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    (January 11, 2018)

    Professional Preparation:

    Princeton Univ. A. B. 1977Univ. Cal. Berkeley Ph.D. 1980Univ. Colorado NSF Postdoc. 19801981M.I.T. C.L.E. Moore Inst. 19811983


    Brown Univ. Distinguished Visiting Prof. Sep.Dec. 2017M.S.R.I. Member Jan.May 2015Institute for Advanced Study Member Spring 2008Princeton University Visitor Spring 2008M.S.R.I. Member Nov.Dec. 2007Univ. Maryland Assoc. Chair for Grad. Studies 19951998Univ. Maryland Professor 1990presentOxford Univ. Visiting Professor Spring 1989Univ. Maryland Assoc. Professor 19861990M.I.T. Assoc. Professor 1986M.S.R.I. Member 19831984Univ. Maryland Visiting Asst. Professor Fall 1983M.I.T. Asst. Professor 1983 1986


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  • 2 W. GOLDMAN

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  • W. GOLDMAN 3

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  • 4 W. GOLDMAN

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  • W. GOLDMAN 5

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  • 6 W. GOLDMAN

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  • W. GOLDMAN 7

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  • 8 W. GOLDMAN

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  • W. GOLDMAN 9

    Doctoral Theses Advised

    Ser-Peow Tan, Geometric structures and representations ofsurface groups into PSL(2,R) (UCLA, 1988, co-advised withJ. Millson).

    Todd Drumm, Fundamental polyhedra for Margulis space-times (1990).

    Mark Phillips, Dirichlet polyhedra in complex hyperbolic space(1990).

    Robert Miner, Affine manifolds with dilations (1991). Bernhard Leeb, 3-manifolds with(out) metrics of nonpositive

    curvature (1992). Shigeru Takamura, Deformations of complex surfaces(1994). Richard Brown, Mapping class actions on the SU(2)-represen-

    tation varieties of compact surfaces(1996). Po-Hsun Hsieh, Submanifolds of Kahler manifolds and their

    normal bundles (1997). Eugene Z. Xia, Moduli of flat PGL(2,R)-bundles on Riemann

    surfaces (1997). Igor Belegradek, Counting negatively curved manifolds (1998). Hong Chan Kim, The symplectic structure on the moduli space

    of real projective structures (1999). Virginie Charette, Proper actions of discrete groups on (2+1)-

    spacetime (2000). Justin Wyss-Gallifent, Complex hyperbolic triangle groups

    (2000) (co-advised with R. Schwartz). Adam Sikora, 3-Manifolds, group actions, and character vari-

    eties (2000). Ilya Kofman, Vassilliev invariants of knots and links in S3 and

    other 3-manifolds (2000). Lawrence Triplett, Cyclic groups and complex hyperbolic space

    (2001). George Stantchev, Action of the modular group on PGL(2,R)-

    characters on a once-punctured torus (2003). Cathy Jones, Pyramids of properness: towards the properness

    conjecture (2003). Sean Lawton, SL(3,C)-Character Varieties and RP2-Structures

    on a Trinion (2006). Elisha Peterson, Trace Diagrams, Representations, and Low-

    Dimensional Topology (2006).

  • 10 W. GOLDMAN

    Taejung Kim, An Investigation on Holomorphic Vector Bun-dles and Krichever-Lax Matrices Over An Algebraic Curve(2007)

    Anton Lukyanenko, Projective triangle groups, (M.A. 2008) Robert Delgado Density properties of Euler characteristic 2

    surface group PSL(2,R)-character varieties (Ph.D. 2009) Ryan Hoban, Local rigidity of triangle groups in Sp(4,R)

    (Ph.D. 2009) Jeffrey Frazier, Length Spectral Rigidity of Nonpositively Curved

    Surfaces (Ph.D. 2012) Weiqiang Wu, Embedded spheres in affine manifolds, (Ph.D.

    2012) Andrew Sanders, Minimal surfaces, hyperbolic 3-manifolds,

    and deformation spaces, (Ph.D. 2013) Son Lam Ho, On conformally flat circle bundles over surfaces,

    (Ph.D. 2014) Gregory Laun, Fundamental Domains for Proper Affine Ac-

    tions of Coxeter Groups in Three Dimensions, (Ph.D. 2016) Jean-Philippe Burelle, Generalizations of Schottky groups

    (Ph.D. 2017) Corry Bedwell, advanced to candidacy 27 March 2017

    Other thesis committees:

    Lisa Goldberg, Brandeis Bruno Klingler, Paris Ron Karidi, Tel-Aviv University Aristide Tsemo, Montpellier Oliver Baues (Habilitation), ETH Zurich Francois Salein, ENS Lyon Charles Frances, ENS Lyon Bruno Klingler (Habilitation), Paris. Olivier Guichard, Paris 2004 Ying Zhang, National University, Singapore 2004 Greg McShane (Habilitation), Toulouse 2005 Daniel Virgil Mathews (M.Sc.), Melbourne 2005 Julien Paupert, Paris 2005 Panagiotis Konstantinou, Arizona 2006 Peter Gothen, (Agregado), Porto 2007 David Klein, Toronto 2008 Krishnendu Gongopadhyay, Indian Institute of Technology, Mum-

    bai 2008 Reza Seyyadali, Johns Hopkins, 2009

  • W. GOLDMAN 11

    Ludovic Marquis, University of Paris Sud, 2009 Frederic Palesi, Insitut Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, 2009 Martin Deraux (Habilitation), Institut Joseph Fourier, Greno-

    ble, 2010. Tobias Hartnick, ETH Zurich 2010. Francois Beguin (Habilitation), Paris, 2011 Roberto Rubio, Universitad Autonoma de Madrid, 2012 Tanner Crowder, Howard University, March 2013 Caleb Ashley, Howard University, April 2013 Dominik Francoeur (Memoire), Universite de Sherbrooke, Feb-

    ruary 2014 Francois Fillastre (Habilitation), Toulouse, January 2015 Fanny Kassel, (Habilitation), Paris, November 2016

