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Page No. 1

BUSINESS COMMUNICATION (2) MB0023SECTION 1 1. In a means of communication , which have the features of immediacy of both recieving and sending. a. fax b. E-mail c. Telegram d. non. of the above 2. How many types of communication are there a. One b. Two c. Three d. Four d. Header, Summary, Presentation, Action


3. Sunita talking to her manager which piece of communication is she dealing with. a. Internal b. External c. Formal d. Informal 4. Meetings arePh: 011-65439499, based on one a. Issue b. Topics c. Predetermined topic d. Minutes

PLANET IT65066565/ 6/ 7, 2801399918. Creature is an example of a. Masculine gender c. Neuter gender

15. How many character space is given while writing a report. a. 5 b. 4 c. 3 d. 2 16. Which document is distributed for a large group of peoples. a. Circulars b. Memos c. Reports d. Notices 17. For an immediate feedback we normally send a. Circulars b. Notices c. Memos d. None b. Faminine gender d. None

5. The singular form of the word agenda is a. Agenda b. Agendum c. Agendrum d. Agndrum 6. Which piece of document is meant for the distribution to a large group of peoples. a. Circulars b. Notices c. Memos d. None

19. _______are usually subjective and talk of feeling and experiences. a. Expository essay b. Descriptive essay c. Reflective essay d. None


7. One of the great tools that is used to handle the complaining customers. The acronym stands for a. Believe, Listen, Apologize, Satisfy, Thanks b. Believe, Satisfy, Thank, Apologize, Listen c. Believe, Listen, Satisfy, Apologize, Treat d. Believe, Listen, Apologize, Suggest, Thank


20. Citations and refrences lists placed at the end of each chapter are said to be as a. Explanatory note b. End note c. Foot note d. None 21. Each letter in a word is given a funny meaning for learning. a. Homonyms b. Mnemonics c.Proof readers d. none 22. Counselling and Counseling is an example of a. Homonyms b. Mnemonics c. Proof reading d. None

8. The sementic markers used to express time relationship are (i) Next (ii) While (iii) Hence (iv) Previously 23. 6/ is 28013999 a. a,c,d only Ph: 011-65439499, 65066565/ What7,the British spelling of the word labor. b. a,b,c only a. Labour b. Labur c. b,c,d only d. a,b,d only c. Labuor d. Laboure 9. _____ is an encoding process of comunication. 24. Sp this proof reading symbol stands for a. Writing b. Reading a. leaving space b. Insert comma c. Speaking d. None c. Full stop d. Spelling mistake 10. Which type of abbreviations is PRO (Public Relationship 25. Pron stands for Officer) stands for. a. Problem with final-ed b. Problem with pronoun a. Field abbreviations b. Personal abbreviations c. Problem with parallel form d. Problem with final s c. Commonly used abbreviations d. None


11. ________ is the third in Hatchmans business abroad . Complete the blank using a cohesion. a. It b. The estate c. This d. Their 12. While writing a business letter it is important that your letter be a. Short and specify b. Short and direct c. Concise and correct d. Concise and direct


26. _________generally takes place as a supportive form of communication. a. Written b. Non-Verbal c. Verbal d. Oral 27. There are ________ punctuation categories. a. 7 b. 11 c. 12 d. 14

28. _____________ encloses the words of a speaker. a. Quotation 28013999 b. Colon Ph: is drafted in two styles i.e 13. Our business letter011-65439499, 65066565/ 6/ 7,mark c. Apostrophe d. Semi-colon a. Blocked and halved b. Blocked and semiblocked 29. The person who co-ordinate G D is called. c. Halved and semi-blocked d. Semi-blocked and halved a. Co-ordinator b. Assistant c. Moderator d. Mediator 14. Components of memo are a. Header, Summary, Action, Purpose 30. Economic , social, political, sports/film related and it based b. Header, Presentation, Summary, Action topics are the categories of which type of G D. c. Header, Purpose, Summary, Action

Page No.2 a. Knowledge based G D c. Abstract based G D b. Topic based G D d. Case based G D. c. Press release d. Fax

31. An interview is a meeting for which purpose. a.Speacial Purpose b. Common Purpose c. Occasional Purpose d. None 32. _______ Interviews are conducted to assess the work of an employee. a. Open b. Personal c. Common d. Appraisal

