Complete List of Grade 4 Kyoiku Kanji

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Grade 4 Kanji with on/kun readings , English Meaning


Page 1 of 28Page 2 of 28Complete list of Grade 4 Kyoiku KanjiKanjiOn-YomiKun-YomiMeanings deliberation consultation debate consideration people nation subjects take along lead join connect party gang clique elect select choose prefer connection barrier gateway involve concerning. . . - .... . . .war battle match utmost most extremePage 3 of 28-.. . . .family name surname clan promise approximately shrink method law rule principle model system negative nonbad ugly clumsy bull's eye mark target object adjective ending need main point essence pivot key to reign be at peace calm down subdue quell govt cure heal rule conservePage 4 of 28. . - .turn into become get grow elapse reach cocooperation by means of because in view of compared with mechanism opportunity occasion machine airplane add addition increase join include Canada continue series sequel reformation change modify mend renew examine inspect search.. .. . .. .Page 5 of 28. . - . - . . . . products bear give birth yield childbirth native property tie bind contract join organize do up hair fasten borough urban prefecture govt office representative body storehouse together both neither all and alike with gain get find earn first time beginning. . .. -. .Page 6 of 28.. -.acquire can may able to profit advantage benefit revelation tell inform announce army force troops war battle nonplussed three going coming visiting visit be defeated die be madly in love profit advantage benefit plan suggestion draft ponder fear proposition idea expectation bill worryPage 7 of 28. truth fidelity trust separate branch off diverge fork another extra specially side lean oppose regret request want wish for require demand yesterday previous bureaucrat the government special. . .unusual change strange each every eitherPage 8 of 28. . . . . - . . - . .. . ... - .raise plan project behavior actions fruit reward carry out achieve complete end finish succeed invariably certain inevitable contend dispute argue nothingness none ain't nothing nil not rank grade throne crown about some placement put set deposit leave behind keep employPage 9 of 28pawn fee materials . . - . . . . . - . - . . . - . - . . - . . - . - . . buildexpense cost spend consume wasteadhere attach refer to appendrumor opinion theory husband man.Page 10 of 28harm injury viceduplicate copy seat mat occasion place . . . . remainder leftover balance wish sense idea thought feeling desire attention test try attempt experiment ordeal elephant pattern after imitate image shape sign (of the times) labor thank for reward for toil trouble. ... . .Page 11 of 28. . . example custom usage precedent sort of thing so if so in that case well verification effect testing transmit go along walk along follow report communicate legend tradition. ... . . . (kokuji)scenery view . . . . fond pleasing like somethingPage 12 of 28. . . -prize reward praise environs boundary border vicinity England English. . . . .lower short humble lose error fault disadvantage loss distinction difference variation discrepancy margin balance chapter lesson section department division counter for chapters (of a book) end close tip powder posterity. .Page 13 of 28. . . . . - . .-..poles settlement conclusion end highest rank electric poles very extremely most highly 10**48 species kind class variety seed quantity measure weight amount consider estimate surmise ambition full moon hope desire aspire to expect pine tree outlook look appearance condition view. .Page 14 of 28-. - . . - .guess presume surmise judge understand mould type model ballot label ticket sign accomplished reach arrive attain good pleasing skilled climate season weather history chronicle . . . . full enough pride satisfy failure defeat reversal pipe tube wind instrument drunken talkPage 15 of 28soldier private troops army warfare strategy tactics utensil vessel receptacle implement instrument ability container tool set gentleman samurai volume product (x*y) acreage contents pile up stack load amass record . . . focus government ministry conserve circumference circuit lap. - . . .Page 16 of 28. . . - .lumber log timber wood talent healthy health strength persistence fly skip (pages) scatter kill murder butcher slice off split diminish reduce spoil simple one single merely perfect completion end regiment party company squad emulate compete with bid sell at auction bout contest.. .. .Page 17 of 28-. . .. ... .race salary wage gift allow grant bestow on curriculum continuation passage of time resign word term expression love affection favourite unnot yet hitherto still even now sign of the ram 1-3PM eighth sign of Chinese zodiac navigate sail cruise fly. . . . . . . cool cold (beer, person) chillPage 18 of 28. sort kind variety class genus newborn babe child young of animals stamp seal mark imprint symbol emblem trademark evidence souvenir India signpost seal mark stamp imprint symbol emblem trademark evidence souvenir target wheel ring circle link loop counter for wheels and flowers.-.Page 19 of 28.. . . . . . .heat temperature fever mania passion pure purify cleanse exorcise Manchu dynasty memorize learn remember awake sober up hundred million 10**8 technique art craft performance acting trick stunt.. . .convenience halt stopping land six.sash belt obi zonePage 20 of 28. . . . . . . - . . .region toil diligent as much as possible harden set clot curdle scatter disperse spend squander director official govt office rule administer ease peace ... . . .quietrejoice take pleasure in surround besiege store paling enclosure encircle preserve. . .Page 21 of 28keep . . . graduate soldier private die obey order turn right docility occasion chronicle account narrative history annals geologic period Dr. command esteem win acclaim Ph.D. exposition fair salvation save help rescue reclaim old man old age grow old orders ancient laws command decree.. .Page 22 of 28junior emptiness vanity futility uselessness ephemeral thing gang set party people freight goods property seasons achievement merits success honor credit lack gap fail bottom sole depth bottom price base kind sort foster bring up rear develop nurture. ..Page 23 of 28. -boulevard street town petition request vow wish hope hope beg request pray beseech Greece dilute (acid) rare few phenomenal laugh bundle sheaf ream tie in bundles govern manage control go-between relationship. .. .. . - . .flourish prosperity honor glory splendorPage 24 of 28tag paper money counter for bonds placard bid . borrow rent node season period occasion verse clause stanza honor joint knuckle knob knot tune melody wrap pack up cover conceal fold break fracture bend yield submit county district . . . bake burning-. . . . - . .Page 25 of 28- . . . . . illuminate shine compare bashful public chamber hall meal boiled rice code ceremony law rule . fishing fishery savings store lay in keep wear mustache godown warehouse storehouse cellar treasury chant recite call upon yell instruction Japanese character reading explanation read. ... . .Page 26 of 28. .bathe be favored with bask in salt portent 10**12 trillion sign omen symptoms celebrate congratulate national flag banner standard garment clothes dressing plum retainer subject shallow superficial frivolous wretched shameful courage cheer up be in high spirits bravery heroism. ..-..Page 27 of 28contraption fetter machine instrument vegetable side dish greens . - . . printing print breed care for shepherd feed pasture cry weep moan grandchild descendants poison virus venom germ harm injury spite diameter path method vein pulse hope.Page 28 of 28flour powder dust mirror speculum barrel-head round rice-cake offering nest rookery hive cobweb den . lamp a light light counter for lights stomach paunch crop craw bud sprout spear germ intestines guts bowels viscera.


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