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IGNITE A MOVEMENTJoseph Ndesandjo, CEO, 3Sixty IntegratedVISTAGE All City, AUSTIN, TX 2015The 3Sixty IntegratedCore Values Story How our core values helped driveexceptional behaviorand resultsExcited CEOEmployeesLAUNCHWe created our firstCompany Core values 10 years ago -There was a big disconnectbetween the CEOsexcitement and employees feelings about core values SOLID2nd Try. After the failure of the1st Set of core values, We re-wrote them in2010 as an acronym SERVE OTHERSOUTSTANDING ATTITUDELEARN AND GROWINCREDIBLE INITIATIVEDREAM BIGOur Re-craftedCore ValuesRELAUNCHExcited CEOEmployees2nd Core Values Launch 4 years ago - Yet again, began withsame disconnect as 1stattempt but resultswere very differentTHOUGHTSRESULTSVALUESLANGUAGEBEHAVIORSPROCESSWe worked our valuesInto our language. This drovethoughts, behaviors& resultsTHOUGHTSVALUESLANGUAGEBEHAVIORSRESULTSWill, thanks for your INCREDIBLE INITIATIVE launching our mentor program in such a short timeframe!Wow, that client was so demanding yet you were patient with her throughout. SOLID, Dora!Guys, sorry for being a SLID last week.Examples of our valuesin our languageSLID being SOLIDwithout the Outstandingattitude (O)LANGUAGERESULTSVALUESTHOUGHTSBEHAVIORSJUAN Example StoryJuan embraced SOLIDAnd became a consistently spectacularperformerLANGUAGERESULTSVALUESTHOUGHTSBEHAVIORSServe Others .. always there when we need himOutstanding Attitude .. not the type to complainLearn and Grow .mindset changedalways asking questions .. eager to learncompleted certificationsIncredible Initiative shows in his work ethicDream Big sets goals and accomplishes themLetter about Juan His project managerwrote a letter about Juan recognizingand describing his behavior in our SOLIDlanguage.VALUESEmployee Retention +19%Annual Revenue Growth Rate+ 41% Net Profit Growth 8xTHOUGHTSBEHAVIORSLANGUAGERESULTSResults Over the 4 years since adopting SOLID our results exceededexpectations!MemorableAspirationalIntegratedSUCCESS FACTORSOur Keys to a successfulCore values adoptionEveryone continually strives for them and theyre embedded everywhere:language, hiring, firing,feedback, recognition, etcYour Impact?Years from now, when youre lookingback, how could you Have shared your values andImpacted others?