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- 1 -auctioneers&propertyFine ArtSession 2Art & Antiques Auction Fine Art13 September 2014Session 2auctioneersP135, William Kentridge, Bird CatcherArt AuctionSaturday, 13 September 20141:00 11 789 7422 +27 11 789 7609 +27 83 675 tfceauctioneers Like us on 2 -Battiss, Walter Whall (South African 1906 - 1982)Tree in LandscapePen and ink, signed52 x 35,8cm R5 000 R8 000Sumner, Maud Eyston (South African 1902 - 1985)Nude studyCharcoal, signed60 x 44cm R5 000 R8 000 P01 P02- 3 -Boonzaier, Gregoire Johannes (South African 1909 - 2005)CannasHand coloured linocut, signed, 197837,5 x 28cm R1 500 R2 500Boonzaier, Gregoire Johannes (South African 1909 - 2005)Morning gloryLinocut, signed, 197835 x 24cm R1 000 R1 500Catherine, Norman Clive (South African 1949 - )Party PeopleLithograph, signed, edition 89/12047 x 64cm R3 000 R5 000 P03 P04 P05- 4 -Battiss, Walter Whall (South African 1906 - 1982)OrgyScreenprint, signed, edition 10/4040,5 x 57cm R7 000 R10 000Le Roux, Isabel (South African 20th Century), Man and womanOil on board, signed39 x 31cm R1 500 R3 500 P06 P07- 5 -Battiss, Walter Whall ( South African 1906 - 1982 )Three fi guresScreenprint, signed, Artist proof44 x 58cm R7 000 R10 000 P08- 6 -Garizio, Gian-Piero (South African 1931 - )Still Life blue vase with PoppiesOil on board, signed, 50 x 75cm R3 000 R6 000Kentridge, William Joseph (South African 1955 - )What Will Come exhibition posterSigned, edition 123/25051 x 78cm R3 000 R5 000 P09 P10- 7 -Catherine, Norman Clive (South African 1949 - )Fook IslandPoster, signed87 x 60,5cm R2 000 R4 000Kumalo, Sydney Alex (South African 1935 - 1988)Lady with hatPastel and mixed media on paper, signed75 x 54,5cm R5 000 R8 000 P11 P12- 8 -Skotnes, Cecil Edwin Frans (South African 1926 - 2009)Figure StudyPencil an crayon, signed, 7787,5 x 60cm R3 000 R5 000Ampenberger, Stefan (South African 1908 - 1983)House and treesOil on paper on board, signed, 6927,5 x 38cm R1 500 R2 500Krige, Francois (South African 1913 - 1994)Woman at WellCharcoal, signed23 x 20cm R2 000 R3 000 P13 P14 P15- 9 -Battiss, Walter Whall (South African 1906 - 1982)To Supply Your Own TitlePen and ink, signed37 x 52,5cm R10 000 R15 000 P16- 10 -Boonzaier, Gregoire Johannes (South African 1909 - 2005)Figure and house in landscapelinocut, signed22 x 16cm R1 000 R1 500De Jongh, Tinus (Marthinus - Johannes) (South African 1885 - 1942)The Old Mill Ceres CapeEtching, signed21 x 27,5cm R1 000 R2 000De Jongh, Tinus (Marthinus - Johannes) (South African 1885 - 1942)Neethlingshof Stellenbosch CapeEtching, signed22 x 27cm R1 000 R2 000Kobeli, Eli (South African 1932 - 1999)WashdayMixed media on paper, signed49 x 71cm R1 500 R2 500 P17 P18 P19 P20- 11 -Rose-Innes, Alexander (South African 1915 - 1996)Arniston, Watercolour, signed37 x 55cm R5 000 R8 000Caldecott, Harry Stratford (Strat) (1886 - 1929)Figures with donkeysCharcoal25,5 x 18cm R2 000 R4 000Jaroszynska, Karin (South African 1937 - )Three fi guresMixed media on paper, Signed, 7167 x 102cm R2 000 R4 000 P21 P22 P23- 12 -Maseko, Joe (Joseph Ramapulane) (SA)Soon to be MarriedMixed media on card, signed63,5 x 44cm R1 500 R2 500Du Plessis, Hannes (South African 1950 - )RiverscapeOil on canvas, signed89 x 120cm R6 000 R9 000 P24 P25- 13 -Claerhout, Fr. Frans (South African 1919 - 2006)Mothers with babiesMixed media on paper, signed58 x 42cm R2 000 R3 