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CONDITIONS OF SALE 1. Every Sale and these Conditions of Sale shall be governed by in accordance with English Law and shall be subject to the jurisdiction of English Courts. SOFAA conditions of business also apply, a copy of which is on display in the saleroom and on request. 2. 1818 Auctioneers act as Agents only in respect of goods delivered for the purpose of sale and herein shall be known as the Auctioneers. Persons instructing 1818 Auctionners to sell goods are herein known as Vendors. Persons who have acquired lots offered for sale by the Auctioneers are herein known as Purchasers. 3. All persons attending a Sale under the conduct of the Auctioneers whether at their Sale Rooms or elsewhere shall be deemed to be on the land and premises at their own risk and shall have no claim against the Auctioneers or principals in respect of the cancellation/postponement of a Sale or any loss, accident or injury, howsoever occasioned, save in so far as the same is proven to be caused by the direct negligence of an employee(s) of 1818 Auctioneers. 4. The Auctioneers make every reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy of advertisements, catalogue descriptions and other publicity, but except where specifically instructed so to certify by a Vendor, declare that all statements, oral or in writing, are those of opinion only, made without responsibility and shall not give rise to any action in law for damages, compensation or recision of a sale by a Purchaser, against any Vendor, the Auctioneers or their employees. 5. Many lots are of an age or nature, which preclude their being in pristine condition. Some catalogue descriptions may take reference to damage and/or restoration; however, omission of such a reference does not imply a lot is free from defects nor does any reference to a particular defect imply the absence of others. 6. Purchasers should therefore satisfy themselves by physical inspection of lots, before bidding, as to the origin, authenticity, quality, age, weight, size and general description as lots are sold in their actual state with faults, imperfections or errors of description. 7. Electrical/mechanical goods are sold on the strict understanding that those items originally intended to be operated by mains electricity are untested, without warranties or any guarantee as to the serviceability or working order. These may not comply with the current Statutory Requirements and as such are offered for sale solely for display purposes or historical interest. THESE ARE NOT SUITABLE FOR CONNECTION TO THE MAINS ELECTRICITY SUPPLY. The Auctioneers cannot accept responsibility for any act by a Buyer in contravention of this condition. 8. Persons handling lots do so at their own risk and shall make good all loss or damage howsoever sustained; such estimate of cost to be assessed by the Auctioneers whose decision shall be final. 9. In making a bid, Purchasers acknowledge their attention has been drawn to these Conditions of Sale and that they are satisfied as to the description on the invitation of bids. 10. Lots are sold subject to any announcement, declaration, and alteration of description or other matters, made by the Auctioneers prior to the invitation of bids. 11. At the fall of the hammer, the highest bidder, acceptable to the Auctioneers, shall be the Purchaser and the Auctioneers, whose decision shall be absolute and final, shall settle any dispute. 12. The Auctioneers may divide, combine, add to or withdraw lots and make any catalogue alterations without notice or reason; they shall regulate the advance of bidding, accept or reject any bid (at their absolute discretion and without justification) and bid on behalf of the Vendor, where there is a reserve price or at their authorised discretion. 13. The Purchaser shall give his full name (and permanent place of abode) or appropriate bidding number, and upon failure to do so, the Auctioneers may offer the lots again, at their sole discretion. 14. As Agents only, the Auctioneers shall not be responsible for default on the part of the Vendor or Purchasers. Any resultant deficiency, together with interest, costs and expenses, shall be made good by the defaulter, recoverable as and for liquidated damages. This condition is, however, without prejudice to the right of the Auctioneers, in appropriate circumstances, to enforce the Sale Contract if they think fit. 15. The Contract of Sale is made with the Auctioneers, as Agents for the Vendors and payment shall only be made to them. