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<ul><li><p>1 | P a g e </p><p>CURRICULUM VITAE </p><p>PRAVEEN KUMAR VERMA </p><p>Assistant Professor in SOS Electronics and Photonics </p><p>Pt. R.S.U., Raipur (C.G.) </p><p>DOB: 18/10/1990 </p><p>Email Id: </p><p>Mobile No: +91 9907986619 </p><p>Education Qualification : </p><p>Examiantion School/College Board/ </p><p>University </p><p>Year of </p><p>passing </p><p>Percentage/ </p><p>CGPA </p><p>M.Tech(optoelectronics) </p><p>(splz. Optical Comm.) </p><p>SGSITS, </p><p>Indore(M.P.) </p><p>RGPV, Bhopal </p><p>(M.P.) 2015 8.15 </p><p>B.E.(E &amp; TC) GEC, Raipur </p><p>(C.G.) </p><p>CSVTU, Bhilai </p><p>(C.G.) 2012 70.80 </p><p>H.S.S.C. 12th </p><p>S.S.M.S.V.Raipur </p><p>(C.G.) CGBSE 2008 81.6 </p><p>H.S.C. 10th </p><p>S.S.M.S.V.Raipur </p><p>(C.G.) CGBSE 2006 83.33 </p><p>National Level Exams and Fellowships: </p><p> UGC NET LS (Dec)- 2014 Qualified (Electronic Science) </p><p> UGC NET LS (June)- 2015 Qualified (Electronic Science) </p><p> CSIR NET JRF( June)- 2014 with AIR-76 (Engineering Science) </p><p> GATE 2016- Score 604 </p><p>Technical Skills: </p><p> Able to handle software like MATLAB, Origin, and MS office make me technically </p><p>efficient to deal with experimental problems as well as numerical simulations. </p><p> Able to handle Optisystem software, this software is useful to analyze single to noise </p><p>ratio, bit error rate, effect of different components used for optical fiber communication </p><p>and free space communication. </p><p> Able to handle Comsol software, this software is helpful for simulation in nanoparticles, </p><p>optical waveguide, optical fibers. </p><p></p></li><li><p>2 | P a g e </p><p>Projects: </p><p> M. Tech Project: Growth and characterization of Strontium Barium Niobate single </p><p>crystal </p><p> Description: This material has high electrooptic piezoelectric, pyroelectric coefficient. </p><p> BE Major project:Pulse Rate Detector using Microcontroller by Fingertip </p><p> Description: IR beam generated by LED reflects from veins, collected by photodetector </p><p>and then count number of pulses for one minute and displays the same on seven segment </p><p>displays. </p><p>Training Undertaken: </p><p> Prasar Bharti All India Radio, Raipur(C.G.) </p><p> Chhattisgarh State Power Distribution Company Limited Raipur(C.G.) </p><p>Research Experience: </p><p>I have completed my 1 year master project in Crystal Growth laboratory of LMDDD department </p><p>of RRCAT, Indore (M.P.). </p><p>Paper Publication: </p><p>R. Bhatt , P. Verma, M. Soharab, IndranilBhaumik, A.K. Karnal and P.K. Gupta, Temperature </p><p>Dependent Refractive Index Studies on Strontium Barium Niobate Single Crystal, National </p><p>Laser Symposium (NLS-24), RRCAT, Indore, 2-5 Dec, 2015. </p><p>References: </p><p>Dr. P.K. Sen Dr. Rajeev Bhatt </p><p>Professor &amp; Head Scientific Officer F </p><p>Dept. of Applied physics &amp; Opto-Electronics LMDDD, RRCAT </p><p>SGSITS, Indore (M.P.) Indore (M.P.) </p><p> </p><p>Phone - 07312545792 Phone 07312442907 </p><p>Decleration: </p><p>I hereby declare that all the information provided by me in this application is factual and correct </p><p>to the best of my knowledge and belief. </p><p>DATE PRAVEEN KUMAR VERMA </p><p></p></li></ul>


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