusted insurance adviser and get an update on your policy, especially if you have bought or sold property since you last checked your overall coverage. You could be over-insured or under-insured; both have significant financial consequences. 5. Minimize inside annoyances by fixing a sticking door and oiling your door hinges. Of course, do not do this if you are using the squeak as a warning alarm against intruders or for seasonal Halloween atmosphere! DAWNA DAVIES Davies Company Real Estate Dawna@DaviesCo.com www.DaviesCo.com