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Auctioneers shall retain a lien on all goods, which shall not pass to the Purchaser until full payment has been received. 16. At the fall of the hammer, all lots shall be and remain in every respect at the absolute risk of the Purchaser, including those of fire, burglary, etc., and damage occasioned to lots by the removal of other goods. 17. Prospective Purchasers are request to Register at the office upon arrival or before the commencement of the sale. 18. TERMS: Purchasers unknown to the Auctioneers must make prior arrangements to pay by cheque. Most major debit cards and credit cards are usually accepted, charges may apply. 19. No lots shall be removed from the premises until payment has been received in full. 20. Purchasers shall pay for and make arrangements to remove lots at their own risk and expense within a time agreed with the Auctioneers prior to the sale; after such time a daily charge of 1 per lot to cover storage and, where applicable, interest on outstanding accounts will be levied at 3% above Barclays Bank plc Minimum Lending Rate. Such additional charges being subject to the foregoing conditions regulating payment and no lots shall be released to a Purchaser until any excess charges have been paid. In any event, the Auctioneers reserve the right to resell uncollected lots by auction or private treaty or alternatively, warehouse goods at a Purchasers expense. In all cases, the Auctioneers may act without notice and any incidental expenses incurred will become a liability to the defaulter. 21. Notwithstanding any other terms in these Conditions of Sale, if within seven days of the Sale, a Purchaser gives notice in writing to the Auctioneers, that in his/her opinion a particular lot (this shall not apply to books or similar printed matter) is a deliberate forgery, as defined below and within fourteen days after such written notice, returns the lot to the Auctioneers in the same condition as it was at the time of the Sale any by producing evidence, the burden of proof to be upon the Purchaser satisfies the Auctioneers that the lot is a deliberate forgery, then the Auctioneers are authorised to and will rescind the transaction and refund the purchase price received by them. This benefit is not assignable. In the context of this guarantee, a deliberate forgery means a lot made with an intention to deceive, when considered in the light of the catalogue entry and at the date of the Sale had a value substantially less than it would have had, had it been in accordance with the description. However, there will be no right where the description in the catalogue at the time of Sale was in accordance with the then general opinion. The Auctioneers reserve the right in forming their opinion to consult and rely upon any expert or authority considered by them to be reliable. 22. The Auctioneers are prepared to accept commission bids on behalf of intending Purchasers, unable to attend at the time of the Sale, providing requests are made in writing and up to one hour before the commencement of a Sale and given to the Auctioneer or the Auction Rooms Manager. Bids will be executed as cheaply as possible having regard for any reserves (if any) and competing bids. This service is undertaken free of charge but without responsibility. The Auctioneers cannot be held responsible for, nor are they connected with, commission bids given to Auction Room Porters or any other member of Auctioneers staff. On the occasion that two equal commission bids are received the first one received shall take priority. Your attention is drawn to these conditions of sale , especially clauses 5, 6 & 21 regarding age, condition, authenticity and deliberate forgeries. All effort is made to ensure accuracy of descriptions given by the auctioneers but the responsibility lies with the buyer to inspect before bidding in most cases. Order of sale, approx. times Tuesday 10am Ceramics & Glassware (1-153) 11.15am Miscellaneous (161-310) 12.30 Militaria & Medals (401-462) Wednesday 10am Books & Maps (501-575) 10.30am Pictures (601-655) 11am Musical & Vinyl (701-792) 12noon Furniture & Furnishings (801-882) Ceramics & Glassware (Tuesday 10am) 1 A Royal