Cleveland Convention Center Cleveland, Ohio February 28 to March 4, 1977

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    Cleveland Convention Center

    Cleveland, Ohio

    February 28 to March 4, 1977

    T h e 28th Pi t t sburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy and Exposition of Modern Laboratory Equipment will consist of 70 technical sessions, including 14 planned symposia and nearly 500 technical papers. In addition to the scientific program, there will be an extensive exposition with over 300 exhibitors featuring the latest analytical instru-mentat ion and related chemicals and supplies.

    P r e r e g i s t r a t i o n is u rged . Registration forms mailed before February 11, 1977, can be processed so tha t a badge, program, and souvenir will be ready for attendees on their arrival at the Convention Center. Registration fees of $10, regular, and $3.00, student, are payable when badges are picked up. Pocket tabs for admission to the exhibit only are available free of charge. Registration forms may be obtained by contacting Mrs. Margaret Davison, Cleveland Convention Bureau, 511 Terminal Tower, Cleveland, Ohio 44113 (212-621-4110).

    This year's conference offers a diverse program with sessions covering fields including environmental anal-ysis, atomic absorption techniques, liquid chromatog-raphy, electrochemistry, and many more. The planned symposia will deal with such varied topics as digital electronics and computer interlacing, chromatography as applied to the food industry, laboratory automation, oil identification, and surface analysis.

    Three awards will be presented at an Awards sym-posium scheduled for Wednesday afternoon. The Spectroscopy Society of Pit tsburgh Award will be given to Bryce Crawford, Jr., University of Minnesota, for his contributions in teaching, research, and scientific leadership. Howard Cary, the founder of Cary Asso-ciates, will receive the Maurice F. Hasler Award for his pioneering leadership in the development of instru-mentation for absorption and Raman spectroscopy. The Pi t t sburgh Applied Analytical Chemistry Award will be presented to William C. Bauman, Hamish Small, and Timothy S. Stevens, all associated with the Dow Chemical Co. Dr. Small will present their award winning paper (ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY, Vol 47, pp 1801-09, 1975) on a new ion-exchange chromatographic method. The 1977 Coblentz Award will be presented Thursday afternoon to Peter Griffiths. This award is presented each year to a molecular spectroscopist under 36 years of age who has offered significant contributions to the

    unders tanding and in terpre ta t ions of vibrat ional spectra. In addition, on Wednesday morning the Ste-phen Dal Nogare Award, sponsored by the Chroma-tography Forum of the Delaware Valley, will be pre-sented to Georges Andr Guiochon, Ecole Polytechni-que, Paris.

    The American Chemical Society will present three short courses in Cleveland just preceding the Confer-ence. For titles, fees, and other details, see page 204 A, this issue. In addition, a seminar on quant i ta t ive thin-layer chromatography will be given by Kontes on Tuesday.

    Technical tours planned during the week include trips to the Republic Steel Corp.; Fisher Body Div., GMC; Goodyear World of Rubber; General Electric Lighting Inst i tute; NASA Lewis Research Center; S tandard Oil Research Center; and Cuyahoga County Coroner's Laboratory.

    The social program will begin Sunday evening with "Mark Twain in Person", starring Richard Henzel and presented by the Cleveland Repertoire Theater . This will be held in the Music Hall at the Convention Center, and admission will be by registration badge. Other planned activities include the conference mixer, an Italian night party, a dinner- theater party, and a wine-tasting party.

    During the course of the week, various committees and subcommittees of the American Society for Testing and Materials will meet. Executive and governing board meetings of other societies are also scheduled, and A N A L Y T I C A L C H E M I S T R Y ' S Instrumentat ion Advisory Panel will meet.

    An employment bureau will be in operation at the Convention Center. This service is available to all reg-istrants without charge. Advance registration is urged. Job candidate or employer forms are available from Charles J. Belle, Applied Research Laboratories, 9600 McKnight Rd., Suite 240, Pi t tsburgh, Pa. (412-366-4560).

    The following pages of ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY contain a condensed technical program, a detailed technical program, and a list of exhibitors and their products.

    Further information on the meeting is available from Edwin S. Hodge, Carnegie-Mellon University, Mellon Inst i tute, 4400 Fifth Ave., Pi t tsburgh, Pa. 15213 (412-621-1100, ext. 212).