    Postdoctoral Sponsorship

    Kevin Corlette (Fall 1988) (co-sponsor with John Millson) John Parker (19891992) Michael Kapovich (Fall 1991) Bruno Klingler (Winter 1995) Richard Schwartz (1995 - Summer 1996) Doug Bullock (1997-1998) (co-sponsor with John Millson) Hanna Sandler (NSF POWRE grant 1999) Kyeonghee Jo, 20042006. Karin Melnick, Summer 2006 Kelly Delp (AWM fellowship, Summer 2009) Aaron Magid, (NSF 2009-2012) Rasmus Villemoes (Spring 2011) Rania Amer (2011) Michelle Lee (20122014) Caleb Ashley (2013)

  • 12 W. GOLDMAN

    Selected invited lectures (since 1989)


    January, Geometry seminar, Oxford University February, Topology seminar, University of Warwick Colloquium, University of London March, Colloquium, University of Manchester Geometry seminar, Oxford University Colloquium, University of Southampton May, Geometry seminar, Institut Fourier, University of Greno-

    ble Seminar, Institut des Hautes Etudes Scientifiques June, Seminaire A.Besse, Ecole Politechnique, Paris August, Special Session, Dynamics and Moduli Space, AMS

    Summer Meeting, Boulder, Colorado International Conference on Algebra, Novosibirsk, USSR Algebraic Geometry Seminar, Institute of Mathematics, Siberian

    branch of USSR Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk, USSR September, Seminar Talk, Reinhart Memorial conference, Ge-

    ometry Special Year, University of Maryland Colloquium, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada October, Special Session, Low-dimensional topology, AMS

    Regional Meeting, Hoboken, NJ December, Miniconference, Ohio State Univ., Columbus, OH Colloquium and Geometry Seminar, Rice University

  • W. GOLDMAN 13


    January, Workshop, University of Utah February, Geometry Seminar and Complex Analysis Seminars,

    SUNY at Stony Brook May, Seminaire dinvariant de Casson, Universitat Bern, Switzer-

    land June, Colloquium, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan Principal Speaker, Workshop in Geometric structures and rep-

    resentation spaces, Kyoto, Japan (two lectures) Colloquium, Osaka University, Japan Colloquium, Kumamoto University, Japan Colloquium and Topology seminar (3 lectures), Seoul National

    University, Korea October, Invited One-hour address, AMS meeting, Amherst,

    Massachusetts December, Conference on Complex Geometry, Commemoration

    of Fiftieth anniversary of Osaka University, Japan Conference on CR Structures, Kumamoto University, Japan


    January, Conference on Representations of fundamental groups,University of Chicago

    Colloquium, Northern Illinois University, De Kalb, Illinois March, Conference on Bundles in complex differential geome-

    try, Idaho State University, Pocatello, Idaho UMIACS Seminar on Computational Geometry and Computer

    Graphics Summer, Lectured (with computer demonstration) to Under-

    graduates and High-School Teachers, Regional Geometry Insti-tute, Park City, UT

    September, Colloquium, University of Connecticut Valley Geometry Seminar, Amherst, MA October, Colloquium, American University, Washington, DC


    Special Session on Complex analysis and symplectic topology,AMS Annual Meeting, Baltimore, MD

    Conference on Flat connections and their applications, Tu-lane University

    Seminaire A.Besse, Ecole Politechnique, Paris Colloque de Geometrie et Topologie, Universite de Paris, Orsay,


  • 14 W. GOLDMAN

    Colloque de Geometrie et Topologie, Universite Paul Sabatier,Toulouse, France (two lectures)

    Relativity Seminar, Physics Department, University of Mary-land

    Invited Speaker, Cornell Topology Festival Workshop on Visualization of Geometric Structures, MSRI,

    Berkeley Colloquium, University of Washington, Seattle


    Special Session, Low-dimensional topology, AMS regional meet-ing, Howard University, Washington DC

    Topology conference, University of Pennsylvania Differentialgeometrie im Groen, Oberwolfach, Germany Conference in hyperbolic geometry, University of Warwick, Eng-

    land Geometry Seminar, Oxford University, England Special session of joint AMS-DMV meeting, Heidelberg, Visu-

    alization in geometry and topology (invited but declined) Geometry Seminar, University of Toronto Colloquium, University of Kentucky December, Geometries in Interaction, Tel-Aviv University


    Colloquium, Rutgers University, Newark Topology Seminar, Princeton University Topology Seminar, Institute for Advanced Study TGRC Workshop, Kyungpook National University, Taegu, Ko-

    rea KOSEF Workshop, Korea National University of Education,

    Chonju, Korea Seminar, Okayama University, Okayama, Japan Special session, Complex hyperbolic geometry and discrete

    groups, AMS regional meeting, Stillwater Oklahoma Workshop, Applications of symplectic geometry, Newton In-

    stitute, Cambridge University, England


    Geometric analysis seminar, University of Minnesota Ontario Topology Seminar, Montreal, Quebec 4-week course, Geometria differenziale, University of Perugia,

    Perugia, Italy

  • W. GOLDMAN 15

    Special sessions, Locally Symmetric Spaces, and Cohomol-ogy of groups, AMS regional meeting, Boston, Massachusetts(invited)