47. _____ and _____ are used to send formal business letter. a. Fax and Telegrams b. Telegrams and e-mails c. Fax and letter d. Fax and e-mail 48. The primary function of the Minutes is. a. Suggest their views. b. Record the decisions made c. Put forward your problem d. Co-relate yourself 49. The main part of an agenda are ______ and ______. a. Heading and body b. Body and enclosure c. Order of the day and body d. None 50. The paragraph of a memo is to be concised with in a. 5 lines b. 5 lines or less c. 5 lines or more d. None


33. Her daughter is travelling The girl has not come home yet .following sentence is an example of. a. Reference b. Lexical Replacement c. Ellipses d. Subsitution 34. Which is not a part of Engelbergs 7 approach. a. Physical b. Promotion c. Process d. All the above


51. Which bibliography maintains the records only of the best books. Ph: 011-65439499, world is a. Subject 7, 28013999 b. Unit bibliography 35. The precise writing of owr own details in todays 65066565/ 6/ bibliography c. Author bibliography d. None a. Resume b. Biodata c. Curriculam Vitae d. Introduction 52. The is called as a a. Indefinite article b. Definite article 36. Advertising that sells the organization to its various c. Both d. None publics. a. Feature advertising b. Product advertising 53. Rearrange the following modes of preparation of material. c. Corporate advertising d. None i. Introduction ii. Geographical context iii. Analysis of data iv. Result 37. Buy Now, While stocks last is an example of v. Discussion a. Soft-sell closing b. Induse desire a. i, iii, ii, v, iv b. i, ii,iii,v, iv c. Hard sell d. Create interest c. i, v, iii, ii, iv d. i, ii, iii, iv, v 38. How many types of resume are there 54. While writing a resume a. 2 b. 3 a. Split your knowledge with the field of expertise required by c. 4 d. None the employer. b. Be Consistant 39. Initiated , Determined, Allocated are the ------------- words. c. Be very ethical a. Semantic b. Gambit d. None c. Action d. Complicated


PLANET ITreport in nutshell. 65066565/ 6/aSummary 7, 28013999 a. Precise, c. Thesis, Precise

40. Concrete Nouns are used in Ph: 011-65439499, a. Personal nouns b. Business reports c. Any fact discription d. All

55. ______ and _______ contains the information about the b. Abstract, Summary d. None

41. The space & distance which we choose to keep from people is called a. Oculesics b. Kinesics c. Proxemics d. Haptics 42. Your co-workers in an organization are said to be as a. Unions b. Peers c. Subordinates d. Collegues 43. Relying on the outside surces for raw materials and components is a function of. a. Intermediaries b. Consumers c. Stakeholders d. Supplyers 44. The levels of an organization is referred as a. Organization Pyramid b. Authority Chart c. Management Hierarchies d. Official Pyramid

56. Homonymes are the words having. a. Different spellings but same sound b. Different sounds but same spelling c. Different spellings and different sounds d. Differing spelling and meaning but same sound 57. What is the life blood of organisation. a. English b. Society c. Communication c. Interaction


59. For the meeting conduction one requires a group of _____. The notice of a meeting contains an a. Manager, Director, and Secretory; Agenda b. Director, Secretory and Standard period of notice; Topic c. Chairperson,Secretory and a standard period of notice; 45. Jargon , SlangPh:Metaphors are the avoiding tips of and 011-65439499, 65066565/ 6/ 7, 28013999 Agenda a. Writing good b. Good speaking d. None c. Good listening d. Good personality SECTION 2 46. In business communication the pseudo-news story refers to which method of communication. a. e-mails b. Telegrams 60. Rearrange the guidelines for preparing an agenda. i. Make an agenda specific ii. Specify start and finish time iii. Keep the number of items within reasonable limits so that enough time is alloted for discussion. iv. Avoid topics best handled by an individual or subgroups.


