Buddhist Art and Architecture History of Art I.

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Buddhist ArchitectureBuddhist Art and ArchitectureHistory of Art IJocho, Buddha (Amida Nyorai), c. 1000 ADSiddartha Gautama, c. 500 BCEightfold PathIconographyAn architecture of restraintThe Great Stupa of Sanchi, c. 100 BCBorobudur, Java, 800 ADLargest Buddhist monument in the worldSymbolized Mount Meru, home of the gods in Indian mythologyLava stone, dry constructionMandalaEight levels to symbolize the eightfold path to enlightenmentRelief panels(Over 2,600 ring the monument)On the first tier, the causes of human sufferingPanels read clockwise; each tier begins and ends at the eastern gateTribhanga PoseLife of Siddartha Gautama panelsAs you ascend the decoration becomes more simple (pure)Literally elevatedPhoenix Hall, Kyoto Japan, c. 1000 ADJocho, Buddha (Amida Nyorai), c. 1000 AD1) Location on island2)The weightlessness of nirvanaMaterial? Construction?Bracket set3) The PhoenixSymbol of grace and virtue; only appears in areas blessed with peace and happiness.


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