Chapter 2 Tools & Measuring Instruments TOOLS  Hand tools  Measuring tools  Cutting tools  Power tools  Lifting equipment  Cleaning equipment 

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Chapter 2Tools & Measuring InstrumentsTOOLSHand toolsMeasuring toolsCutting toolsPower toolsLifting equipmentCleaning equipmentSpecialty toolsHAND TOOLSScrewdriversPliersHammersWrenchesSocket wrench setsSpecial toolsScrewdriversPhillipsFlat BladesTorxSelect screwdriver blade to match the size of the screw head.PliersCombination Slip jointSide cutters Long nosePliersPliersSpecialty PliersBattery pliersHose clampGrease cupTin snipsMany other typesHammersBall peen hammerEngineers hammerSoft facedRubber malletHammersHammersWrenchesOpen endsBox endWrenchesWrenchesOther Types of WrenchesAdjustable end wrench (Crescent wrench)Open end-boxMore WrenchesFlare nut wrenchesSocket WrenchesSocket wrenches comein sets that are classifiedby their drive size. Threedrive sizes are commonlyused in the automotive trade. , 3/8, Socket Wrench DriversRatchetSpeederNut driverBreaker barT-handleSocketsHex size# of points on hexDeep & shallow socketsDrive sizeSpecialty SocketsImpact & Standard SocketImpact socketsSpark plug socketsUniversal socketsO2 sensor socket4 & 8 point socketsSocket Wrench AccessoriesExtensionsScrewdriver endsSpecialty Hand ToolsMagnet, Pick-up tool,Valve lifter tool, oilfilter wrench, brakeSpoon, ring expander,mirror tool.Ring compressor, Pullers: damper,slide bar, pitmanarm, wheel andbattery terminal.CUTTING TOOLSHack sawsFilesChiselsTaps & DiesDrillsGrindersDa TorchHacksawsUse to saw through metal.Needs a special blade depending on thickness of metal.Blades come in 18, 24, or 32 teeth per inch.FilesFiles are used much like a saw.They only cut when you push.For removing small amounts of metal.Many types with funny names.ChiselsUsed with a hammer to cut cut through metal.Tends to be crude but is effective in certain situations.Threading ToolsCut threadsTaps cut internal threads.Dies cut external threads.Used in automotive service to repair threads.Drills3/8 drill the most common for general automotive work.Powered both electrically and pneumatically.Drill press available.Oxy-Acetylene TorchCompressed gas type torch using oxygen and acetylene.Flame over 4000 degrees F.Used to cut metal or heat nuts and bolts for easy removal.Grinding EquipmentPedestal GrinderValve grinding equipmentPOWER TOOLSPneumatic toolsHydraulic power toolsElectrically powered toolsLIFTING EQUIPMENTFloor jacksLiftsCLEANING EQUIPMENTSolvent tank using mineral spirits.Immersion cleaner using very harsh chemicals.Steam cleaner.Sand blaster.Wire brushes & scrapers.Solvent TankUses mineralspirits as a solvent.Used on oily andgreasy parts.Use gloves for thesolvent is harsh onskin.Dont put any otherfluids in the tank.Immersion CleanerVery harsh solvent.Clean carburetor parts, pistons and other parts with burnt and varnish like deposits.MEASURING TOOLSMechanical measuring toolsFluid measuring toolsElectrical measuring toolsMEASURING TOOLSMEASURING TOOLSMEASURING TOOLSMEASURING TOOLSMEASURING TOOLS


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