000De Jongh, Tinus (Marthinus - Johannes) (SA 1885 - 1942)Entrance Castle with towerEtching, signed29.5 x 19,5cm R1 000 R2 000Portway, Douglas Owen (South African 1922 - 1993)Seated woman, recto; sketch of woman, verso, Mixed media on paper, signed32,5 x 21cm R3 000 R5 000 P26 P27 P28- 14 -Van Essche, Maurice (South African 1906-1977)Nude StudyPen and ink, signed, 6530 x 42,5cm R1 500 R2 500Kobeli, Eli (South African 1932 - 1999)SaturdayMixed media and oil on paper, signed, 9845,5 x 66cm R1 500 R2 500Laubscher, Erik (South African 1927)PlateauChalk pastel and wash on card, signed35 x 53,5cm R3 000 R5 000 P29 P30 P31- 15 -Von Michaelis, Heinrich H J (South African 1912 - 1990) The StormOil on board, signed, 194572 x 90cm R4 000 R6 000Kentridge, William Joseph (South African 1955 - )Magic Flute posterSigned, 75 ,5 x 52cm R3 000 R5 000 P32 P33- 16 -Catlin, Gail Deborah (South African , 1948)Abstract CompositionOil, canvas, net and mixed media on board100 x 176cm R7 000 R10 000 P34- 17 -Laubser, Maria Magdalena (Maggie) (South African 1886 - 1973)Fish studyPencil on paper, signed16 x 24cm R2 000 R3 000Westbrook, Walter Edward (South African 1921 - )House (rear) from George Street, KimberleyWatercolour and pencil, signed22,5 x 27cm R1 000 R2 000Caldecott, Harry Stratford (Strat) (1886 - 1929)SketchPen and ink16 x 25cm R3 000 R5 000 P35 P36 P37- 18 -Catherine, Norman Clive (South African 1949 - )Self PortraitScreenprint, signed57 x 44,5cm R3 000 R5 000Le Roux, Isabel (South African 20th Century)Harbour sceneOil on board, signed64 x 95cm R3 000 R6 000Fisher, Julian D (South African 20th Century)Boats in harbourOil on board, signed60 x 91cm R1 000 R1 500 P38 P40 P39- 19 -Andersen, Nils (South African 1897 - 1972)Landscape with maize cropsWatercolour, signed34,5 x 52,5cm R4 000 R6 000Koenig, Dezso (South African 1902 - 1972)Street scene with fi guresWatercolour, signed27 x 36cm R1 000 R1 500 P41 P42- 20 -Schimmel, Fred (South African 1928 - 2009)Abstract compositionOil on canvas, signed, 0290 x 120cm R15 000 R20 000 P43- 21 -Van Der Leck, Casey (South African 20Th Century)Cape farm sceneOil on canvas, signed98,5 x 148cm R7 000 R10 000Mayer, Ernst Karl (Erich) (South African 1876 - 1960)Bushveld sceneWatercolour, signed, 195012,5 x 21,5cm R2 500 R3 500 P45 P44- 22 -Andersen, Nils (South African 1897 - 1972)Cape Dutch homesteadOil on board, signed45 x 60cm R1 000 R1 500Knowland, Dennis George (British 1918 - 1985)Spanish mountain villaOil on canvas, signed63,5 x 63,5cm R2 000 R4 000Van Vuuren, Andr (South African 1945 - )Abstract compositionOil on canvas, signed, 87122 x 91,5cm R5 000 R8 000 P46 P47 P48- 23 -Vermeiren, Jan (South African 1949)Op die SchoonerEtching, signed, E.A. 14/3036 x 40,5cm R1 000 R2 000Klar, Otto (South African 1908 - 1994)Rough seasPastel, signed16,5 x 49cm R2 000 R3 000Kors, Stanislaw (Polish 1935 - 2002)Abstract composition with birdsOil on canvas, signed, 87118 x 200cm R3 000 R6 000 P49 P50 P51- 24 -Du Plessis, Hannes (South African 1950 - )LandscapeOil on board, signed, 9260 x 80cm R3 000 R6 000Sash, Cecily (South African 1924 - )Abstract compositionMixed media on paper, signed, 6114 x 68cm R3 000 R5 000 P52 P53- 25 -Alexander, Keith Savel (South African 1946 - 1998)Tractor in shedOil on canvas, signed, 8055 x 75,5cm R45 000 R55 000 P54Almost two thirds of this immaculately detailed painting is expended on the sky. And not