chocolates as a remedy for cough

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  • Chocolates As A Remedy For Cough

    Does cough made you suffer always? Are you aware that your favorite chocolates were indeed helpful

    in giving remedy to your cough? Yes, you have read it right. As mentioned by, a

    company that offers products made from natural ingredients once said that chocolates and cocoas were

    one of the remedies for cough.

    People of all ages, be it a child or an elder loves the taste and the feeling for eating chocolates. Of

    course, when we were young our parents warn us that of we eat too much chocolates we will lose our

    teeth. As far as researches and studies go there were several cases that show the benefits of chocolates

    in our body.

    As mentioned by, British National Health Service doctors said that eating the

    chemical theobromine which was a derivative of cocoa can help cure coughs especially those

    associated with common colds. The study was conducted on the 300 respondents who had persistent

    coughs. The respondents were given cocoa based ingredients twice a day for 14 days. The result shows

    that more or less 60 percent of the patients experienced some cough relief and the experts analyzed it

    that the chemicals in the cocoa help the coughing reflex. In choosing for a chocolate to remedy your

    cough, you must prefer the unsweetened dark chocolates for they are more effective with about 450mg

    of theobromine per ounce compared to milk chocolate with 60mg and dark chocolate with 150mg of

    theobromine per ounce. This research was presented to the British Thoracic Societys winter meeting in


    Perhaps, this may be another excuse for people to eat chocolate. The research was definitely the

    opposite of what other people believe that when you are experiencing cough, you should be eating

    chocolates for it will worsen your situation. But as we see it, chocolates are indeed helpful in their your


    There may be a reason for you to eat chocolate and that reason may be to remedy your cough. A

    reminder from, a chocolate can help you cure your cough, but when you stop eating

    chocolates, there was still a possibility that the cough will return.

    Take note also that too much chocolate or rather too much sugar in the body will cause you greater

  • risks in your health. If your cough was not getting better even after two weeks of self medication, it is

    best for you to seek an advice from a physician.

    As far as the experts are concerned, chocolates are only remedy for coughs. Take note that it is only a

    remedy and not a solution. It means that chocolate can help you ease your cough but it cannot fully

    eliminate the bacteria and substances that cause your cough. In time, your cough will just return and

    eventually get worsen.

    As always, prevention is better than cure. Eat the right kind of foods at the right time and take good

    care of your body, weather may be a great factor for coughs so you must always be careful.