  • 1977 CONDENSED P R O G R A M All Sessions Are in the Cleveland Convention Center

    MONDAY MORNING Drug and Pesticide Analysis Room 205 Fossil Fuels and Their Conversion Products: Analysis and Room 235A

    Characterization Techniques in Fourier Transform Spectroscopy Room 235B General Analysis I Room 239 New Instrumentation Club Room Atomic Absorption Techniques I Ball Room SymposiumGetting Started in Digital Electronics and Little Theater

    Computer Interfacing SymposiumChromatography as Applied to the Food Music Hall

    IndustryGas Chromatography MONDAY AFTERNOON Spectroscopic Apparatus and Techniques Room 205 SymposiumSpectral Studies of Coal Liquefaction and Coal Room 235A

    Liquefaction Products New Instrumentation and Concepts Room 235B X-ray Fluorescence' Room 239 Mass SpectrometryGeneral I Club Room Atomic Absorption Techniques II Ball Room Automated Analysis Little Theater SymposiumChromatography as Applied to the Food Music Hall

    IndustryLiquid Chromatography TUESDAY MORNING Advances in Instrumental Methods Room 205 SymposiumCharacterization, Quantitative Determination, Room 235A

    and Control of Odors SymposiumNovel Applications of Fourier Transform Infrared Room 235B

    Spectroscopy NMR SpectrometryFluorescence Luminescence Room 239 Mass SpectrometryGeneral II Club Room Atomic Absorption Techniques III Ball Room SymposiumGetting Started in Digital Electronics and Little Theater

    Computer Interfacing Gas ChromatographyNew Instrument Concepts Music Hall TUESDAY AFTERNOON Food Analyses Room 205 ASTM E-31 SymposiumRecent Developments in Laboratory Room 235A

    Automation Biochemical and Biomedical Pharmaceutical Analyses I Room 235B General Analysis II Room 239 Mass SpectrometryGeneral III Club Room Atomic Absorption Techniques IV Ball Room Symposium on International Spectroscopy Little Theater Gas ChromatographyNew Instrumentation Music Hall WEDNESDAY MORNING Computer Applications and Laboratory Automation Room 205 ASTM E-42 SymposiumProgress in Quantitative Room 235A

    Surface Analysis Environmental Analysis IToxic Substances Room 235B Raman Spectroscopy Room 239 Thermal Methods of Analysis and Polymer Analysis Club Room Electrochemistry I Ball Room Gas ChromatographyDal Nogare Award Little Theater SymposiumTechniques for the Analysis of Drugs and Music Hall

    Other Clinical Constituents WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON Thin-Layer Chromatography Room 205 Surface Analysis I Room 235A Environmental Analysis IIWater Room 235B Novel Emission Spectroscopy Room 239 Liquid ChromatographyColumns and Packings Club Room Electrochemistry II Ball Room 1977 Awards Symposium Little Theater SymposiumTechniques for the Analysis of Drugs and Music Hall

    Other Clinical Constituents

    THURSDAY MORNING SymposiumOil Identification I Room 205 Surface Analysis II Room 235A Environmental Analysis IIIAtmospheric Room 235B Biochemical and Biomedical Pharmaceutical Analyses II Room 239 Analytical Application of Computers to Molecular Spectroscopy Club Room SymposiumIndustrial Laboratory Design Ball Room Liquid ChromatographyDetection and Integration Little Theater SymposiumAnalytical Techniques on the Horizon Music Hall THURSDAY AFTERNOON SymposiumOil Identification II Room 205 Plasma Emission Spectroscopy: Inductively Coupled Plasma I Room 235A Environmental Analysis IVAtmospheric Room 235B General Analysis III Room 239 Laboratory Automated Analysis Club Room Chromatography: General Ball Room Coblentz Award SymposiumAnalyzing the Atmosphere Little Theater

    by Infrared Techniques Liquid ChromatographyPreparative Systems and Analytical Music Hall

    Determinations FRIDAY MORNING Plasma Emission Spectroscopy: Inductively Coupled Plasma II Room 235A Analytical Application of Infrared Spectroscopy Room 235B Biomedical Pharmaceutical Analyses Room 239 Computer ApplicationsVapor-Pressure Determination Club Room Fluorescence-Luminescence Ball Room Liquid ChromatographyInstrumentation Little Theater

    J. F. Jackovitz J. H. Judd

    P. M. Castle H. L. Retcofsky

    J. E. Graham

    Conference Officials 1977 Board of Directors President: John F. Jackovitz, West

    inghouse Research Laboratories Vice President: Jane H. Judd, West

    inghouse Electric Corp. Chairman (Society for Analytical

    Chemists of Pittsburgh): Ralph M. Raybeck, Jones and Laughlin Steel Corp.

