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<ul><li><p>Healthcare professionals with proficient Spanish speaking skills will learn to improve communication with patients, patient care outcomes and Spanish medical language. The primary focus will be vocabulary related to assessing medical history and medical problems, as well as related cultural aspects to effectively communicate with patients and families. </p><p>Students work at their own pace during this 13-module course, completing modules by weekly due dates. </p><p>Students proficiency levels should allow them to express themselves correctly in major tenses and they should already posses a large general vocabulary. </p><p>Cost: $399</p><p>Advanced Spanish for Medical Professionals</p><p>FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO REGISTER:Jennifer Pollock, Program Manager jennifer.pollock@slcc.edu801-957-6286</p><p>May 14 - Aug. 13 | 13 Week | Online Course</p><p>Workforce Training &amp; Continuing Education | Miller Campus9750 South 300 West, Sandy, UT 84070</p><p> |</p><p>AA/EO INSTITUTION 3/18</p></li></ul>


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