Active travel: healthy lives January 2011 Teresa Lavin, Owen Metcalfe & Claire Higgins.

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Slide 1Active travel: healthy lives January 2011 Teresa Lavin, Owen Metcalfe & Claire Higgins Slide 2 Active travel key facts and figures Northern Ireland: Car travel accounts for 70% of all journeys 18% of journeys were made on foot and 1% by bicycle Republic of Ireland: Two-thirds commuters travel to work by car 11% walked to work and 2% cycled Slide 3 Health impacts of active travel Increased levels of physical activity Less road traffic injuries and deaths Better air quality and reduced greenhouse gas emissions Less noise Greater opportunities for social interaction and community cohesion Slide 4 Economic benefits of active travel A population shift to active travel can bring substantial economic benefits through improved health. Savings through: Reduced healthcare costs Better productivity Less time off work due to serious illness or disability Slide 5 Key messages for action Health should be a central component of active travel planning Equity to be considered in all interventions Intersectoral collaboration Continued investment in pedestrian and cycle infrastructure is essential Develop a culture of walking and cycling Balanced approach to provision of incentives Better information on current journeys Slide 6 Need a closing slide website address for all publications??