    Geometry Seminar, University of Pennsylvania Visualizing geometry, Rutgers University, Camden, New Jer-

    sey Valley Geometry Seminar, University of Massachusetts, Univer-

    sity of Massachusetts, Amherst, Amherst GANG Seminar, University of Massachusetts, University of Mas-

    sachusetts, Amherst, Massachusetts Special Session, Hyperbolic Geometry, AMS regional meet-

    ing, Courant Institute, New York City Midwest Geometry Conference, Norman, Oklahoma Conference on Geometry, Physics and Harmonic maps, Camp-

    inas, Brazil Special session, Holomorphic vector bundles with or without

    additional structure, AMS regional meeting, Lawrenceville,New Jersey

    Conference on Crystallographic groups and their generaliza-tions, Kortrijk, Belgium

    Knots in Washington conference, George Washington Univer-sity.


    Moduli Spaces in Geometry and Physics, Institute of Funda-mental Theory, Gainesville, Florida.

    Colloquium, Rutgers University (New Brunswick, NJ). AMS regional meeting, College Park. Special session, Noneuclidean and spacetime geometries, AMS

    regional meeting, Montreal.


    Colloquium, University of Arizona (2 lectures). Colloquium, University of Mainz. Round Table on Pseudo-Riemannian Geometry, Nancy, France. Conference on Rigidity, Ergodic Theory, and Geometry, Paris. Topology Conference, Athens, Georgia. Special Session on Complexity of Geometric Structures, AMS

    meeting, Chicago (invited but declined).

  • 16 W. GOLDMAN


    Analysis Seminar, Columbia University. Special session on Diophantine Problems, Regional A.M.S.

    Meeting, Las Vegas, Nevada. Special session on Integrable Systems, Regional A.M.S. Meet-

    ing, Buffalo, New York. Special session on Complex Geometry, Regional A.M.S. Meet-

    ing, Buffalo, New York. Lecture, The Art of Mathematics, Yellow Barn Art Gallery,

    Glen Echo, Maryland. Crystallographic Groups and their Generalizations II, Kor-

    trijk, Belgium. A.M.S. Summer Institute From manifolds to singular vari-

    eties, Boulder, Colorado. Topology seminar, Microsoft Research. Colloquium, McMaster University. Plenary Address, Annual Meeting of Canadian Mathematical

    Society, Kingston, Ontario. Special Session, Differential Geometry, Annual Meeting of

    Canadian Mathematical Society.


    Colloquium, University of Maryland. Colloquium, University of Durham. Seminar, University of Edinburgh. EURO-Workshop, Rigidity in Dynamics and Geometry, Pro-

    gramme in Ergodic Theory, Rigidity and Number Theory, New-ton Institute, Cambridge.

    April, Seminar, Warwick University. Seminar, Johns Hopkins University. June, Plenary Address, Lehigh Geometry Conference


    February, Lecture Series (Dynamics and group actions SpecialColloquium, Lie groups Seminar), Yale University.

    April, Seminar, University of California San Diego. Seminar, University of Southern California. Seminar, Caltech. Colloquium, Rutgers University. May, Case Lecturer, Saint Louis University. Plenary Speaker, Knots in Washington conference, George

    Washington University.

  • W. GOLDMAN 17

    July, Special Session Differential Geometric Methods in Math-ematical Physics, joint meeting of AMS/SMF Lyon, France.

    September, Departmental Colloquium and Differential Geome-try Seminar, University of Utah.

    October, Algebraic Geometry Seminar, Duke University. November, String Theory seminar, Department of Physics Differential Geometry Seminar, Oxford University. 3-lecture minicourse in Seminaire Sud-Rhodanien, Geometrie

    des Espaces Homogenes, CIRM, Luminy, France. December, International Conference Discrete groups, Geome-

    try and Arithmetic in honor of the sixtieth birthday of M.S.Raghunathan, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Bom-bay, India.


    Topology Seminar, Columbia University. Department Colloquium, University of Virginia. Geometry Seminar, University of Illinois at Chicago. Topology/Geometry Seminar, University of Chicago. Department Colloquium, University of California, Santa Cruz. MSRI workshop Nonabelian Hodge Theory. Department Colloquium, Stanford University. Seminar, Johns Hopkins University. Geometric Analysis Seminar, Princeton University. Scientific Committee, Discrete Groups and Geometric Struc-

    tures, with Applications. (Crystallographic Groups and theirGeneralizations III) at Kortrijk (Belgium), May 22 - 24, 2002.

    Geometry and Dynamics of Groups, CIRM, Luminy 3-lecture minicourse and lecture in conference, European Dif-

    ferential Geometry Endeavor in Edinburgh, Scotland (23 July 2 August 2002).


    Plenary speaker, International Conference on Complex Geom-etry and Dynamical Systems, commemorating the 60th birth-day conference of Alberto Verjovsky, (January 6-10) Cuernavaca.

    Japan-Amer. Math. Inst., Knots and Primes, Johns Hopkins Seminar, University of Chicago (March 13) Seminar, University of Illinois at Chicago. (March 14) Colloquium, George Mason University. (March 28) AMS Special Session, Rigidity in geometry and group theory,

    AMS regional meeting, Courant Institute, New York.(April 13)

  • 18 W. GOLDMAN

    Organizer and Plenary Speaker, Knots in Washington XVI (May6)

    Seminar, Instituto de Matematicas y Fisica Fundamenta, Madrid.(May 15).

    AMS Special Session, Moduli spaces in geometry and physics,joint AMS-RSME meeting, Sevilla. (June 21)

    Geometry/Dynamics seminar, Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon.(June 23)

    July, Plenary speaker, Vector bundles in Algebraic Geometry,Porto, Portugal.

