CHAPTER 19 Intrapreneurship Van Schaik Publishers F.W. Struwig.

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CHAPTER 19Intrapreneurship F.W. StruwigDEFINITION OF INTRAPRENEURSHIP...Any of the dreamers who do. Those who take hands-on responsibility for creating innovation of any kind, within a business. The intrapreneur may be the creator or inventor but is always the dreamer who figures out how to turn an idea into a profitable reality.Intrapreneurs are therefore people who put new ideas into action within established businesses.Although employed in a corporate position intrapreneurs are nevertheless given freedom and incentives to create and market their own ideas.Chapter 19*THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN ENTREPRENEURS AND INTRAPRENEURSForms taken by intrapreneurship:Traditional research and developmentThe ad hoc venture teamNew venture divisionsChampions and sponsorsAcquisitionsOutsourcingHybrid formsChapter 19Chapter 19*ROLES IN INTRAPRENEURSHIPInitiatorSponsor/facilitatorChampion/managerTeam supporterReactorChapter 19Chapter 19*FIFTEEN MORE SPECIFIC JOBSResearcher/analyserInterpreter/strategistVisionary/inventoryCatalyst or leaderEndorserTeam playerResource providerProblem solverCo-ordinatorNegotiatorPoliticianChange managerMissionaryOpportunistCritic/judgeChapter 19Chapter 19* CREATIVITY AND INNOVATIONChapter 19Chapter 19*THE CHARACTERISTICS OF CREATIVE PEOPLEBrightGood at generating many ideas quicklyPositive self-imageSensitive to the world and othersMotivated by challengesCan withhold a decision until facts have been collectedValue independenceRich fantasy lifeFlexibleConcerned with meanings and implications of a problem not small detailsChapter 19Chapter 19*THE CREATIVE CLIMATETrusting managementOpen channels of communicationContact and communication with outsidersLarge variety of personality types among employeesWillingness to accept changeExperimentation with new ideasNo fear of negative consequences of making a mistakeMerit-based selection/promotion of employees Techniques that encourage ideasFinancial, managerial, human and time resources to accomplish goalsChapter 19Chapter 19*Chapter 19Chapter 19*STIMULATING INNOVATION IN THE BUSINESSFocus employee intelligence on the product and customerEnhance subject matter expertiseEncourage unconventional ideasEncourage employees not to fear ambiguity or uncertaintyAvoid forcing employees to explain or justify themselvesMotivate employees in a suitable mannerChapter 19Chapter 19*Chapter 19Chapter 19*THE INTRAPRENEURIAL PROCESSStage 1: Choosing an ideaStage 2: Planning the businessStage 3: Identifying sponsors - the protectors of new ideasChapter 19Chapter 19*FACTORS HAMPERING INTRAPRENEURSHIPCosts and rewardsInertiaHierarchyChapter 19Chapter 19*Chapter 19Chapter 19*THE INTRAPRENEURIAL WAY OF LEADERSHIPImportant components:Freedom, democracy and trade-offsMaking others feel goodNo need for powerAvoiding conflictSharing the visionary taskChapter 19


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