Blog Profiles: Creating Original Avatars

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Blog Profiles: Creating Original Avatars. Roosevelt Middle School Michelle Brower, PDRT Liz Feeney-Hunt, Title I/ELA Dept Head Carol Chaloux, TIS. Cisco-Smithsonian American Art Museum-Jefferson Parish Public School System Teacher Institute 2009 Lesson Plan Template: Interdisciplinary Teams - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Blog Profiles: Creating Original AvatarsRoosevelt Middle SchoolMichelle Brower, PDRTLiz Feeney-Hunt, Title I/ELA Dept HeadCarol Chaloux, TISCisco-Smithsonian American Art Museum-Jefferson Parish Public School System Teacher Institute 2009Lesson Plan Template: Interdisciplinary TeamsTitle: Blog Profiles: Creating Original AvatarsContent and Substance: To enhance students ability to understand visual literacy in connection with portraits from American Artist.Students will be able to compare/contrast portraits using visual vocabularyStudents will be able to create a podcast to enhance their original profile imageStandards: ELA7-M2 Use tech. information and other avail. Resources to solve problems6-M2 Compare/Contrast elements in multiple genres2-M5 Write for a wide variety of purposes5-M1 Locate/Select info using organizational features of grade appropriate resourcesGrade Level / Subjects: 6-8 All Content AreasArt Images / Resources Required: Artwork: Somewhere in America & Junior WellsTechnology Components: Video Conference entitled Visual Literacy To See Is to Think Podcast, Image Manipulating SoftwareBackground: Students should have a basic knowledge of podcasting and power point or PhotoshopOrganization of Knowledge: Background Knowledge - Viewing of Mult-Cultural PortraitsVideo Conferencing To See Is To ThinkAnalyze two portraits Somewhere in America & Junior WellsCreate their image for their blog profilePodcastProtection from Adverse Consequence: Work in Partners, Time line schedule, RubricClear and Compelling Product Standards: Rubric, Assess to Internet Blog, Handouts, Samples of Acceptable ImagesAffirmation of Performance: Students images will be posted on classroom blog to be shared with schoolChoice: Work with a partner, use of materials to create own image other than technology to be photographed and downloaded.Affiliation: Students will be apart of an educational community to be shared throughout the year with comments and assessments.Ms. Roosevelts IntroductionStep one Building background knowledge:Handout Art Analysis ProcessVideo ConferenceVisual Literacy: To See is to Think Standards twoStep threeCompare and contrastSomewhere in America1934 Robert Brackman Born: Odessa, Russia 1898 Died: New London, Connecticut 1980 oil on canvas 30 1/8 x 25 1/8 in. (76.5 x 63.9 cm.) Smithsonian American Art Museum Transfer from the U.S. Department of Labor 1964.1.75 Smithsonian American Art Museum 1st Floor, West Wing Junior Wells1989 Frederick Brown Born: Greensboro, Georgia 1945 oil on linen 36 x 30 in. (91.4 x 76.2 cm.) Smithsonian American Art Museum Museum purchase made possible by William Cost Johnson, George W. Story, Robert J. Oliver and Mrs. Barwig-Wagner 1990.31 Not currently on view eye of the soulStep four:Time to create. You must incorporate or more representations of you.You may use non tech mediums: pencils, pens, crayons clay which we can digitize and upload to your blog, or you may use PowerPoint or any photo editing software.3 (three)Remember Cyber safety:Avatars will contain no names/addresses/phone numbers/other identifying details.If you use your face it must be digitally altered to be unrecognizable. five You have your Avatar. Now with your best visual grammar explain your avatar. Justify the visual synthesis of your image.Write a script for your podcast.Final product will include uploading of image and podcast.