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5 Reasons Why Zillable is Good for BusinessThe only irreplaceable capital an organizationpossesses is the knowledge and ability of its people.The productivity of that capital depends on howefficiently people share their competence with thosewho can use it.- Andrew Carnegie, 1835-1919Lets Share!Social Technology is Changing Business Collective Humanized Asynchronous Instant Transparent Communal Two-way ConversationalIts big. Its being adopted.Its happeningnow.The number of businesses embracing social.The number of large enterprises that will have an enterprise social network by 2015.40%The value to be unlocked by businesses through social technology by 2016.1.3 TrillionMcKinsey Institute Gartner GartnerBut it could be happening more.Forbes41%The number of people who believe their companyshould be investing more in social. THE PLATFORMTHE PLATFORM 2015 ZILLA, LLC. PATENTS PENDING. CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY OF ZILLA, LLC - 4LANDING PAGESPACENOTEBOOKMAP PROFILEWHAT WEDO BETTERKNOWLEDGE SHARING ECOShare competencies to create high value information.TEAM COMMUNICATIONReal-time messaging that reduces emails and increases transparency with searchable text, files, pins, shares.ENTERPRISESOCIALNETWORKSBIGDATA ANALYTICSPORTFOLIO ACQUISITIONProvide 20-25% value chain productivity, acting as CRM.Analyze large volumes of data for research.Risk Reduction for established IP thru insurance and pooled resources. INSIGHTFUL DATAActionable insights into who the collaborators, innovators, top-preformers, and potential candidates are.PORTFOLIO EXPRESSIONPortfolio-based profile with media expressions.Generate Ad Revenue from relatively low value posts.CONSUMERSOCIALNETWORKSWHAT THEY DOWHAT THEY DO WHAT THEY DOWHAT THEY DOCOLLABORATIONFoster open innovation and co-creation with not only employee but customer and partner engagements.THE BENEFITS 2015 ZILLA, LLC. PATENTS PENDING. CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY OF ZILLA, LLC - 5NETWORK CONTENTNetwork content to accelerate innovation.Zillable is Here for You!Zillable is the only intelligent social networking platform where you can collaborate, communicate, and NETWORK CONTENT that propel your organization to new levels of innovation. Content (n) : conversations, ideas, papers, files, and knowledgeWhats in it for you?1 - Increase Productivity & Efficiency28% of our work week is spent emailing colleagues. With Zillable, youre able to engage in free-form, collaborative, team communication. Anytime. Anywhere. No external emails necessary.2 Boost Innovation throughCollaborationMobilize your organizations brainpower for innovation. Discover, share, and nurture ideas and papers. Create personal digital notebooks to store ideas, papers and notes. Rate, comment, and provide markups and suggestions to ideas and papers.3 Go Beyond Social with Networked ContentCreate a network of ideas and papers.Use an idea or a paper as a springboard.Hack ideas and papers to create and invent.4 Listen to the Voice of theCustomer Open Spaces to Engage Customers & Partners Actionable Insights to Fuel Innovation Customer Engagement to Create Happy, Loyal Customers5 Increase Employee EngagementWith Contextual Information71 percent of employees arent engaged.Profiles that Emphasize Portfolio and Media Expressions.Map that connects Content to Create a Network of Content.Establish an Innovative CommunityHarness the connected wisdom of the crowd with Zillable!CONTACT USTO LEARN MOREZillable.comEmail: marketing@zillacompany.comSlide Number 1Slide Number 2Slide Number 3Slide Number 4Slide Number 5Slide Number 6Slide Number 7Slide Number 8Slide Number 9Slide Number 10Slide Number 11Slide Number 12Slide Number 13Slide Number 14Slide Number 15Slide Number 16