    Plenary Speaker, Knots in Washington XVII (December 21)2004

    Keynote speaker, Physics and Mathematics of the large N(Planar) Limit in Gauge Theory, conference at Centre de RecherchesMathematiques, Montreal. (January 8, Far Hills Inn, Val Morin)

    Colloquium, Rice University, (January 22) Colloquium, American University, (January 28) Colloquium, Northwestern University, (March 10) Geometry Seminar, University of Chicago, (March 11) Geometry Seminar, University of Chicago, (May 4) Co-organizer with V. Charette and T. Drumm, New techniques

    in Lorentz manifolds, Banff International. Research Station.(November)


    AMS Special Session, Dynamics of Mapping Class Group Ac-tions on Moduli Spaces (40-minute survey talk) Atlanta

    Geometric structures on low-dimensional manifolds and theirdeformation spaces, Minicourse, Cuernavaca

    Plenary speaker, Bounded Cohomology, Harmonic Maps andHiggs Bundles, Strasbourg and Basel.

    Colloquium, Morgan State University Colloquium, Wesleyan University Plenary speaker (and co-organizer), Discrete Groups and Geo-

    metric Structures, with Applications (Crystallographic Groupsand their Generalizations IV), Oostende, Belgium, May 29June 2, 2005.

    Minicourse, Geometric structures on low-dimensional mani-folds and their deformation spaces, Lisbon Geometry Lectures

    Workshop on Lorentzian Geometry, ENS de Lyon Higgs bundles and vector bundles on curves, Madrid Colloquium, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana

  • W. GOLDMAN 19

    Crash course, Mapping Class Group Dynamics on CharacterVarieties, University of Chicago

    Pseudo-Riemannian Geometry, Schrodinger Institute, Vienna Mathematical aspects of general relativity,Newton Institute Colloquium, Columbia University


    Topology seminar, University of Texas Colloquium, Brown University Colloquium, Pennsylvania State University Lie Groups: Dynamics, Rigidity, Arithmetic, Conference to

    honor Gregory Marguliss 60th birthday, Yale University Topology Seminar, University of Wisconsin Co-organizer and speaker,Complex Geometry, Conference to

    honor Domingo Toledos 60th birthday, Utah Principal Speaker, Current Developments in Geometric Topol-

    ogy, Barrett Lectures, University of Tennessee Teichmuller Spaces: Classical and Quantum, Oberwolfach Invited speaker, Geometry Conference, to honour Nigel Hitchins

    60th birthday, Madrid Pacific Northwest Geometry Seminar, Portland State Univ.


    Seminar, Insituto Scientifica Tecnica., Lisbon Seminar, University of Porto Panelist (representing AMS), What are the implications of the

    new curriculum recommendations for post-secondary educationand employment?, conference on K-12 Mathematics Curricu-lum Standards: What Should Students Learn and When ShouldThey Learn It?, Center for the Study of Mathematics Curricu-lum (CSMC) (,Arlington, Virginia

    Dynamics and Geometry Seminars, Yale University Geometry Seminar, Colloquium, Univ. of Georgia Graduate Topology Seminar, Georgia Tech Workshop, Representations of surface groups, American In-

    stitute of Mathematics, co-organizer with Steven Bradlow, Os-car Garca-Prada and Anna Wienhard

    28th William J. Spencer Lecture, Kansas State Univ. Geometry Seminar, University of Illinois, Chicago Conference to honor Bill Thurstons 60th birthday,

    Princeton University

  • 20 W. GOLDMAN

    Plenary speaker (two lectures), 7th KAIST Geometric TopologyFair, Gyeongju, Korea

    Cluster Algebras Seminar, Universite de Sherbrooke Colloque, Centre de Recherches Mathematiques, Montreal Distinguished Scholar-Teacher Public Lecture, Playing pool

    on curved surfaces and the wrong way to add fractions (Octo-ber 8).

    Seminar, Teichmuller theory and Kleinian groups program,Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Berkeley (Decem-ber 6).


    Co-organizer (with V. Charette, K. Melnick and K. Scannell),Special Session, Conformally flat Lorentzian Manifolds, JointMathematics Meetings, San Diego, January 7

    Department Colloquium and Lunch Seminar, Princeton Uni-versity, February 6

    Seminar organizer and primary speaker, Mapping class groupdynamics on moduli spaces, Princeton University MathematicsDepartment (met weekly all Spring semester)

    After Hours Conversations, Equilateral Triangles, Harrys Bar,Institute for Advanced Study, March 3

    Co-organizer and speaker, Lie Theory, Geometry and DiscreteGroups, Conference to honor John Millsons 62nd birthdayUniversity of Maryland, March 2023

    Department Colloquium, Yale University, April 6 Plenary Speaker (and workshop co-organizer), Fourth Ahlfors-

    Bers Colloquium, Rutgers University, Newark, May 8-11 Plenary Speaker, Group-theoretic Methods in the Study of

    Algebraic Varieties, Conference to Celebrate Friedrich Hirze-bruchs 80th Birthday, Bar-Ilan University, Israel May 18 25

    Scientific Committee, Crystallographic Groups and GeometricStructures, (Crystallographic groups and their generalizationsV) Kortrijk, Belgium, May 26-30

    Lecture series in Geometry and dynamics of groups activity,Ecole Polytechnique, Paris, June 23.

