Buddhist Art In Ancient India

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Buddhist Art In Ancient India. Ken House Grade 9 Visual Arts. Topics. Ancient India The Buddha Basics of Buddhism Buddhist Art in India. India in sixth century BC. India is thriving economically Strangling Vedic Religion Religious revolution . The Buddha. Born as Siddhartha - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Buddhist Art In Ancient IndiaKen HouseGrade 9 Visual Arts.TopicsAncient India The BuddhaBasics of BuddhismBuddhist Art in IndiaIndia in sixth century BCIndia is thriving economicallyStrangling Vedic ReligionReligious revolution The BuddhaBorn as SiddharthaA life of indulgenceThe Great departureSeeking the truthThe middle wayEnlightenmentLiberationEmperor Asoka (272-231 BC)Alexander attempts to take IndiaThe Mauryan empire takes control of IndiaAsoka is the third Mauryan emperor Asoka supports BuddhismAsokan columnsBuddhism and SanchiThe missionary causeThe stupasThe Great Stupa at SanchiRelief Stories ConclusionArt was crucial to the success of BuddhismBuddhism is all over the world in many formsBuddhism is the fastest growing religion in the West Today