Doulton tea service in The Rondelay pattern HJ004 in original fitted box 30-40 2 A selection of 19th century Derby tea and dinner ware in naturalistic blue pattern 70-100 3 A selection of studio pottery bowls, including signed 30-40 4 A selection of studio pottery including Priddoe and Tams, plates, bowls including signed 40-60 5 A selection of glassware and ceramics, including tazzas, Edinburgh crystal vase silver lustre etc 20-25 6 A part early 19th century pottery tea service in the gaudy Welsh style 30-40 7 A Maling Ringtons blue and white pictorial North East caddy, a Royal Doulton blue and white bowl and plate, a Wedgwood floral plate and a decorative miners lamp 20-25 8 A selection of vintage drinking glasses having etched decoration, similar glassware and knife rest 40-60 9 An Edwardian blue and white bowl having pictorial decoration, an Imari bowl having traditional palette, a Woods ware blue and white bowl etc 30-40 10 A selection of decorative ceramics including 19th century Chinese, including jelly mould, mosaic etc 30-40 11 A selection of 1930's Art Deco pottery having hand painted decoration including toast racks and jugs 40-60 12 Six pieces of 1930's Art Deco pottery having hand painted decoration including pair of wall pockets 30-40 13 A selection of 1930's Art Deco pottery having hand painted decoration and a selection of decorative ceramics 20-25 14 Seven pieces of 19th century Sunderland lustre ware including jugs 30-40 15 A Royal Doulton part tea and dinner service in the Minuet pattern 40-60 16 A late 19th century Coalport plate having handpainted decoration, Ashness Bridge, signed Perry and two 19th century Sarreguemines novelty plates 20-25 17 A Satsuma vase having traditional decoration on cream ground, a similar vase and a Spode jardiniere in red Fleur De Lys pattern 40-60 18 A selection of Royal Worcester tea and dinner ware in the Evesham pattern 50-80 19 A selection of glass decanters and vases including plated bottle stand etc 50-80 20 A late Victorian George Jones design blue and white part tea service 15-20 21 A late 20th century Royal Worcester cabinet plate having painted still life decoration by S Weston, a similar Coalport plate by R F Ball, Royal Worcester and Spode commemorative ware etc 80-120 22 A Royal Albert tea and dinner service and ornaments in the Old Country Roses pattern 50-80 23 A Royal Doulton part dinner service in the Sherbrooke pattern 30-40 24 An Aynsley part tea service and matching vase in 1920's roses pattern 30-40 25 A selection of Burleighware dinner ware in the blue and white Willow pattern 50-80 26 A selection of ceramics and glassware including cranberry jugs, etc 20-25 27 A selection of blue and white ceramics including platters and modern carpet bowls 40-60 28 A Victorian blue and white chamber pot, a Spode blue and white bowl, an Edwardian Middleport jardiniere, wash ewer and a Masons blue and white tureen 40-60 29 A selection of ceramics including 1930's pin head doll, a Poole pottery bowl, Victorian jug and a Japanese vase 20-25 30 A selection of decorative ceramics and glassware including German tea service, Aynsley plate, bird studies etc 40-60 31 A selection of glassware including fruit bowls, vases, ornaments etc 40-60 32 A selection of ceramics and glassware including late Victorian stoneware water purifier, a similar period wash bowl and ewer, carnival glass, commemorative ware etc 40-60 33 A 19th century blue and white ironstone platter and other ceramics including Wedgwood jug 20-25 34 A selection of glassware in Art glass vase, Victorian bowl, dimple tumblers etc 20-25 35 A selection of blue and white ceramics including Copeland Spode in the Italian pattern, Ringtons Willow story vase etc 40-60 35A A selection of coloured glasses including wine glasses, sundae dishes and carafe set 50-80 36 A Noritake tea service in the Glenabley pattern 20-25 36A A selection of clear cut glass decanters, and glass paperweights including Webb 40-60 37 A selection of glassware including drinking glasses 15-20 38 A selection of drinking glasses 15-20 39 A selection of ceramics including Susie Cooper and Victorian pumpkin set 20-25 40 A modern Spode coffee set in blue and white Italian pattern and a Scottish glass whisky dram decanter 40-60 41 A 1930's pink crackle glass cocktail set 20-25 42 A 1930's Crown Ducal Charlotte Rhead charger having tube lined decoration on