Cell Respiration Cell Respiration is a process your cells do to make energy. You need to breathe in order for your cells to do the process of cell respiration.

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  • Cell Respiration

  • Cell Respiration is a process your cells do to make energy. You need to breathe in order for your cells to do the process of cell respiration and make energy.

  • When you inhale, what gas are you taking from the air?

  • Have you ever wondered where that oxygen goes?

  • From your lungs, it diffuses into your blood.

  • Its ultimate destination: your cells

  • When the oxygen-rich blood reaches your cells, oxygen diffuses across the cell membrane and into the cells.

  • Your cells will use the oxygen to do cell respiration and make ATP energy.

  • Carbon Dioxide is a waste product of cellular respiration.

  • So, it diffuses out of your cells and into your bloodstream.

  • Once it arrives at your lungs, it diffuses out of the blood and into your lungs.

  • Then, you exhale it.

  • So, the reason you breathe is in order for your cells to do cell respiration.

  • Are you the only thing that does cell respiration?


    All living things do cell respiration.

  • Animals do cell respiration!

  • Plants do cell respiration!

  • Even bacteria do cell respiration!

  • So, what is cell respiration?

    The chemical equation for aerobic cell respiration may look familiar to you.

    6 O2 + C6H12O6 6 CO2 + 6 H2OOxygen+Glucose Carbon Dioxide + Water

  • The aerobic cell respiration equation is the opposite of photosynthesis!

  • What are some organisms that do aerobic cell respiration?

    Animals (including humans)


  • Aerobic cell respiration requires oxygen

  • In the process of breaking down glucose, aerobic cell respiration makes a net of 36 ATP molecules.

  • Remember,Cells use ATP for energy

  • Where in the cell does aerobic cell respiration occur? IN THE MITOCHONDRIA!

  • Is there another type of cell respiration?YES!

    Some organisms such as yeast and bacteria do anaerobic cell respiration.

  • What does anaerobic mean?Without oxygen

  • Products of anaerobic respiration include:The carbon dioxide produced is used to make bread riseThe ethyl alcohol produced is used in wine and beer.

  • And, if youve ever worked out too hard and your muscles ache.. Lactic Acid Fermentation is when your muscle cells produce lactic acid through anaerobic cell respiration

  • Anaerobic cell respiration is less efficientIt only produces a net of 2 ATP molecules

  • Lets ReviewThere are two types of cell respiration


  • Aerobic requires oxygenThe products of aerobic are carbon dioxide and waterAerobic yields 36 ATPAerobic happens in the mitochondria of eukaryote cells

  • Anaerobic does not require oxygenThe products of anaerobic are carbon dioxide and alcohol or lactic acidAnaerobic yields 2 ATP

  • Check for understanding:How are photosynthesis and respiration dependent upon each other?



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