the majestic sky typically captured in romanticised landscape paintings, but a midday sky in the platteland of southern Africa. Keith Alexander is famous for his paintings of seeming nothingness. Here, a small tractor stands forlorn under the meagre shade of a shed. There is nothing bar a few scattered trees for miles. The grass around the tractor suggests that perhaps it has been out of use for some time. The work that Alexander is commonly lauded for are his hyper-real surrealist visions of the Namib desert, which have a post-apocalyptic feel for the way they blend the sublime landscape and the ruins of mans existence. In this more subtle painting, Alexander is still able to capture this sense, but in a way that sits quietly, almost ominously beneath the surface.Reference: ROBBINS, D. 2000. Keith Alexander: The Artist in Retrospect. Johannesburg: Jonathan Ball. - 26 -Skotnes, Cecil Edwin Frans (South African 1926 - 2009)Red, white and black faceWoodcut, signed, edition 15/5556 x 41cm R2 000 R3 000Vermeulen-Breedt, Marie (South African 1954 - )Still life with cherry blossoms and Chinese FigurineOil on canvas, signed59,5 x 44cm R10 000 R15 000 P55 P56- 27 -Spears, Frank Sydney (South African 1906 - 1991)Venetian Canal sceneOil on board, signed52 x 67,5cm R10 000 R15 000 P57- 28 -Schimmel, Fred (South African 1928 - 2009)Abstract compositionOil on canvas, signed, 2000107 x 152cm R15 000 R20 000 P58- 29 -Boshoff, Adriaan (South African 1935 - 2007)Still Life with Yellow DaisiesOil on board, signed75 x 90cm R60 000 R90 000 P59- 30 -De Jong, Ernst (South African 1934 - )Abstract Bushveld landscapeCarved, incised and painted panel, signed, 77, edition 44/20023 x 23cm R800 R1 200Van Essche, Maurice (South African 1906-1977)Figure study, Pen and pencil, authenticated by Carl Buchner, recto - single fi gure and verso - fi gures in landscape.26 x 17,5cm R1 500 R2 500Sdoya, Carlo (South African 1914 - 1996)Flower Seller President Str, City Hall JHBOil on board, signed36,5 x 47cm R2 000 R4 000 P60 P61 P62- 31 -Boyley, Errol (South African 1918 - 2007)Saldanhna C.P. BoatsOil on board, signed34,5 x 44,5cmR15 000 R20 000 P63- 32 -Hodgins, Robert Griffi ths (South African 1920 - 2010)Otto en die rooi gevaar exhibition posterSigned38 x 47cm R3 000 R5 000Wiles, Lucy Mary (South African 1920 - 2008)NorsebenzeleOil on canvas on board, signed40 x 30cm R2 000 R3 000 P64 P65- 33 -Klar, Otto (South African 1908 - 1994)Fishermans cottagesOil on board, signed21,5 x 44cm R10 000 R13 000 P66- 34 -McCaw, Terence John (South African 1913 - 1978)River Scene with boatsOil on board, signed, 5345 x 55cm R20 000 R30 000 P67- 35 -Carter, Sydney (South African 1874 - 1945)Street Scene with FiguresWatercolour, signed27 x 37cm R2 000 R3 000Hancock, Bruce (South African 1912 -1990)Farm Cottages CapeOil on board, signed45 x 60cm R3 000 R5 000 P68 P69- 36 -Nice, Christiaan (South African 1939 - )Farmhouse with Donkey CartOil on board, signed, 7739 x 50cm R20 000 R30 000 P70- 37 -Catherine, Norman Clive (South African 1949 - )Joy rideLithograph, signed, edition 7/4575 x 105cm R12 000 R16 000Squibb, Ruth Audrey (South African 1928 - )FarmhouseOil on board, signed61 x 90cm R4 000 R6 000 P72 P71- 38 -Bchner, Carl (South African 1921 - 2003)Portrait Young BoyOil on board, signed26 x 16cm R6 000 R10 000Dykman, Henry John (South African 1893 - 1972)The ChaliceOil on canvas, signed, 194864 