buff ground 50-80 43 A selection of ceramics including blue and white Imari dish, and later blue and white 15-20 44 A selection of ceramics and miscellaneous including Edinburgh crystal, Wedgwood teapot, Coalport figurine, Masons vase, cloisonne shaker, Quaker Oats salt pot etc 30-40 45 A 19th century Crown Derby plate in the Imari palette, a similar dish, a late 20th century Crown Derby dish and trinket in the Imari palette 70-100 46 A 19th century Rockingham style tea service having hand painted floral decoration 50-80 47 A Royal Dux figure modelled as maiden with shell, on naturalistic base 50-80 48 A Worcester eggery stand having turquoise band decoration 20-25 49 Three 18th/19th century Chinese blue and white plates having later clobbered decoration, two similar period plates and three 19th century Chinese saucers 70-100 50 A Limoges plate having floral decoration and ormolu effect frame and six Limoges dessert plates having floral decoration 30-40 51 A selection of ceramics including 20th century Delft flower brick, a similar candlestick, a Cantonese ginger jar, 19th century spill vases etc 30-40 52 A Royal Albert tea service in the Old Country Roses pattern 30-40 53 A Royal Crown Derby tea service in blue and white chinoiserie pattern 50-80 54 A Royal Worcester part coffee service, retailed by Mappin & Webb, in fitted case with HM silver bean knop coffee spoons 70-100 55 A 19th century Rockingham style part tea service having gilt heightened decoration 40-60 56 An early 19th century pottery jug having Sunderland lustre and transfer decoration 'The Drunkard', a Royal Doulton Series ware vase and a 1930's handpainted vase 20-25 57 A Crown Devon leaf dish, and other ceramics including Annette Chatting and Wedgwood Angela 20-25 58 A pair of early 19th century Spode baskets and stands having gilt heightened moulded decoration 70-100 59 Three moulded glass figures including Swedish mermaid 20-25 60 A selection of paperweights including Caithness and Fusion 30-40 61 A 19th century Herculaneum design blue and white ladies bourdaloue having floral decoration 80-120 61A A 1920s design Royal Doulton vase having hand painted decoration on royal blue ground 40-60 62 A 19th century Coalport design ladies bourdaloue having handpainted floral decoration 80-120 63 Two Royal Crown Derby paperweights, Elephant small, one gold stopper, and one silver stopper 80-120 64 Two Royal Crown Derby paperweights, Elephant small, both gold stoppers 100-150 65 Two Royal Crown Derby paperweights, Elephant small, one gold and one silver stopper 80-120 66 A Royal Crown Derby paperweight, Elephant large, gold stopper, MMV 150-200 67 A Royal Crown Derby paperweight, Elephant large, silver stopper, MM 100-150 68 A Royal Crown Derby paperweight, Elephant large, silver stopper, LIX 100-150 69 A Royal Crown Derby paperweight, Elephant large, silver stopper, LIII 100-150 70 A Royal Crown Derby paperweight, Elephant large, silver stopper, MMI 100-150 71 Two Royal Crown Derby paperweights, seated piglet, no stopper LXI and silver stopper LIX 30-40 72 Two Royal Crown Derby paperweights, seated piglet, both silver stoppers, LX and LXI 30-40 73 Two Royal Crown Derby paperweights, snake, both gold stoppers, MMI 40-60 74 Two Royal Crown Derby paperweights, snake, both gold stoppers, MMI 40-60 75 Two Royal Crown Derby paperweights, turtle, both silver stoppers, LII and LXI 40-60 76 Two Royal Crown Derby paperweights, turtle, both silver stoppers, LII and LIX 40-60 77 Two Royal Crown Derby paperweights, bear fishing, one gold stopper, LXII, and one silver stopper LXII 50-80 78 Two Royal Crown Derby paperweights, bear fishing, one gold stopper, LXI, and one silver stopper LXII 70-100 79 Two Royal Crown Derby paperweights, bear seated, dull silver stoppers, LX and LXI 40-60 80 Two Royal Crown Derby paperweights, bear seated, both silver stoppers, LXII and MMII 50-80 81 Two Royal Crown Derby Limited Edition paperweights, Irish Blue Kerry, 2003 MMIV, numbers 316 and 508, no stoppers 50-80 82 Two Royal Crown Derby Limited Edition paperweights, Irish Blue Kerry, 2003 MMIV, numbers 533 and 653, no stoppers 50-80 83 Two Royal Crown Derby paperweights, Bulldog, 2006, MMVI, both having silver stoppers 50-80 84 A Royal China Works, Worcester lidded trinket having floral decoration on buff ground 20-25 85 A 19th century Le Tallec porcelain urn having gilt heightened and handpainted