Advanced GIS Using ESRI ArcGIS 9.3 Advanced Editing.

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Geographic Information SystemsAdvancedGISUsingESRI ArcGIS 9.3Advanced EditingArc ToolBoxAdvanced EditingThe Toolbar Editor is to be activated too.The various functions (icons) will be activated once one or more features have been selected.Arc ToolBoxAdvanced EditingCopyCopies the selected features 1) Select the features to copyArc ToolBoxAdvanced EditingCopyCopies the selected features 2) Drag a box; the selected features will be copied fitting the new boxArc ToolBoxAdvanced EditingCopyResultArc ToolBoxAdvanced EditingExplode multipartThe single features contributing to the selected multiparts will be separated to indipendent features Arc ToolBoxAdvanced EditingFilletPlaces an arc tangent to two segmentsSelect the Fillet iconClick on the first segmentClick on the second segmentArc ToolBoxAdvanced EditingFillet4) Drag the arc to the required sizeArc ToolBoxAdvanced EditingFilletResultArc ToolBoxAdvanced EditingExtendResultArc ToolBoxAdvanced EditingExtendExtends a line to meet another featureSelect a featureclick on the Extend iconSelect the target featureArc ToolBoxAdvanced EditingExtendResultArc ToolBoxAdvanced EditingTrimTrims a feature that is cut by another featureSelect the line you wat to use to trimSelect the line you want to trimArc ToolBoxAdvanced EditingTrimResultArc ToolBoxAdvanced EditingLine IntersectionClick on the Line Intersection iconSelect the first lineSelect the second lineArc ToolBoxAdvanced EditingLine IntersectionResultArc ToolBoxAdvanced EditingGeneralizeArc ToolBoxAdvanced EditingGeneralizeResultArc ToolBoxAdvanced EditingSmoothArc ToolBoxAdvanced EditingSmoothResultArc ToolBoxAdvanced EditingCreates a RectangleArc ToolBoxAdvanced EditingCreates a Circle


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