Dating From the Inside Out

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My notes on dating from the inside out by paulette sherman. It's solid advice on how to use the law of attraction to attract good relationships. I recommend the book.


DATING FROM THE INSIDE OUT Where there is judgement there cannot be love. You will always have things that you wish to change about yourself and so will everyone else you interact with. Self-love is a process that starts by becoming aware of how you disown yourself. You will only allow a partner to love you as much as you love yourself. Love requires lightness, freedom (no hindering beliefs), openness and effort (actively look for it). Make unconscious (meaning you take it for granted as normal) thoughts that dont serve you conscious by realizing they arent true to your inner self and replacing them with new beliefs by making the new beliefs your frequent mantra. No one else will ever be able to validate you only you can address that. Having selfesteem involves making yourself a priority and treating yourself with love. When this comes naturally to you, you cant help but attract a mate who will treat you with the same love, kindness and respect that you give yourself. Without guilt, do what you would love to do, instead of what you should do. Practice appreciation and gratitude. Challenge that critic in your head with affirmations. Accept all parts of yourself without judgement love yourself completely. Recognize your interests and strengths and contribute to the abundance in the world by exploring them. Become your own best friend tend to your needs, whether you are sick, sad or in the mood to celebrate. Make time for things that are important to you and honour them no matter what. Do what it takes to feel happy, contented, healthy, peaceful, fulfilled and centred. Commitment to Self Many women want to be married before they have married themselves. The basis of marriage is that you commit to be there for someone else no matter what happens. You dont know what the future holds, but you vow to deal with sickness and adversity while honouring and cherishing the other person. Why wont we do this for ourselves? When things are going great, we like ourselves just fine. But when we gain twenty pounds, lose a job or have a bad dating spell we become our own worst enemies. Commitment means that we do not turn our back on ourselves when things get tough. It means that we stick with it for the long haul, despite mistakes. Now is the time to assess and address your level of commitment to your life. Knowing where you stand will help you to practice the discipline of following through on things when it is uncomfortable, unpleasant, or inconvenient an important skill for success in any long-term relationship or goal. Defining your level of commitment to yourself will affect your dating success. For example, if you commit to a life of treating yourself with respect and then you fall in love with an alcoholic who wants you to give up your career, you will need to choose whether you commit to him or yourself. The best relationships are an extension of our commitment to ourselves because they honour who we are and what we stand for.Make a Conscious Want Ad WANTED 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. quality number one quality number two etc etc etcI want to work on my: Every date is fun, and his job interview, How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice, practice, practice!