Complete List of Grade 3 Kyoiku Kanji

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Grade 3 Kanji with on/kun readings , English Meaning


Page 1 of 26Page 2 of 26Complete list of Grade 3 Kyoiku KanjiKanji On-Yomi Kun-Yomi Meanings matter thing fact business reason possibly discharge departure publish emit start from disclose counter for gunshots vis-a-vis opposite even equal versus anticompare section bureau dept class copy part portion counter for copies of a newspaper or magazine someone person business vocation arts. .. . . . .. . . . .-Page 3 of 26-. . .performance intermutual together each other minister of state councillor aspect phase physiognomy determine fix establish decide employee member number the one in charge. . . . .. . .open unfold unsealquestion ask problem substitute change convert replace period age counter for decades of ages, eras, etc. generation charge. . . . .-Page 4 of 26rate fee . reality truth . . - . . . decide fix agree upon appoint move motion change confusion shift shake whole entire all complete fulfill surface table chart diagram tune tone meter key (music) writing style prepare exorcise investigate. .. .. . .. . . .Page 5 of 26. . . .change take the form of influence enchant delude -ization lord chief master main thing principal topic subject idea mind heart taste thought desire care liking degrees occurrence time counter for occurrences period time date term hold have take fetch take up- .. - . . . . . -Page 6 of 26- . metropolis capital . . . . . harmony Japanese style peace soften Japan even flat peace generation world society public accept undergo answer (phone) take get catch receive ward district . . . . . prefecture advance proceed progress promote relax cheap low. - . .Page 7 of 26.. - .quiet rested contented peaceful Inst. institution temple mansion school finger point to indicate put into play (chess) measure (ruler) world No. residence . beforehand previous myself I. . - . . - . . . . . .-yonder facing beyond confront defy tend toward approachPage 8 of 26. - . . .victory win prevail excel mask face features surface committee entrust to leave to devote discard.. . . . . . . . . . anti--heavy heap up pile up nest of boxes -fold gather meet congregate swarm flock thing object matter. . .-Page 9 of 26-. . . order sequence goods refinement dignity article counter for meal courses death die person in charge connection duty concern oneself emotion feeling sensation throw discard abandon launch into join invest in hurl give up sell at a loss. . . .. - .Page 10 of 26. . . . . .strike hit knock pound dozen commence begin island both old Japanese coin counter for carriages (e.g., in a train) two style ceremony rite function method system form expression carry luck destiny fate lot transport progress advance-.. - . . .end finishPage 11 of 26. . . - . dwell reside live inhabit discuss talk . . . . true reality Buddhist sect current a sink flow forfeit possess have exist happen occur approx bureau board office affair conclusion court lady lady-in-waiting her apartment set free release fire shoot emit banish liberate-.. . . . . .Page 12 of 26ball sphere . . . hurry emergency sudden steep escort send duty war campaign drafted labor office service role somebody person one's station in life wherefore a reason. . . . . . . . . . .revolve turn around changepolish study of sharpen extinguish blow out turn offPage 13 of 26neutralize cancel . gods mind soul distribute spouse exile rationing Shinto shrine constellations palace princess . . . . . . . . . . . . - . . . . - . . don arrive wear counter for suits of clothing ride power multiplication record research study bring up grow up raise rear rouse wake up get upPage 14 of 26. . - .counter for vehicles board mount join concept think idea thought ill sick agriculture farmers state province. - .wait depend on tribe family silver. . .help rescue assist chase drive away follow pursue meanwhile make a deal selling dealing in merchant..Page 15 of 26leaf plane lobe needle blade spear counter for flat things fragment piece . . . . . fall drop come down doctor medicine attend doing official serve gone past quit leave elapse eliminate divorce flavor taste defeat negative minus bear owe assume a responsibility.. - ... . .Page 16 of 26. . . . . -copy be photographed describeguard protect defend obey beauty beautiful fate command decree destiny life appoint blessing fortune luck wealth organize arranging tune tone meter key (music) sideways side horizontal width woof deep heighten intensify strengthen.. .. .. .Page 17 of 26. . have the honor to sign of the monkey 3-5PM ninth sign of Chinese zodiac Esq. way manner situation polite suffix harbor pour irrigate shed (tears) flow into concentrate on notes comment annotate storey stair counter for storeys of a building path route road distance . . . bad vice rascal false evil wrong. . .-.Page 18 of 26. other another the others bridge beach guest visitor customer client. .ascend climb up. . . quick fast center middle nickname number item title pseudonym name call building mansion large building palace.Page 19 of 26. . . . . .roof house shop dealer seller root radical head (pimple) suffering trial worry hardship feel bitter scowl tool utensil means possess ingredients counter for armor, suits, sets of furniture iron . . . . return answer fade repay short brevity fault defect weak point oil fat. .-.Page 20 of 26shining bright . . plant inn lodging relay station dwell lodge be pregnant home dwelling medicine chemical enamel gunpowder benefit learn double twice times fold station waves billows Poland ocean western style trip travel class rank grade. .. .Page 21 of 26. .happiness blessing fortune practice gloss train drill polish refine%. .. . . . -lightly trifling unimportant etc. and so forth class (first) quality equal similar bend music melody composition pleasure injustice fault curve crooked perverse lean courtyard garden yard blood . warm. ..Page 22 of 26. . warehouse storehouse slope incline hill clothing admit obey discharge breath respiration son interest (on money) plank board plate stage file row rank tier column . . . - . play old boy name-suffix drink smoke take badge chapter composition poemPage 23 of 26design . . sake alcohol jail cell grieve sad deplore regret second (1/60 minute) darkness disappear shade informal grow dark be blinded exertion sunshine yang principle positive male heaven daytime pelt skin hide leather tooth cog pillar post cylinder support. .... .Page 24 of 26. .ritual offer prayers celebrate deify enshrine worship writing brush writing painting brush handwriting juvenile child farm field garden one's specialty (kokuji) green salute bow ceremony thanks remuneration poem poetry once upon a time antiquity old times-.swim baggage shoulder-pole load bear (a burden) shoulder (a gun) loadPage 25 of 26cargo freight charcoal coal street ward town counter for guns, tools, leaves or cakes of something even number 4th calendar sign lake hot water bath hot spring box chest case bin railway car beans pea midget sultry hot summer heat icicle ice hail freeze congeal cold.. .Page 26 of 26.notebook account book album pick up gather find go on foot ten SinoChina nose snout dish a helping platesheep flute clarinet pipe whistle bagpipe piccolo


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