x 46cm R2 000 R3 000 P73 P74- 39 -Kentridge, William Joseph (South African 1955 - )Der SDLICHE STERNHIMMEL exhibition poster Goodman Gallery Johannesburg 2003Signed, edition 114/220, 67 x 72cm R4 000 R6 000Van Vuuren, Andr (South African 1945 - )Abstract compositionOil on canvas, signed, 87122 x 91,5cm R5 000 R8 000De Jongh, Tinus (Marthinus - Johannes) (South African 1885 - 1942)NeethlingshofEtching, signed, 21 x 28,5cm R1 000 R2 000De Jongh, Tinus (Marthinus - Johannes) (South African 1885 - 1942)WeltevredenEtching, signed, 21 x 28,5cm R1 000 R2 000 P75 P76 P77 P78- 40 -Catherine, Norman Clive (South African 1949 - )The BathersOil on canvas, signed60 x 50cm R30 000 R50 000 P79A common subject in the 18th through the 20th century, the rendering of the body while bathing arguably began as a demure way in which to depict the nude fi gure. In later years, as an established subject, artists used it as a base for stylistic experiments. Notably, the French Post-Impressionist painter, Paul Czanne began to image groups of bathers in naturalistic settings, near lakes and in wooded groves. In this unusual work by Norman Catherine, two male fi gures lie in corpse-like poses near the edge of a dam. Peering at them from a few meters away is a hyena-like animal, which seems to be strangely glowing. The image, which we see from above, is simultaneously eerie and playful. The fi gures each wear a tight-fi tting swimming costume in the style pioneered by Speedo International Ltd. in the 1950s, which, in addition to their muscular torsos, suggests that the two fi gures might be sunbathing. In contrast the atmosphere and lighting of the scene, as well as the odd glow of the animal, give the sense that this is taking place at night. Hazel Freidman suggests that Catherines work is predominantly gender-specifi c, often depicting males as castrated monsters. This is often contrasted with a symbol of femininity: principally seen in the symbolic sense, through Catherines technicolour depictions of nature. This artwork seems to conform to this interpretation, supporting Friedmans argument that: In Catherines work nature is not a pastoral paradise. It is either an anarchic jungle, a toxic wasteland, the site of grotesque experiments or a battle zone where primal confl icts of power and powerlessness are played out.Reference: FRIEDMAN, H. 2000. Norman Catherine. Johannesburg: Goodman Gallery. p. 105.- 41 -Jansen Van Vuuren, Louis (South African, 1949)As Die Maan Breek Blom Die SonOil on board, signed75 x 56cm R10 000 R15 000 P80- 42 -Nel, Mathijs Isak (Thijs) (South African 1943 - )Studio WindowOil on canvas, signed, 86105 x 121cm R2 000 R4 000Mabaso, Dumisani Abraham (South African 1955 - )Abstract CompositionMonoprint, signed, 98, edition 1/163 x 46cm R1 000 R2 000 P82 P81- 43 -Pemba, George Mnyalaza Milwa (South African 1912 - 2001)Ready for The DanceOil on canvas, signed, 4736 x 28,4cm R150 000 R200 000 P83Ready for The Dance is a painting of a young Xhosa woman in an ethnographic style typical of the time. George Pemba was likely to have been infl uenced by his contemporaries including Dorothy Kay and Barbara Tyrell, with whom he exhibited in the 1940s. It is also likely that this painting was shown at an exhibition of painting and beadwork organised by Killie Campbell at in 1947, or alternatively at Pembas solo show in Port Elizabeth in 1948. The title, as