[Company Name] Business Plan Why I want my own business  List reasons why you want your own business.

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Slide 1 Slide 2 [Company Name] Business Plan Slide 3 Why I want my own business List reasons why you want your own business Slide 4 Which Business is right for me? What do I like to do? Do I have any hobbies or interests which I can use What skills do I have or am developing ? What do others say I can do well? How much time do I have to run a business? Slide 5 Which needs will my business address? What services or products will I sell? How can I create a demand for my product or service? Is my idea practical? Will my idea fill a need? What will my business have that others dont? Do I have any competition? Slide 6 Equipment and Supplies What equipment do I need? What supplies do I need? Slide 7 Target Market Who will you sell your product or service to ? (your target market) Slide 8 Finance Will I need finance to buy equipment and supplies? Slide 9 Resources What resources do I need? Slide 10 Location Where will I run my business? Slide 11 What will I name my business? Dream up a creative name for your business Design a logo for your business Slide 12 Keeping records How will I keep financial records for my company? Slide 13 Risks & Rewards Risks Summarize risks of proposed project Addressing risk Summarize how risks will be addressed Rewards Estimate expected rewards of this venture Slide 14 Company Slogan Create a company slogan which will attract people to buy your product or make use of your service