B&W Paintings 2013 & 2014

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Black & White acylic paintings depicting stories of art and music and literature and time and space


B&W PAINTINGS 2013 & 2014 by TE-K@NN-ON e-book version ISSUU web publisher Dear Reader,! There are 9 acrylic paintings with the theme of art,music,literature, time and space interacting in this e-book. ! The original idea for these paintings came from a painting by Picasso, and then I tried to also make it an homage to other artists like Braque, Czanne, Dali and Van Gogh and certainly others. I have learned from Czanne that an artist is responsible for every square centimeter and that every painting is unique and not linked to another painting. This is the information needed to free an artist to paint without trying to emulate or copy something from an other work of art. It is the best kind of advice because you can cut yourself off from everything else and do the painting in your own way. ! Van Gogh inspired me the most from his drawings; they are so alive, but also his way of painting by leaving each brush stroke without working it in. Picasso said the first artist who inspired him when he came to Paris was Van Gogh. I needed to portray time, perhaps to give dimension, so in came the melted clock from Dali which morphed in the hourglass with a vine representing the present around the center and numbers falling in to come out as music. The spider web idea to catch the notes was something that came to me and it works well in the design of the painting.! The bird of peace came from Braque and it flies high in these paintings with letters inside to represent literature. My idea to symbolize les beaux arts is the head-shaped flying palette with brushes. All of these elements interact giving a lot of story ideas. If you would like to see !! Additionally, you will find art work and recorded songs in the website: www.te-kann-on.com and further art e-books on the publishing site ISSUU.COM. and vidoes on Youtube under the name David TeKannon.B&W PAINTINGS 2013 & 2014 Thinking About The One You Love / En pensant vers la personne que vous aime 65X100 / Acrylic (1)B&W PAINTINGS 2013 & 2014 When The Dreams of Music, Literature & Art Collide / Quand la musique et la littrature et les beaux arts dviant un ensemble / 65 X100 / Acrylic (2)B&W PAINTINGS 2013 & 2014 When The Time Came For The Arts To Conquer The Universe / Quand le temps est venu pour que la musique, la littrature et les beaux arts conquirent lunivers / 65X100 / Acrylic (3)B&W PAINTINGS 2013 & 2014 The Language of Art and Music / La langue vivant de lart et de la musique 65X100 / Acrylic (4)B&W PAINTINGS 2013 & 2014 When Art And Music And Literture Become One / Quand la musique, la littrature et les beaux arts dviant un ensemble / 65X100 / Acrylic (5)B&W PAINTINGS 2013 & 2014 Every Road You Take Leads To Your Dreams / Chaque chemin que vous prenez vous emmener vers votre destin / 65X100 / Acrylic (6)B&W PAINTINGS 2013 & 2014 If Only You Knew What I Was Thinking / Si seulement vous savez quoi je pense 65X100 / Acrylic(7)B&W PAINTINGS 2013 & 2014 Love Is The Key To Your Life / Lamour est la clef de la vie 65X100 / Acrylic(8)B&W PAINTINGS 2013 & 2014 The Separation Of The Arts / Le sparation des arts 65X100 / Acrylic (9)B&W PAINTINGS 2013 & 2014 B&W PAINTINGS 2013 & 2014