well as the dress of the subject and her slightly submissive seated pose on a straw mat, suggests that she is imaged before the Ntonjaan initiation ceremony, which marks the transition into adulthood. The attention to detail in the painting allows us insight into the cultural specifi city of the moment. The subject wears a short, wrap-around, red skirt, an unomtidili nesipeliti. On her forehead, she wears headband, an idayimane, associated with courtship. In addition to this detail, or perhaps, despite this, Pemba captures a particular tension in this small and intimate painting. The dramatic light, which casts a shadow on the left of the subject, her resigned and pensive expression, and the nervous tension in her fi ngers, suggests much more than a simple study of an ethnographic type. References: 1. PROUD, H. 1996. George Milwa Mnyaluza Pemba: Retrospective Exhibition. Cape Town: South African National Gallery. p. 17. 2. COSTELLO, D. 1990. Not Only For Its Beauty: Beadwork And Its Cultural Signifi cance Among The Xhosa-speaking Peoples. Pretoria: University of South Africa. pp. 39, 43.- 44 -Blom, Wim (South African 1927 - )Reclining fi gureOil on canvas, signed, 7280,5 x 70,5cm R6 000 R10 000 P84- 45 -Catherine, Norman Clive (South African 1949 - )Mating CallCarved and painted wood, signed35,5cm height R10 000 R15 000 P85- 46 -Waldeck (20th Century)Horse with RiderBronze, signed11,5cm height R1 200 R1 800Klar, Otto (South African 1908 - 1994)KwazuluPencil on paper, signed, 16.8.8010,5 x 20,5cm R1 000 R1 500 P86 P87Chait, Laurence (South African 1943 - )The CoupleMarble, signed51,5cm height R8 000 R12 000 P88- 47 -Lipkin, Aileen (South African 1933 - 1994)Portfolio From Bamako to the Dogon Country October 1975, 41,5 x 27,5cm R1 000 R2 000 P89Villa, Edoardo (South African 1915 - 2011)Bronze plaque and leather bound bookEdition 32/50, cast by Vignali Foundry 200518 x 21cm R20 000 R25 000 P90- 48 -Mayer, Ernst Karl (Erich) (South African 1876 - 1960)Voortrekker familyWatercolour and pencil, signed17 x 25cm R1 000 R2 000Den Hengst, Jan (Dutch 1904-1983)Cadegus SpanjeOil on canvas, signed59 x 39cm R2 000 R4 000Mayer, Ernst Karl (Erich) (South African 1876 - 1960)Pencil on paper, Two works, one signed8,5 x 5,5cm & 9 x 15cm R1 000 R1 500 P91 P92 P93- 49 -Knowland, Dennis George (British 1918 - 1985)Spanish churchOil on canvas, signed34 x 29cm R2 000 R4 000Lonari, Dreagica (Croatian 1956 - )The MarketReverse oil on glass, signed50 x 50cm R1 500 R2 500Fisher, Julian D (South African 20th Century)Abstract cityscapeOil on board, signed, 8839 x 59,5cm R1 000 R1 500Kors, Stanislaw (Polish 1935 - 2002)To SomewhereOil on canvas, signed, 84119 x 189cm R3 000 R6 000 P94 P95 P97 P96- 50 -Meerkotter, Dirk Adriaan (South African 1922 - )Abstract CompositionOil on canvas, signed101,5 x 101,5cm each R14 000 R18 000 P98- 51 -Mason Attwood, Judith Seelawder (South African 1938 - )SkullLithograph, signed, 73, edition 65/6543 x 62cm R1 500 R2 500Van Vuuren, Andr (South African 1945 - )Villa in ProvenceOil on canvas, signed, 200191 x 75cm R7 000 R9 000 P99 P100- 52 -Conradie, Johan (South African 1973 - )Female portraitOil on canvas, signed, 201077cm diameter R2 000 R3 000Squibb, Ruth Audrey (South African 1928 - )Street SceneOil on board, signed50 x 60cm R2 000 R4 000Kearney, Robin (South African 1944 - )View from deckOil on canvas, signed74,5 x 100cm R5 000 R8 000 