Complete List of Grade 5 Kyoiku Kanji

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Grade 5 Kanji with On/Kun readings, English Meaning


Page 1 of 25Page 2 of 25Complete list of Grade 5 Kyoiku KanjiKanji On-Yomi Kun-Yomi Meanings politics government . . . . . . sutra longitude pass thru expire warp present existing actual sex gender nature system law rule . task duties overall relationship ruling governing general whole all full total jurisdiction dominion territory. .. .Page 3 of 25..fief reign establishment provision prepare protect guarantee keep preserve sustain support branch support sustain report news reward retribution unravel notes key explanation understanding untie undo solve answer cancel absolve explain minute assets resources capital funds data be conducive to. . . .. . . . . . .Page 4 of 25-contribute to occasion side edge verge dangerous adventurous indecent time when investigate judgement signature stamp seal exist outskirts suburbs located in affair case matter item group association responsibility duty term entrust to appoint increase add augment gain.... . . . . .Page 5 of 25..promote feelings emotion passion sympathy circumstances facts show indicate point out express display fundamentals radical (chem) counter for machines foundation value price assurance firm tight hard solid confirm clear evident propose take along carry in hand . forces energy military strength dwindle decrease reduce decline. ... .Page 6 of 25.. ...curtail get hungry contain form looks apply answer yes OK reply accept performance act play render stage ability talent skill capacity again twice second time status rank capacity character case (law, grammar). - . - . . . . .overdo exceed go beyond errorPage 7 of 25tax duty . examination investigate usual ordinary normal regular status quo conditions circumstances form appearance occupation camp perform build conduct (business) post employment work evidence proof certificate can possable mustn't should not do not posture build pretend compare race ratio-. .- . - .. . .Page 8 of 25.. . .Philipines ward off defend protect resist severance decline refuse apologize warn dismiss prohibit decision judgement cutting boundary border region standard measure art technique skill means trick resources magic.safeguard protect attitude condition figure appearance voice (of verbs).Page 9 of 25. . . .guidance leading conduct usher equip provision preparation article clause item stripe streak tree trunk single alone spontaneously Germany transport send be inferior mention state speak relate ratio rate proportion % coefficient factor warrior military chivalry arms....Page 10 of 25.substance quality matter temperament defense protection lengthen counter for bows & stringed instruments stretch spread put up (tent). - . - . . . .-limit restrict to best of ability forehead tablet plaque framed picture sum amount volume righteousness justice morality honor loyalty meaning retreat withdraw retire resign repel expel reject. . . . . .Page 11 of 25. . . . . . .semicorrespond to proportionate to conform imitate create make structure physique skill art craft ability feat performance vocation arts restore return to revert resume shift move change drift catch (cold, fire) pass into individual counter for articles evaluate criticism comment unmistake negative-. ..Page 12 of 25injustice nonmade in... manufacture property money wealth assets discriminating know write extent degree law formula distance limits amount touch contact adjoin piece together impart instruct grant confer merit efficacy efficiency benefit old times old things old friend former ex-. .-.. . . ..Page 13 of 25.. .expert teacher master model exemplar army (incl. counter) war easy ready to simple fortune-telling divination ticket rend rip tear break destroy defeat frustrate compilation knit plait braid twist editing completed poem part of a book blame condemn censure discipline conduct oneself well study master. .. - ... .Page 14 of 25. . . - .pick take fetch take upaweave fabric.. . .. ..happenstance especially intentionally reason cause circumstances the late therefore consequently valve petal braid speech dialect discrimination dispose of distinguish cause factor be associated with depend on be limited to wealth enrich abundant trade exchangePage 15 of 25lecture club association elementary principle naked uncovered river suitable occasional rare qualified capable lady woman wife bride draw near stop in bring near gather collect send forward benefit gain profit advantage too much myself surplus other remainder.. - . ... . . .Page 16 of 25. . .prohibition ban forbid inverted reverse opposite wicked long time old story wife spouse outburst rave fret force violence cruelty outrage precipitous inaccessible place impregnable position steep place sharp eyes level average pressure push overwhelm oppress dominate. ... . . . . .permit approvePage 17 of 25. . . .detain fasten halt stop guilt sin crime fault blame offense entertain revive retrieve interest pleasure refined ghost fairy energy vitality semen excellence purity skill rule follow based on model after fathom plan scheme measure bountiful excellent rich. ....Page 18 of 25.thick heavy rich kind cordial brazen shameless abbreviation omission outline shorten capture plunder .. . . . . . . . . . . . .acquiesce hear listen to be informed receive. . .discontinue beyond sever cut off abstain interrupt suppress printing block printing plate edition impression labelPage 19 of 25. . . . .damage loss disadvantage hurt injure Buddha the dead FranceS.exploits unreeling cocoons fabricate build construct intention plan resolve aspire motive hopes shilling mix blend confuse . . . . . . reside to be exist live with miscellaneous beckon invite summon.. - . . .Page 20 of 25.. ..engage eternity long lengthy publish carve engrave statue picture image figure portrait approve praise title or inscription on picture assist agree with crime sin offense linen cloth belong genus subordinate official affiliated duplicate double compound multiple becoming resemble counterfeit imitate suitable. .Page 21 of 25.astray be perplexed in doubt lost err illusion dream vision illusion burn blaze glow disaster calamity woe curse evil deposit custody leave with entrust to lend coin .01 yen money flock group crowd herd swarm cluster apologize thank refuse. . . . ... . . . -.. ..Page 22 of 25-sham temporary interim assumed (name) informal congratulations joy cheerful pleasant agreeable comfortable benevolence virtue goodness commanding respect preface beginning order precedence occasion chance incidentally cottage inn hut house mansion accustomed get used to become experienced enemy foe opponent fluid liquid juice.... ..Page 23 of 25sap secretion . poverty poor acid bitterness sour tart ancestor pioneer founder cherry phrase clause sentence passage paragraph counter for haiku grave tomb mineral ore domesticate raise keep feed bough branch twig limb counter for branches..Page 24 of 25. . . . . . .grace kindness goodness favor mercy blessing benefit journey chase away let go going travel fertilizer get fat fertile manure pamper bag bale sack counter for bags cottoncoppereyeball till plow cultivate undefiled pure clean righteous..Page 25 of 25gallant tongue reed clapper


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