58. Informal communication leads to a. Negligence and disobedience b. The successful output c. Determined result d. Wastage of time

Page No. 3 v. Seperate the information exchange and problem analysis from problem solving. a. i,iv,iii,v,ii b. i,ii,iii,v,iv c. v,iv,iii,ii,i c. i,iii,iv,v,ii 61. For which subject do the CHICAGO bibliography deals with. a. Used for all subjects in the real world . b. Used for medicine, health and biological sciences. c. Used for psychology education. d. Used for literature, art and humanities interview comes under which behaviour . a. Body language c. The greeting

b. Establishing rapport d. Vocalics

75. While interviewee one should a. Adopt a positive attitude b. Prepare in advance c. Dressed up casually d. Enter decently


62. The heading of the meeting contains _____, _____ and _____ of the meeting. a. Date, time and location b. Date, location and topic c. Heading, body and date d. Heading, date and time 63. Calls for apologies and rules on disagreement follows in a. Formal meetings b. Informal meetings c. Charity meetings d. None important information have to be mentioned there. a. Action b. Summary c. Concise d. Precise 65. Which of the following statement is correct. i. The miniature version of memo is called an action. ii. Only officers authorized to issue them can issue memos concerning disciplinary action. a. True b. False c. Both true c. Both false 66. The comprehensive list of the various sources of information we have used in our performances. a. Ingredients b. Bibliography c. Recipe d. None 67. The standard for english language are based on the way english spoken in a. U.K b. U.S c. Europe d. U.K and U.S

PLANET ITa. Corporate Sponsorship ing c. Advocacy advertising

76. Define Buffer a. This is positive statement that lessens the impact of bad news. b. This is negative statement that lessens the impact of bad news. c. This is negative or neutral statement that lessens the impact of bad news. d.This is neutral or positive statement that lessens the impact of bad news. 77.What tries to link a new or weak product to more estabb. Corporate umbrella advertis-

lished 7, Ph: 011-65439499, 65066565/ 6/brands.28013999 64. This is a miniature version of memo which defines all

d. Public service advertising

78. AIDA stands for a. Attention, Intelligence, Despirate and Action b. Action, Interest, Depth and Attention c. Attention, Interest, Desire and Action d. Action, Interest, Despirate and Attention



79. The Manuscript Format is specialized format for which type of reports. a. Longer reports b. Shorter reports c. Medium reports d. All reports 80. The three main principles of precise writing are a. Coverage,Communication,Complete b. Condensation, Communication, Complete c. Comprehensation, Coverage, Communication d. Condensation, Comprehensation, Coverage

68. Add the proper prefix to the given word spelt.65066565/ What7, the characterstics of communication. 81. 6/ are 28013999 Ph: 011-65439499, a. Dis b. Mis i. It involves a sender and a reciever of information. c. Off d. None ii. It is successful when the reciever interprets the meaning in the same way as that intended by the sender. 69. Jordan lost his favourite basket ball. Find the error in the iii. It could be verbal and nonverbal sentence. iv. It is unavoidable a. Spelling error b. Insert a comma a. i,ii b. All c. Close up the space d. Wrong word c. ii,iii d. None 70. Which one is not the part of using correct punctuation. a. Changes the meaning b. Punctuation decides the combination of two words to make a phrase or a clause. c. Punctuation can helps in creating effects fo the style of writing d. Punctuation is used to give only attraction. 71. Which punctuation mark is said to be a period in American English. a. Comma b. Semi-colon c. Hyphen d. Full stop


83. Organization Action and Individual Action is a step to i. Update our communication b. Semantic barrier in communication c. To create a climate of openness d. Overcoming the barriers of communication from problem solving. a. i,iv,iii,v,ii b. i,ii,iii,v,iv 72. The spanish speaking members were united find the Ph: 011-65439499, 65066565/v,iv,iii,ii,i 28013999 c. i,iii,iv,v,ii c. 6/ 7, mistake in a given sentence. a. Question mark is missing b. Colon has to be inserted SECTION 3 c. Hyphen is missing d. Dash is to be inserted 73. Which is the second largest section in G Ds. a. Political topic b. Economic topic c. Knowledge based topic d. Social topic 74. The involvement of nods and gestures while giving 84. Read the lines and in each sentence you will find M(main idea) and S(supporting detail). Identify M or S. The moons gravity pulls the earths ocean it as it moves round the earth.(M/S). Then it lets them go again.(M/S). These