    Chairman-Elect (Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh): Bruce M. LaRue, National Steel Corp.

    Chairman (Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh): Charles J. Belle, Applied Research Laboratories

    Chairman-Elect (Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh): Allen J. Sharkins, Alcoa Laboratories

    Past Conference Chairman: Alex J. Kavoulakis, Alkav Laboratories, Inc.

    Treasurer: Peter M. Castle, Westing-house Research Laboratories

    Assistant Treasurer: Ralph M. Ray-beck, Jones and Laughlin Steel Corp.

    Executive Secretary: Rita Bastiani, Pittsburgh, Pa.

  • Conference Committees Administration:

    Chairman: Edwin S. Hodge, Mellon Institute

    Assistant: Eleanor L. Saier, Allegheny General Hospital


    Chairman: Charles R. Hines, Jones and Laughlin Steel Corp.

    Chairman-Elect: Marilyn Senneway, ARCO/Polymers, Inc.

    Spouses Program:

    Chairlady: Nita Stone, Cleveland, Ohio

    Chair lady-Elect : Louise Manka, Pittsburgh, Pa.


    Chairman: Richard Obrycki, Koppers Research Laboratories

    Chairman-Elect: George Vassilaros, Colt Industries, Inc.


    Chairman: Charles J. Belle, Applied Research Laboratories

    Chairman-Elect: Hector Silva, West-inghouse Research Laboratories


    Chairman: H. L. Retcofsky, PERCi ERDA

    Chairman-Elect: Dan P. Manka, Jones and Laughlin Steel Corp.


    Chairman: J. Kevin Scanlon, PPG In-dustries, Inc.

    Chairman-Elect: Paul Bauer, West-inghouse Electric Corp.


    Chairman: John E. Graham, Koppers Research Laboratories

    Chairman-Elect: Robert W. Baudoux, U.S. Steel Corp.


    Edwin S. Hodge, Mellon Institute Assistant: John Snodgrass, Shenango,


    H. Cary Hasler Awardee


    Chairman: Rober t E. Witkowski, Westinghouse Research Labora-tories

    Chairlady-Elect: Florence A. Eggers, Jones and Laughlin Steel Corp.

    Cleveland Liaison: Allen T. Pollock, Harshaw Chemical Co.


    Chairman: Allen J. Sharkins, Alcoa Technical Center

    Chairman-Elect: Richard S. Danchik, Alcoa Technical Center

    Assistant: Marlene Bauer, Pittsburgh, Pa.

    Assis tant : Jack Petty, Calgon Corp.

    Society Meeting Coordination:

    Chairman: Jogn A. Queiser, PERC/ ERDA

    Chair lady-Elect : Mary Farquhar , Koppers Research Laboratories

    Special Projects:

    Chairman: S. David Cifrulak, Calgon Corp.

    Chairman-Elect : Harold Sweeney, Koppers Research Laboratories

    Long Range Planning Committee:

    Chairman: Alex J. Kavoulakis. Robert E. Witkowski, Charles J. McCaff-erty, Jr., Harry Fracek, Joseph A. Feldman, J. Kevin Scanlon

    Advisory to the President:

    Gerald L. Carlson, Westinghouse Re-search Laboratories; Robert Mainier, Koppers Research Labo-ratories

    Special Assistants to the President:

    R. A. Friedel, PERC/ERDA; Joseph R. Ryan, Harbison Walker Refracto-ries Diu.

    Quantitative Sample Applicator for TLC for improved scanning results

    For spots or bands to 199mm

    Completely reproducible

    Absolute accuracy of volume

    Uniform sample distribution

    Scientists have asked for a totally accurate sample delivery system for streaks and spots. Here it is!

    The Linomat III applies samples of 0 to 199mm in length. A unique delivery system produces extremely narrow band widths which are perfect for optical scanning. Sample distribu-tion is uniform over the entire band length. Both accuracy and reproducibility are assured, in spite of the Linomat's simplicity of operation.

    See the Linomat in Booth 944 at the Pittsburgh Conference.

    CAMAG Inc. 16229 West Ryerson Road / P.O. Box 183

    New Berlin, Wisconsin 53151




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