    Conference on Algebraic and Geometric Topology, Gdansk, Poland,June 9-13

    Symplectic Geometry seminar, University of Toronto, August Co-organizer and speaker, Representations of surface groups,

    workshop, CIRM Luminy, September


  • W. GOLDMAN 21

    Special Session, Geometry, Algebra, and Topology of Charac-ter Varieties , AMS Annual Meeting, Washington DC

    Colloquium, National University of Singapore January 21. Conference on Dynamics of Aut(Fn)-actions on representation

    varieties, Sde-Boker, Israel, January 6-11 (invited but declined) Colloquium, Howard University, February 6. Complex Analysis and Dyamics Seminar, Graduate Center CUNY,

    New York City, March 4 Research Seminar, Northeastern University, March 10 Department Colloquium, University of Tennessee, March 20 Invited Address, Mathematical Association of America Univer-

    sity of Mary Washington, Fredericksburg, Virginia April 17-18. Group theory, number theory and geometry, conference in

    honor of Fritz Grunewald on his sixtieth birthday, Oxford, 30March - 3 April (invited but declined)

    Geometry Seminar, University of Paris Sud (Orsay) May 28 From braid groups to Teichmuller spaces, Luminy workshop,

    1 - 5 June Department Colloquium and Seminar, Universite de Rennes , 6

    - 11 June Encounters between mathematicians and theoretical physics

    Strasbourg, 11 -13 June. NSF-CBMS Conference, Central Connecticut State University,

    July 23, 2009, Families of Riemann Surfaces and Weil-PeterssonGeometry (Scott Wolpert, principal speaker)

    Seminar, Princeton University, September 20 Colloquium, Temple University, September 21 What is... seminar, University of Michigan, October 13 Colloquium, University of Michigan, October 13 November 16 - 21 Computational Differential Geometry, Topol-

    ogy, and Dynamics workshop in thematic program Founda-tions of Computational Mathematics Fields Institute, Toronto.(invited but declined)

    December 16- 20, Special Session Geometric structures andGeometric group theory of joint AMS-KMS meeting, Seoul,and possible workshop. (invited but declined)


    Miniconference, Geometric structures in 2 and 3 dimensions,Autrans, France, January 17-22

    Miniconference, Conformally flat Lorentz manifolds, Prince-ton University, February 1719 (co-organizer and speaker)

  • 22 W. GOLDMAN

    Colloquium, University of Maryland, February 26 Geometry Seminar, University of Munich, March 22 Invited Speaker, Second Killing-Weierstrass Colloquium, Braniewo,

    Poland, March 24-26. Colloquium, University of Illinois, Chicago, April 23 Co-organizer (with A. Reid, R. Canary and S. Boyer), Charac-

    ter Varieties in the Geometry and Topology of Low-dimensionalManifolds, BIRS, Banff April 25-30.

    Teichmuller theory and its interactions with Mathematics andPhysics, Barcelona, June 28- July 3.

    Co-organizer (with J. Seade, S. Cantat and N. Gusevskii) andlecturer (5 1-hour lecture minicourse), Advanced School andWorkshop on Discrete Groups in Complex Geometry, ICTP,Trieste, Italy, 28 June - 16 July

    Co-organizer (with Ser-Peow Tan and Caroline Series), Geome-try, Topology and Dynamics of Character Varieties, Institute ofMathematical Sciences, National University of Singapore July17 August 17, speaker in Conference

    Invited Speaker, Geometry Section, International Congress ofMathematicians, Hyderabad, August 19-27

    Chair, Organizing committee, Geometry and analysis on mod-uli of Riemann surfaces, symposium in honor of Scott Wolpert,University of Maryland, September 22-24

    Colloque sur Representations et les Surfaces, Universite de Sher-brooke, October 2010.


    Colloquium, Rice University, January 2011. Topology Seminar, CIRGET, Universite de Quebec a Montreal,

    February 18. BIRS Workshop, Frontiers in Complex Dynamics (Celebrat-

    ing John Milnors 80th birthday), February 2025. Higher Teichmuller theory, University of Michigan RTG confer-

    ence and lecture series (4 lectures), 15-17 April 2011 Scientific Committee and Plenary Talk, 30 May - 2 June, Dis-

    crete Groups and Geometric Structures, with Applications IV(CGG VI), Oostende (Belgian coast)

    Transformation Groups and Associated Geometric Structures,honoring Herbert Abels 70th Birthday, Bielefeld, June 2-5.

    Faces of Geometry: 3-Manifolds, Groups and Singularities AConference in Honor of Walter Neumann, Columbia University,New York, June 610.

  • W. GOLDMAN 23

    Organizer (with V. Charette, D. Cooper and A. Wienhard),Mathematical Research Community, Geometry of Real Projec-tive Structures, 12-18 June, Snowbird, Utah.

    Vector Bundles and Algebraic Curves, Newton Institute, Cam-bridge University 27 June 1 July

    Geometry and Arithmetic of Lattices, London Mathematical So-ciety Durham Symposium (July 4-14). (3 lectures)

    Aspects of hyperbolicity in geometry, topology, and dynamics,A workshop and celebration of Caroline Series 60th birthday25-27 July 2011, University of Warwick

    Geometry and Dynamics of Teichmuller Spaces, Seventh WilliamRowan Hamilton Geometry and Topology Workshop to be heldin the Hamilton Mathematics Institute, Trinity College Dublin,Ireland, September 1-3, 2011.