P101 P102 P103- 53 -Fassianos, Alecos (Greek, 1935)CyclistLithograph, signed, edition E.A. 3/7563 x 45,5cmR1 500 R2 500Fasciotti, Titta (South African 1927 - 1993)LandscapeOil on board, signed29 x 39cm R5 000 R8 000Hancock, Bruce (South African 1912 -1990)Farmhouse with fi guresOil on board, signed35 x 25cm R2 000 R3 000 P104 P105 P106- 54 -Lugg, Jack (South African 1924 - )Figures and donkeyWoodcut, signed26 x 12,5cm R500 R1 000Mokgosi, Nat (Nathaniel Ntwayakgosi) (SA 1946 - )Abstract composition fi guresMixed media on paper, signed, 7724 x 45cm R1 500 R2 500Wenning, Pieter Willem Frederik (South African 1873 - 1921)DongaEtching9 x 27cm R1 000 R2 000 P107 P108 P109- 55 -Mayer, Ernst Karl (Erich) (South African 1876 - 1960)Bush & HillWatercolour and pencil, signed, two works13 x 19cm each R1 500 R2 500Dali, Salvador (Spanish 1904 - 1989)Le Chevalier ChretienHand painted tile, signed, edition 220/49025 x 20cm R2 500 R3 500Dali, Salvador (Spanish 1904 - 1989)Don QuichotteHandpainted tile, signed, edition 221/49025 x 20cm R2 500 R3 500 P110 P111 P112- 56 -Bosch, Anton (South African 1958 - )Kite FlyingHand painted and glazed ceramic tile, signed62 x 43cm R10 000 R15 000 P113- 57 -Lamb, Peter (South African 1905 1963)Portrait Young BoyOil on canvas, signed, 4460 x 50cm R1 000 R2 000Nel, Mathijs Isak (Thijs) (South African 1943 - )Tree trunkOil on canvas, signed, 8880 x 70cm R1 000 R2 000 P114 P115- 58 -Carter, Sydney (South African 1874 - 1945)Near Mamre CapeOil on canvas, signed50 x 60cm R8 000 R12 000Mason Attwood, Judith Seelawder (South African 1938 - )Ars Simia NaturaeLithograph, signed, 84, edition A.P. 18/2064 x 46cm R1 500 R2 500 P116 P117- 59 -Moore, Henry (British, 1898-1986)Reclining FigureLithograph, signed, edition 34/5031 x 38cm R12 000 R16 000 P118- 60 -Bosch, Anton (South African 1958 - )Knysna LourieHand painted ceramic tile66 x 52cm R7 000 R10 000Bosch, Esra (South African 1951 - )Arum LiliesHand painted ceramic tile30 x 30cm R1 000 R2 000 P119 P120- 61 -Battiss, Walter Whall (South African 1906 - 1982)Untitled: TextScreenprint, 34 x 48,5cm R2 000 R3 000Battiss, Walter Whall (South African 1906 - 1982)Abstract CompositionScreenprint, 76 x 55,5cm R2 000 R3 000Motswai, Thomas Tommy Trever (South African 1963 - )The Politicians WeddingPastel on paper, signed, 199770,5 x 106cm R4 000 R6 000Maseko, Joe (Joseph Ramapulane) (SA)Township SceneWatercolour, signed56 x 77cm R1 000 R2 000 P121 P122 P123 P124- 62 -Hart, Rodan Kane (South African 1988 - )Shapes: RotatedPainted steel, 2,8 x 1,5cm R10 000 R15 000 P125- 63 -Coleman, Trevor (South African 1936 - )Island SceneOil on canvas, signed, 2007121 x 91cm R6 000 R10 000 P126- 64 -Langa, Moshekwa (South African 1975 - )Music manMixed media on paper, signed on reverse and dated 1998/9140 x 100cm R20 000 R30 000 P127Moshekwa Langa takes inspiration from his daily life, its routine, its boredom, and indifference. His practice is almost biographical in that sense his artworks are a record of his experiences, his movement through places, and of the people he meets. As a child he began drawing as a process of map-making; making sense of his place in the world. This abstracted portrait of a music man has clear traces of mapping conventions, blue pools and red roofs are simple shapes of colour, and pathways are simple lines. The fi gure, who is arguably the music man the title refers to, is almost lost within all this detail a small white fi gure on the edge of a large pond. On another level, the image suggests a conceptual mapping perhaps of sound or rhythm. Langa says of his work: the drawings and collages for me function like diaries and time keepers, so even using or implicating vinyl grooves, strings of thread, branches, wools, I think give a sense of timekeeping. Reference: GOODMAN GALLERY. 