Anthony Colon Period 2

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Anthony Colon Period 2. MY HERITAGE-DISCOVERY AND CELEBRATION. Economics. POLITICS. ENVIRONMENT. SOCIETY & CULTURE. Olga. Jose. Esther. Juan. Maria. Jose. Anthony. Economics. Plantation sugar production dominated Puerto Rico's economy until the 1940s. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


"MY HERITAGE-DISCOVERY AND CELEBRATION"Plantation sugar production dominated Puerto Rico's economy until the 1940s.Pharmaceutical, electronics, and apparel industries have been the most important, along with food processing, oil refining, and the manufacture of machinery and chemicals.EconomicsDespite all available sources of entertainment Puerto Ricans amuse themselves with one predominant activity-Politics. Puerto Ricans seem to breathe Politics in their daily lives--and seem to enjoy immensely the activities of politicians. There was a desire for freedom in Puerto Rico, too, but with two distinguishing characteristics. Puerto Ricans wanted change but rejected violence. PoliticsEnvironmentThe island has dozens of miles of sandy beaches, some long and straight, others broken into coves by headlands.Puerto Rico is situated in the Caribbean slightly east of the Dominican Republic. The island offers a variety of terrain such as rainforests, grasslands, pristine beaches, and mountains. Economics Coffee, pineapple, plantains, and bananas are other leading crops.Reforestation has been undertaken to restore tropical woods in the interior, where the Caribbean National Forest is set apart.Society and CultureUnder Spanish rule, Puerto Rico had several governors. The governors were selected by the King of Spain. Ponce De Leon was one of the first governors selected by the King.Under the leadership of Ponce De Leon, the culture and political environment that existed in Spain was imposed on the island.


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