    Ergodic decompositions of moduli spaces, Workshop, PrincetonUniversity, October 2011

    Distinguished Lecturer, CIMAT, Guanajuato, Mexico, Fall 2011;Colloquium + 2 lectures, November 25

    Distinguished Lecturer, Texas A & M, December 5-7 (3 lec-tures)


    Research Seminar Organizer (and first speaker), Special TrimesterGeometry and Analysis of Surface Group Representations,Institut Henri Poincare, January-March

    Seminar, University of Paris VI (Jussieu), March 13, 2012 Colloquium, Institut Fourier, Grenoble, March 15, 2012 Seminar, University of Paris-Sud, Orsay, March 22, 2012 Master Class (3 lectures), Centro de Recerca Matematica, Bel-

    laterra, Spain, April 1012, 2012 Seminar, Institut Mittag Leffler, May 22, 2012 Workshop, Weil-Petersson Dynamics, American Institute of

    Mathematics, June 2012 Plenary Speaker, IVth Latin American congress on Lie groups

    in Geometry, CIMAT Guanajuato, Mexico, August 2012. Department Colloquium, University of Maryland, October 10,

    William Thurston: a Mathematical perspective Department Colloquium, Universite de Sherbrooke, October 12,

    William Thurston: a Mathematical perspective Co-organizer (with V. Charette, F. Labourie and A. Wien-

    hard) and Speaker, CRM Montreal workshop, Higher Thurston-Teichmuller Theory, October 15-19

  • 24 W. GOLDMAN

    Invited 1-hour speaker, 22nd Fall Workshop on ComputationalGeometry, University of Maryland (November 10)

    Department Colloquium, McMaster University (November 23) Seminar, University of Toronto (November 26)


    Department Colloquium, University of Oregon, January 14; Ge-ometry Seminar, University of Oregon, January 15

    Department Colloquium, Howard University, January 25 Advances in Teichmuller Theory, Schrodinger Institute Vienna,

    February 4-8. Department Colloquium, Indiana University, February 15. Department Colloquium, Towson University, February 28. 2013 Distinguished Visitor, Department of Mathematics, Ober-

    lin College, March 1923 Intistute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (UCLA) workshop,

    Dynamics of Groups and Rational Maps, April 8 - 12 Geometry Seminar, University of Toronto, June 28 Differentialgeometrie im Groen, Oberwolfach workshop, June

    30-July 6 Co-organizer, Workshop on Exotic Geometric Structures, se-

    mester on Low-dimensional Topology, Geometry, and Dynam-ics, Institute for Computation and Experimental Research inMathematics, Brown University; Research Seminar talk, Sep-tember 26

    Plenary lecture, Conformal Geometry and Riemann Surfaces:A conference in honor of Professor Ravi S. Kulkarni, QueensCollge, October 2527

    Seminar, University of Toronto, November 15 Plenary lecture, Workshop on Character varieties and geomet-

    ric structures, Howard University, December 1620


    Workshop, New Trends in Teichmuller theory and MappingClass Groups, Oberwolfach, (9-14 February 2014)

    Colloquium, University of Pittsburgh, (28 February 2014) Organizing Committee (chair), GEAR Network Retreat, Uni-

    versity of Maryland, (17-21 March 2014) Special Session Low-dimensional Topology and Group The-

    ory, AMS Sectional meeting March 29-30, 2014, University ofMaryland Baltimore County

    Minicourse, Geometric structures and discrete groups, Uni-versity of Texas, Austin, (2-4 May 2014)

  • W. GOLDMAN 25

    Conference, Teichmuller theory and mapping class groups,Kibbutz Hagoshim, Israel, (May 7-14) (invited but declined)

    Minicourse Speaker, GGTM Research School, Configurationand moduli spaces in Math. and Physics, In Memory of BillThurston, Rabat, Morocco, (June 3-6, 2014)

    Conference (1 lecture) and Minicourse (4 lectures), Teichmullertheory and surfaces in 3-manifolds, Centro di Ricerca Matem-atica Ennio De Giorgi, Pisa (May 26 -June 20, 2014)

    Scientific Committee and Plenary Speaker, Groups and Ge-ometry and Spaces, ICM Satellite Conference on GeometricGroup Theory and Geometric Structures KAIST (Daejeon, Ko-rea) (August 712, 2014) (invited but declined)

    Colloquium, De Paul University, (September 12) GEAR seminar, University of Illinois, (September 16) Colloquium, George Mason University, (September 19) September, Master Class in Geometry, Samos, Greece (5 lec-

    tures, September 2226) SAG seminar, Universite de Sherbrooke, (October 15) CIRGET seminar, Universite de Quebec a Montreal, (October

    17) October 18-19, 2014: Invited Address, Meeting of American

    Mathematical Society, Dalhousie University, Halifax, Nova Sco-tia. (October 18)

    Topology and Dynamics Seminar, George Mason University(November 9)

    Dynamics Seminar, University of Maryland (December 11)


    Scientific Committee, Semester on Dynamics on Moduli Spacesand Geometric Structures, MSRI, Berkeley, January May

    Lead Organizer, Introductory Workshop, MSRI Seminar on Lorentzian Geometric Structures, MSRI (2 lec-

    tures) MSRI-Evans Colloquium (March 2) Department Colloquium, University of California, Santa Cruz

    (April 19) Bay Area Differential Geometry Seminar, University of Califor-

    nia, Santa Cruz (May 2) RIMS workshop, Geometry of Moduli Space of Low Dimen-

    sional Manifolds, Kyoto, Japan (December 16)


  • 26 W. GOLDMAN

    African Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Conference on Holo-morphic Differentials, Cape Town, South Africa (January 7)

    Lecture at Churchill High School, Montgomery County, Mary-land (February 18)

    Geometry Seminar and Colloquium, Brown University (Febru-ary 25)

    Colloquium, National University of Singapore, 21 March 2016 Invited Speaker, Dynamics, Geometry and Number Theory in

    honor of the 70th birthday of Gregory Margulis Institut HenriPoincare, Paris, June 13-17, 2016.

