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  1. 1. 90 day same as cash for your business Would you like to offer 90 Days Same as Cash to your customers; Now you can! Commercial Mechant Servicess 90 Days Same As Cash Program offers your customers ALL the benefits of the programs offered by Big businesses at an astonishingly low cost to your business: 9.95 %. Most 90 Days Same As Cash programs charge businesses between 16 % -22 %, making CMS's program is one of the lowest merchant fees in the nation! Now you can implement this huge selling tool into your business without incurring major expenses to the business. Think about this ... if your business runs $10,000 a month through a 90 Days Same as Cash program with a 15 % merchant fee, your cost to run that program is $1000 per month. With CMS's 90 Day Same As Cash Program you can run the same $10,000 a month for only $995 saving you over $700 per month !!! That is HUGE savings for your business! Also included in our program is the option for your customer to finance up to 12 months at no interest rate charge to your customer's. Your customers will receive the best interest rate relative to the type of credit. To get more information go to http://www.90dayssameascash.net Our 90 Days Same As Cash Program is a great tool to retain customers, gain new customers and increase your profits. With an approval rate of 80 %, this program will help you service a wider range of customers with no proof of income or bank statements required, instant online approvals and fast funding 90 day same as cash to you in 72 hours! For Your Customers: 90 Days Same As Cash! Approvals with no credit check Instant Credit Decisions! Up to 12 months to repay No Proof of Income or Bank Statements Required! For Your Business: No Monthly Fees! Funding within 72 hours No Recourse to Your Business Marketing Materials included- we will put a banner on your website at no COST. 90 days This program is only available to limited states and industries. Please give us a call on our toll-free
  2. 2. number at 1-866-223-0190 ext. 1 or go to http://www.90dayssameascash.net