2012. Moshekwa Langa/ Mogalakwena. [Online]. Stable URL: - 65 -Langa, Moshekwa (South African 1975 - )Two Figures under a TreeMixed media on paper, signed on reverse and dated 2000 140 x 100cm R20 000 R30 000 P128- 66 -Borbereki, Zoltan (South African 1907 - 1992)Standing fi gureCarved ivory, signed41cm height R7 000 R10 000 P129- 67 -Boyley, Errol (South African 1918 - 2007)RivergladeOil on board, signed68 x 100cm R25 000 R35 000 P130- 68 -Boshoff, Adriaan (South African 1935 - 2007)Scene at Apies River PretoriaOil on canvas, signed69 x 115,5cm R70 000 R100 000 P131- 69 -Bonney, Peter (South African 1953 - )Matroosberg Mountains, CapeOil on canvas, signed, 90100,5 x 151,5cm R15 000 R25 000 P132- 70 -Battiss, Walter Whall (South African 1906 - 1982 )Distant StormWhite ink on paper, signed35 x 50cm R8 000 R12 000 P133- 71 -Smith, Richard John Templeton (South African 1947 - )Okavango NightOil on canvas, signed, 1993110,5 x 120cm R10 000 R15 000 P134- 72 -Kentridge, William Joseph (South African 1955 - )Bird CatcherPigment print on wove paper, signed, edition 58/60150 x 108cm R60 000 R80 000 P135- 73 -Walter Oltmann, Marco Cianfanelli, Lawrence Lemaoana, Pat Mautloa Lithograph, signed, edition 68/100 & 69/100, 36 x 29cm each R3 000 R6 000 P136- 74 -Nhlengethwa, Jabulane Sam (South African 1952 - )The Swinging LightCollage and oil on canvas, signed, 200250 x 50cm R3 000 R6 000Sibiya, Lucky Madlo (South African 1942 -1999)The Feasting at Mabathas KraalWoodcut, signed, 1975, edition 152/22572,5 x 51cm R2 000 R3 000Sibiya, Lucky Madlo (South African 1942 -1999)Dingaans FightWoodcut, signed, 1975, edition 152/22572,5 x 51cm R2 000 R3 000 P137 P138 P139- 75 -Van Der Merwe, Eben (South African 1932 - )Reclining nudeOil on board, signed, 7890 x 134cm R10 000 R15 000 P140- 76 -Battiss, Walter Whall (South African 1906 - 1982 )The Milk of Human BlindnessPen, ink and pencil, signed, 6 Jan 1982 3:48pm29 x 43cm R8 000 R12 000 P141- 77 -Harris, CornwallisCollection of ten prints15 x 22,5cm & 22,5 x 15cm R1 500 R2 500Le Roux Smith Le Roux (South African, Born After 1914 - Died After 1963)HarvestingMixed media on paper, signed34,5 x 50cm R2 000 R3 000 P142 P143- 78 -Lourens, M. J. (South African 1973 - )Star Fishs GarmentBronze, signed, edition 5/726cm height R8 000 R12 000 P145- 79 -Du Toit, Guy Pierre (South African 1958 - )War MachineBronze, 7cm ex base103,5 incl base R2 000 R5 000 P146- 80 -Maseko, Mizraim (South African 1927 - 1994)Zulu warrior and seven other Zulu fi gures, Fabric paint on silk scarf, signed, eight works in the lot75,5 x 84cm R1 500 R1 500 P147- 81 -Flint, William Russell (Scottish 1880 - 1969)RiversceneWatercolour, certifi ed on reverse by Susan Russell Flint and Christies stamp 198017 x 25cm R15 000 R20 000 P149 Credit *S V Stacey Vorster is a lecturer in the Wits History of Art department as well as the curator of the Constitutional Court Art, Keith Alexander, Tractor in shed


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