    Invited Speaker, Conference in honor of the 70th birthday ofNigel Htchin, Oxford University, 9-11 September 2016

    Virginia Topology Conference, University of Virginia, 18-20 No-vember 2016


    Colloquium, California Institute of Technology, 14 February2017

    Geometry/Topology Seminar, Temple University, 1 March 2017 Geometry/Topology Seminar, Oxford University, 12 June Nonpositive curvature group actions and cohomology, Isaac New-

    ton Institute, Cambridge, June 23 Invited Speaker, Monopoles, Gauge theory and Integrable Sys-

    tems, a conference in honor of Jacques Hurtubise, Centre deRecherches Mathematiques, Montreal, August 21-25

    Geometry Seminar, Brown University, 13 September Dynamics Seminar, University of Chicago, 25 September Geometry Seminar, Harvard University, 31 October Geometry/Topology Seminar, Northeastern University, 7 No-

    vember ICTS MInicourse Geometry, groups and dynamics, and Dis-

    cussion Meeting, Surface group representations and geometricstructures, Bangalore, India, 6-24 November (invited but de-clined)


    Colloquium, University of Missouri, March 22 Invited Speaker, Characters in low-dimensional topology A

    conference in honour of Steven Boyer, Montreal, June 48 , Faculty, Summer Undergraduate Program, ICERM Low Di-

    mensional Topology and Geometry, (June 11 ? August 3) Invited Speaker, Representation Varieties and geometric struc-

    tures in low dimensions, University of Warwick, July 2-8

  • W. GOLDMAN 27

    Invited Speaker, Geodesics on hyperbolic manifolds and re-lated topics, honoring Ara Basmajian, Connecticut College,August 8-10

    Oberwolfach workshop, New Trends in Teichmuller Theoryand Mapping Class Groups September 2 - 8

    Grants and Awards

    Simons Sabbatical Grant (2014-2015) American Mathematical Society Fellow (inaugural group, 2013) Research Networks in Mathematical Sciences Grant, with Steven

    Bradlow (UIUC), Steven Kerckhoff (Stanford), Richard Went-worth (Maryland) and Anna Wienhard (Princeton/Maryland),NSF 2011 ($5 M for 2011-2016) GEometric structures And Rep-resentations (GEAR)

    Focused Research Group Award, Deformation theory of geo-metric structures, with Daryl Cooper (UCSB), Gregory Mar-gulis and Yair Minsky (Yale), and Anna Wienhard (Princeton),NSF 2011

    Research and Scholarship Award 2010 (University of Maryland) University of Maryland Distinguished Scholar-Teacher 2007 Faculty Mentor (for Rachel Kirsch), Philip Merrill Presidential

    Scholars Program 2009-2010 NSF Research Grants 1981present

    Most recent award: DMS1709791(5-year award) NSF Travel grant for US participants at CIRM conference,

    Representations of surface groups, September 1-5 2008. NSF Travel grant for US participants at 2010 ICTP conference

    on Complex geometry..., Trieste, Italy. NSF Travel grant for US participants for 2010 IMS conference

    on Geometry, topology and dynamics of character varieties,Singapore.

    NSF Travel grant for US participants for 2012 ICTS Conferenceon Geometry, groups and dynamics, Almora, India (Decem-ber 317)

    NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship 198081 NSF Graduate Fellowship 197780 MSRI Postdoctoral Fellowship, 19841985 Alfred P.Sloan Foundation Fellow 198789 SERC Visiting Fellowship, Oxford University (sponsored by

    Professor S. K. Donaldson) Supplemental NSF grant to bring Michael Kapovich to Univer-

    sity of Maryland Mathematics Department, 19911992

  • 28 W. GOLDMAN

    Supplemental NSF grant to bring Simon Donaldson to Univer-sity of Maryland Mathematics Department, 19921993

    University of Maryland Semester Research Awards,Fall 1998, Fall 2005.

    Principal Investigator, departmental NSF grant for computerequipment (SCREMS), 1986

    Co-Principal Investigator (with H.Glaz), NSF (SCREMS) grantfor computer equipment for University of Maryland Mathemat-ics Department, 1990

    Co-Principal Investigator (with H.Glaz), NSF (SCREMS) grantfor computer equipment for University of Maryland Mathemat-ics Department, 1992

    Co-Principal Investigator (with H.Glaz), GRB grant for com-puter equipment for University of Maryland Mathematics De-partment, 1994


    Selection Committee for the King Faisal International Prize inScience (2018) (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)

    American Mathematical Society, Committee on the Profession(2012)

    Director/co-founder, Experimental Geometry Lab (2000). Editor-in-chief, Geometriae Dedicata (20032013). (editorial

    board since 1999), Honorary Editor (2013 ) Advisory Board, Mathematics Research Communities, Ameri-

    can Mathematical Society, February 2010January 2013 Scientific Advisory Panel, Fields Institute (20122016) External Review Committee for Mathematics Department, Bing-

    hamton University, (April 2013) Selection Committee, 2009 Distinguished Scholar-Teachers, Uni-

    versity of Maryland Selection Committee, Kirwan Award for Undergraduate Teach-

    ing, University of Maryland 2009 Member-At-Large, AMS Council (20062009). AMS Committee on Education (20062009). Principal Investigator, Maryland VIGRE program (20042010). Chair, External Review Committee,

    Department of Mathematics, National University of Singapore,March 2016

    Chair, External Review Committee,Department of Mathematics and Institute of Mathematical Sci-ences, Stony Brook University, March 2006.

  • W. GOLDMAN 29

    Review Committee for VIGRE program,University of Wisconsin, March 2006.