82. Noise is classified under the factors i. Cultural noise ii. Physical noise iii. Physiological noise iv. Psychological noise a. i,ii,iii b. ii,iii,iv c. All d. None

Page No.4 movements of the oceans are called tides. (M/S). The sun also affects the tides.(M/S). a. M,S,M,S b. M,M,S,M c. M,S,S,S d. M,S,S,M 85. p.a. is an abbreviation of a. Commonly used c. Personal abbreviation b. Yearly d. None 94. Match the column i. Preliminary part ii. FYI iii. AIDA format iv. Ps & Qs v. Appendix a. o,m,l,p,n c. p,l,n,o,m l. Entiquette m. Techical specification n. Persuasive message o. Executive summary p. Acronym b. p,n,o,m,l d. o,p,n,l,m


86. Complete the blanks with appropriate conjuctions. i. Ill tell her ____ when I see her. ii. The job is badly paid ____ so I m looking for another one. iii. _____ we have so much to do, lets delay descussing this until our next meeting. iv. We are not making much profit _____ we need to raise our prices. a. but , since, so, an b. when, it, though, then c. and, so, although, since d. when, so, Since, so

PLANET IT28013999SECTION 1 1b 2d 7a 8d 13b 14c 19d 20b 25b 26b 31a 32d 37a 38c 43d 44a 3c 9b 15a 21b 27b 33b 39c 45a 4c 10a 16d 22a 28a 34d 40b

87. While writing a complaint letters your language be ____ , avoid being ____ , angry or threatening even if your complaint Ph: you are making is _______. is ____ . The complaint 011-65439499, 65066565/ 6/ 7, a. Diplomatic, sarcastic, genuine, legitimate. ANSWERS b. Legitmate, diplomatic, genuine, sarcastic. c. Polite, offensive, real, legitimate d. None 88. Even though we are declining someones appraisal, we should not forget to ____and state the _____ of declining. a. Attend, reason b. Invite them, circumstances c. Ignore, fact d. Thank, reason

95. Fill in the blanks. i. A meeting without an agenda and convergence is a meeting that lacks ________. ii. Show case is a _____ sent to individual employee. iii. Project site and factory visits are part of _____ communication with shareholder. iv. Readiblity is determined by _______. a. structure, notice, crises, sentence length. b. formatted, memo, advertising, wordlimit. c. proper feedback, memo, advertising, wrdlimit d. formatted, notice, MD, sentence length.

89. Which one is not a minute of meeting. i. The name of the unit e.g. Finance committeee ii. The date, time and place of a meeting. iii. Name of the chairperson of a meeting. iv. Names of members present, of those who attended and not attended. v. Record of transaction. a. i, ii b. v c. iv, v d. None

PLANET IT48b 49a 54c 55b 60c 61a 28013999 66b 67a 72c 73d 78c 79a SECTION 3 84a 85b 90b 91d 86d 92a 87a 93b

5b 11c 17a 23a 29c 35c 41c

6b 12d TM 18d 24d 30b 36c 42b

SECTION 2 46c 47d 52b 53d Ph:which is essentially based on statement 58a 6/ 59c 011-65439499, 65066565/ 7, 90. A piece of writing 64b 65b of facts of a situation, project or process of test and it should be 70d 71d supported by an evidence. 76d 77b a. Memo b. Technical report 82b 83d c. Essay d. Research91. The two functions of an apostrophe are______and_____. The fullstop is identified as ___ whereas a ___ is used to unite words. a. Superior, different, dot, dash. b. Highlighten, different, dot, hyphen. c. To indicate possession, contraction, dot, dash. d. To indicate possession, contraction, dot, period. 92. What are abstract topics ? a. Such topics that you do not really need any knowledge about the topic you speak on it. b. Natural topics based on IT feature prominently. c. Topics which may be direct and encompass the descipline. d. Topics depend on the politics.

50b 56d 62a 68b 74b 80d

51d 57c 63c 69c 75a 81b

TM88d 94d 89d 95a

PLANET IT6/ 7, 28013999

Ph: 011-65439499, 65066565/ 93. What is a Case? What are its two categories? a. Narration of an accident; Business and General. b. Narration of a situation or an event; Business vs General and Individual vs Group. c. Narration of a comedy show; Business vs Individual and General vs Group. d. None