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435 Aluminium Foil Sound Damping TapeProduct Data SheetUpdated : March 1996Supersedes : October 1993Product Description A pressure sensitiveadhesive coated on a thicksoft aluminium foil with anexceptional ability to dampresonant vibrations over awide temperature range.Physical PropertiesNot for specification purposesAdhesive Type Synthetic rubberBacking Aluminium foilThickness (ASTM D-3652) 200 mWeight 0.067 g/cmRelease Liner PolyethyleneTape Colour SilverShelf Life 12 months from date of despatch by 3M when stored in theoriginal carton at 21C (70F) & 50 % Relative HumidityPerformanceCharacteristicsNot for specification purposesAdhesion to StainlessSteel ASTM D-33307.2 N/10mmTensile StrengthASTM D-3759142 N/10mmElongation at BreakASTM D-375913.0 %Temperature RangeMaximumMinimum120 C-55 C2Date : March 1996Y435 Aluminium Foil Sound Damping TapeApplication Techniques The tape should always beapplied to a clean drysurface. All edges must befirmly pressed down. Thepolyethylene liner eliminateswrinkles on unwind thusimproving the smoothnessof the tape on applicationand its handlingcharacteristics.Tape can be applied downto -20C but poor results willoccur below 5C unlessspecial precautions aretaken to eliminate the thinfilm of condensed moisturefound on surfaces at suchtemperatures.Applications These tapes are designed tomeet the increasing demandfor noise reduction. Basedupon aluminium foil they arespecifically suitable forapplications where a highratio of noise reduction tounit weight is required.Even when exposed torelatively high operatingtemperatures and usualaircraft solvents the longageing adhesive retains itsdamping characteristics.With the added feature of aliner the tape can be die cut.Damping performance canbe improved by applyingmulti-layers of tape therebyincreasing the overallthickness of the constrainedlayers.The sound damping tapesperform over a relativelybroad temperature rangebetween -50C to +30C.These tapes arepredominantly used invibration dampingapplications. They are usedto eliminate fatigue cracksdue to vibration of skins,panels etc. Specifically thetapes are used on aircraft,cars, dishwashers andrefrigerators.Additionally they are usedfor sealing and joining in theconstruction industry and asa moisture vapour barrier.3M is a trademark of the 3M Company.Values presented have been determined by standard test methods and are average values not to be used for specification purposes.Our recommendations on the use of our products are based on tests believed to be reliable but we would ask that you conduct your own tests todetermine their suitability for your applications.This is because 3M cannot accept any responsibility or liability direct or consequential for loss or damage caused as a result of ourrecommendations.Specialty Tapes & Adhesives 3M United Kingdom PLC 19963M United Kingdom PLC3M House,28 Great Jackson Street,Manchester,M15 4PACustomer Service :Tel 0161 236 8500Fax 0161 237 11053M Ireland3M House, Adelphi Centre,Upper Georges Street,Dun Laoghaire,Co. Dublin,IrelandCustomer Service :Tel (01) 280 3555Fax (01) 280 3509


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