    Scientific Committee, Ahlfors-Bers Colloquium 2008 2014 Scientific Committee, Summer School/Workshop/Conference,

    Institute of Mathematics, National University of Singapore, Sum-mer 2010

    Co-director, School and Conference on Discrete Groups in Com-plex Geometry and Dynamics, ICTP, Trieste, June 28 July14, 2010 (also presented a course of 5 75-minute lectures in theSummer School)

    Co-organizer, BIRS workshop Geometry of Character Vari-eties, Banff, May 2010

    Scientific Committee, 14 - 18 March 2011 Representations ofSurface Groups and Higgs Bundles (A Satellite Meeting at theUniversity of Oxford), part of Newton Institute semester-longactivity on Moduli Spaces

    Co-organizer, Maryland Dynamics Conference, 2- 5 April 2011 Advisory Board, Ramanujan Math. Soc. Lecture Notes Series Managing Editor, Transformation Groups (2000-2002),

    Editorial Board (20022010). Panelist, Project NeXT panel discussion on Graduate Educa-

    tion, Joint Mathematics Meetings, January 2007. Search Committee, Mathematics Department Chair (2006-2007) Board of Governors, Geometry Center, University of Minnesota,

    19941996. Advisory Subcommittee for Karin Melnicks tenure (2013) Advisory Subcommittee for in Christian Zickerts tenure (2016) NSF site visit for Institute for Advanced Study, November 2016 NSF panels for research grants, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009 Selection Panel for NSF Graduate Fellowships, 2005 Selection Panel for NSF Postdoctoral Fellowships, 2009, 2010,

    2015 (Mathematical Sciences Postdoctoral Research Fellowships) Selection Panel for NSF Special Meetings, 2009 Organizer, Reception at JMM for University of Maryland Math-

    ematics Department Alumni and Friends, 2007, 2008, 2009. US Observer for European Science Foundation Research Net-

    working Program, Interactions of Low-Dimensional Topologyand Geometry with Mathematical Physics

    Scientific Committee, Trimestre at Institut Henri Poincare, Jan-uary - March 2011 (with O. Guichard, J.-M. Schlenker and A.Wienhard), Geometry and Analysis of Surface Group Repre-sentations

  • 30 W. GOLDMAN

    Scientific Committee, Trimester at Centro de Recerca Math-ematica, Barcelona, March May 2011 (with Luis Alvarez-Consul, S. Bradlow, Peter Gothen, I. Mundet i Riera, ), Re-search Programme on Geometry and Quantization of ModuliSpaces

    Scientific Committee, Workshop at Annee Thematique, Cen-tre de Recherches Mathematiques, Montreal (with V. Charette,F. Labourie and A. Wienhard), Higher Thurston-TeichmullerTheory October 17, 2012

    Scientific Committee, Groups, Geometry and Dynamics 2012,Kumaun University, Almora, Uttarakhand, India, December12-19, 2012

    Organizing Committe, Workshop on Exotic Geometric Struc-tures, ICERM, Brown University, September 15-20, 2013

    Scientific Committee, ICM Satellite Conference on. GeometricGroup Theory & Geometric Structures, August 7 12, 2014.KAIST, Korea, 2014

    Scientific Committee, Ahlfors-Bers Colloquium VI, Yale Uni-versity, October 2326

    Scientific Committee, Semester at MSRI, Berkeley (with R. Ca-nary, F. Labourie, H. Masur and A. Wienhard), Spring 2015

    Teaching: (since 2000)

    F2000: Differential Geometry (436) F2000: Symplectic Topology (748C) F2001: Lie Groups (744) S2002: Lie Algebras (744) F2002: Differential Geometry (436) F2002: Riemann Surfaces (669R) S2003: Linear Algebra (461) S2003: Riemann Surfaces (669S) F2003: Differential Equations (246) F2003: Differential Geometry (436) S2004: Differential Forms (437) F2004: Differential Geometry (436) F2004: Euclidean and non-Euclidean Geometry (430) S2005: Differential Forms (437) S2006: Hyperbolic Manifolds (748G) F2006: Projective Geometry for Computer Graphics (431) F2006: Fundamental Concepts of Topology (730) F2003: Differential Geometry (436) S2004: Differential Forms (437)

  • W. GOLDMAN 31

    F2004: Differential Geometry (436) F2004: Euclidean and non-Euclidean Geometry (430) S2005: Differential Forms (437) S2006: Hyperbolic Manifolds (748G) F2006: Projective Geometry for Computer Graphics (431) F2006: Fundamental Concepts of Topology (730) F2007: Geometric Structures on Manifolds (748) F2008: Differential Geometry (748) F2008: Projective Geometry for Computer Graphics (431) S2009: Differential Geometry (748) F2009: Projective Geometry for Computer Graphics (431) F2009: Undergraduate Differential Geometry (436) S2010: Geometric Structures on Manifolds (748) F2010: Projective Geometry for Computer Graphics (431) F2010: Graduate Differential Geometry (740) S2011: Differential Forms (437) F2011: Projective Geometry on Manifolds (748) F2012: Dynamical Systems (642) S2013: Differential Forms (437) F2013: Projective Geometry for Computer Graphics (431) S2014: Differential Forms (437) F2015: Geometric Structures on Manifolds (848G) F2015: Projective Geometry for Computer Graphics (431) S2016: Graduate Differential Geometry (740) F2016: Projective Geometry for Computer Graphics (431) F2016: Riemann Surfaces (848D) S2017: Dynamics on Moduli Spaces (848R) F2017: (Brown University) Geometric Structures on Manifolds S2018: Graduate Differential Geometry (740)