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Yudy meneses Paola Garzon Paula Martinez


Diapositiva 1Is a city of Colombia, that in its beginnings was invaded by Spanish and French and to take all wealth in gold that had the indigenous natives on March 1453.Other hand, on 1533 Cartagena was founded with the name Cartagena de pointed, for differentiate of Cartagena de levanter Spain.Cartagena in some cases was viceroys headquarters, and also of other commemoratives things important for this city.HISTORYTHE SQUARE OF THE CARSPALACE OF THE INQUISITIONCHURCH AND CONVENT OF STERNFERNANDEZ MADRID SQUAREHOUSE MUSEUMS RAFAEL NUEZMUSEUM OF MODERN ARTLIBRARYSTHE SQUARE OF THE CARSThis is a Busy square, is at the entrance of the clock tower. At the end of twentieth century was called the square of the cars, because it worked as a parking lot of horse-drawn carriages. At the end of the square is the site of sweets, a corridor in which sweets are eaten in the city.PALACE OF THE INQUISITIONImpressive building built in the second half of the eighteenth century. It served as the seat of the tribunal of the Holy Office of the Inquisition, established in the city in the early seventeenth century. It currently is the house of the Historical Museum of Cartagena, founded in 1924.CHURCH AND CONVENT OF STERNBuilt at the beginning of seventeenth century by the Augustinian fathers, is 150 meters high on the top of a hill. Its name was awarded by sailors because simulating the stern of a boat. Originally served as a refuge for runaway slaves, then was the scene of battles and used as barracks and fortress.FERNANDEZ MADRID SQUARELocated near the Church of Santo Toribio, this square had several names: Jageyes Square, Santo Toribio, General Francisco de Paula Santander. After being built in its center the statue hero and dramatist from Cartagena Jos Fernndez de Madrid, the square took its current name in 1889.HOUSE MUSEUMS RAFAEL NUEZIn cartagena trhere are many interesting musuems for visit:In this house lived four times the president Rafael nuez, here are we can find personal objects and small Works of autorships.In this place you can find latinoamerican artworks,works stading outs of Alejandro Obregon, Enrique Grau, and also national and internationals temporary exhibitions.MUSEUM OF MODERN ARTLIBRARYSFORUMS CDS AND BOOKSABACOS BOOKS AND COOFE:NATIONAL LIBRARYSYudy Astrid MenesesPaola GarznPaula Martnez