5 Strategies For Start Earning Money With Facebook

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    How to make money with Facebook? Is it really possible to make money with Facebook? It seemslike making money with Facebook is on everybody's mind these days. If you are one of thosepeople who want to know how to make money with Facebook, here are some ideas to help youget started in making money on Facebook.

    These methods don't require you to buy anything or pay someone to tell you the "secrets". As amatter of fact you can start making money with your Facebook right now without having to spendany money at all. These are no "secrets" for making money on Facebook. Simply some very basicmethods that people use to make money elsewhere, but with a little work and patience you canapply the same methods to make money on Facebook.

    Of course, like any other method to make money, you need a market for it. In this case the marketwould be Facebook friends. The more Facebook friends you have, the more chance you have ofmaking (more) money. What if you don't have much Facebook friends? Fortunately it's very easyto create a massive market (friends for Facebook) simply by searching and inviting others to beyour friend. But, if you want to take it to the next level and automate the finding and adding friendsprocess, there are some software that can do just that.

    Ok, lets get to the point and see how you can make money on Facebook. Here are some provenways you can use to make money on Facebook.

    Showing ads on Facebook

    With all the Facebook applications that make it easy and a snap to start showing ads on yourFacebook, there is no excuse for not taking advantage of this method, specially if you are popularamongst your Facebook friends, and have a big audience to show your ads to. Using AdSense,chitika and other PPC advertising companies you can easily setup your ads and customize it toyour liking. Make sure to set it somehow that it serves ads related to product and services that youknow your Facebook audience is interested in.

    Writing a Facebook book (How To...)

    Facebook is attracting more and more members everyday. And lets face it, not all of these peopleare Facebook savvy. And even though getting started with Facebook for you and I might be simpleand quick, many people have problem with the basic things. Write a small and to the point e-bookabout Facebook and how to use it. Maybe a simple step by step instruction for getting started withFacebook. Or an e-book about how to use different application to make Facebook experience abetter one. There are many possibilities. With the huge amount of Facebook apps and all the newones that are added daily, this can be quite big. You don't even have to pay to promote your e-

  • book, simply use your own Facebook or better yet create one for your e-book and start promotingit.

    Affiliate marketing on Facebook

    It's the same idea as showing ads, but in a more direct way. Register for free with affiliatenetworking sites such as ClickBank, Maxbounty and etc, and pick a product relevant to yourFacebook audience interest to promote. You will be provided a simple code which is a link withyour affiliate id embedded in it. Whenever someone clicks on that link and buys the product orservice, you make money by getting a commission.

    You can create an entirely new Facebook for that product and start promoting it there. A friend ofmine is actually doing it for 4/5 different weight loss product. He created a Facebook page for eachproduct and started adding friends to his Facebook. He writes short posts about the product andposts it on his Facebook with his affiliate link in it. Hi is making a couple of hundred dollars amonth doing this. I know it's not much, but for something that doesn't cost you a dime and takesabout 30 minuets to setup, and takes about 20 minutes or so a day to run, I don't think it's a baddeal.

    Blogging about Facebook

    There are already some people doing it. But there is always room for new voices. Get a free blogover at blogger and use Google AdSense (which is already integrated in blogger, so even if youdon't know how to show ads on your blog, you can set it up with couple clicks) to show ads onyour blog and make money that way.

    When you established yourself as an authority and a trusted person for anything related toFacebook, you can get some sponsor and maybe use affiliate networking sites to find and promoteFacebook related product.

    Create and sell a Facebook application

    If you are savvy enough and know your way around, why not use your skills to make a Facebookapp of your own and sell it to Facebook users? Again, once you made it, you can use the samestrategies mentioned above (blog or a Facebook page for the app) to promote your app.

    There you have it, 5 ideas you can use to make money not only on Facebook, but you can alsoapply the same ideas to MySpace, Twitter and other social networking platforms to make money.

    Satrap is the founder and author of controversial blog, blogstash.com. A blog full of great how-tosand information about making money online. Visit blogstash today to get your share of thisvaluable information and learn how to make money online.

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