Creative Ways to Get Ready For Exams

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Creative Ways to Get Ready For Exams. By: Megan Zeinner 15 With some calming, stress relieving pictures of Siesta Key Beach, Sarasota, Florida. 1. Use different color f lash c ards and pens for specific subjects. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Creative Ways to Get Ready For ExamsCreative Ways to Get Ready For ExamsBy: Megan Zeinner 15With some calming, stress relieving pictures of Siesta Key Beach, Sarasota, Florida1. Use different color flash cards and pens for specific subjects.2. Take Breaks, go for a walk, read your favorite book or draw, do what makes you happy 3. Be organized4. Make a plan5. Make a goal for each exam6. Review notes by recording them and listen to the recording.7. Ask Any Questions 8. Have a Study Buddy 9. Meet with your teacher and review with them, after all theyre the ones making the test.10. Study as if it were a quiz show. 11. Ask anyone to review with you, a parent, the bus driver, the cute cashier at Target, or the hobo on the side of the street (JK stay away from the hobo).12. FOCUS 13. I know its tempting, but dont cram.14. Teach a sibling.15. Just before the test write or draw about your worries. 16. Dont wake up earlier to study. Studies show this weakens your focus ability.17. Rewrite your notes, or draw pictures that help you remember more information.18. Play with an easer or paperclip during the test. Your body cant focus on one thing for long so this helps.19. Do some fun yoga 20. Or As Mrs. Bird would say Breathe.I hope this gave you some ideas for studying and that it helped calm you down. Believe you can and youre halfway there. Theodore RooseveltThanks for Watching !!!!