floral decoration on yellow ground, with script to base 40-60 86 An early 20th century Satsuma lidded koro having figure finial and typical design 20-25 87 A 19th century Staffordshire flatback figure, Wesley Preaching, and a 20th century Cantonese bowl and jug in typical palette 20-25 88 A Coalport pot pourri jar on stand in the Coalbrookdale design having handpainted and encrusted floral design 70-100 89 A late 20th century Moorcroft table lamp having hibiscus pattern on green ground on floral encrusted base 50-80 90 A modern Moorcroft vase of pear shape having bird and fruit pattern on blue ground 70-100 91 A Moorcroft vase of small bulbous shape having floral pattern on blue/green ground 50-80 92 A Moorcroft vase of bulbous shape having floral pattern on blue/green ground and a Moorcroft small bowl having pansy pattern on blue ground 30-40 93 An Old Court ware vase by Lorna Bailey having encrusted floral pattern 20-25 94 A Satsuma vase having typical pictorial panels on blue ground 70-100 95 A Royal Crown Derby vase of two handled form in the Imari palette, date code 1923, and a Royal Crown Derby trinket and a Derby porcelain small bottle vase in Imari style 40-60 96 A Royal Lancastrian squat vase having green ground and impressed number 2155 40-60 97 An early 20th century Japanese bowl having red oxide floral decoration 40-60 98 A 19th century Staffordshire pen holder modelled as birds on nest 20-25 99 A 19th century Crown Derby flower bough pot having gilt heightend floral and pictorial oval panels, near Worksworth, Derbyshire 40-60 100 A 19th century stoneware salt glazed jug having moulded decoration with HM silver rim 50-80 101 A Shelley vase of waisted shape having handpainted Art Deco floral decoration 70-100 102 A Poole pottery dish having 1960's stylised decoration 20-25 103 A Wilkinsons Clarice Cliff bowl in striped floral pattern and a matching cake plate top 40-60 104 A modern Moorcroft vase having extensive floral pattern on orange ground, by E Bossons, 1997 and a Moorcroft jug having floral pattern on blue ground by Shirley Hayes 2003 50-80 105 A Moorcroft bowl having hibiscus pattern on green ground and a similar Moorcroft floral bowl 30-40 106 A Copeland Spode wash bowl and ewer in the Italian design 50-80 107 A Royal Standard tea service in 1920's floral pattern 30-40 108 A Royal Crown Derby jug in Derby Posies pattern 20-25 109 A Coalport part coffee service in the Revelry pattern 20-25 110 A pair of Victorian glass vases having naturalistic painted decoration and a 1930's design cottage teapot 20-25 111 A Cranberry Art Glass vase, and a blue Art Glass vase of cylindrical ribbed design 20-25 112 A pair of Beswick mantel dogs of traditional design and a similar smaller pair 30-40 113 A selection of glass paperweights of animalistic form 20-25 114 A selection of glass paperweights including modern millefiori 20-25 115 A selection of decorative glassware including vases 20-25 116 A Royal Crown Derby miniature tea service, in the Imari style, date codes for 1905/06 and a similar teapot in the Imari palette 70-100 117 A selection of decorative glassware including, Carnival and paperweights 20-25 118 A Hummel figure modelled as girl with geese and three smaller Hummel figures including The Lost Sheep and Wade figure, Tom 40-60 119 A late Victorian cranberry glass jug and a cranberry vase of wrythen design 20-25 120 A 1960's design Venetian glass liqueur set having silver overlay decoration 20-25 120A A Whitefriars design green Art Glass onion shape vase and similar inspired blue Art Glass boat shape vase 50-80 121 A modern Charlotte di Vita collectors miniature teapot having handpainted enamel decoration number C290 and two modern Wedgwood Clarice Cliff cream jugs 30-40 122 A Royal Worcester oval dish having handpainted floral decoration 30-40 123 A 1930's Burleighware jug, a stylised 1960's Poole pottery vase, Carltonware etc 30-40 124 A 19th century Crown Derby saucer having Imari pattern and a German mug 20-25 125 A Crown Ducal charger in the Charlotte Rhead design having tube lined decoration on mottled cream ground 40-60 126 A Royal Albert tea and dinner service in The Old Country Roses pattern and similar ornaments 100-150 127 A Royal Crown Derby stand in The Black Aves pattern in fitted box 40-60 128 Six Royal Crown Derby tea cups and one saucer, in the Old Imari pattern, no 1128 50-80 129 Six Royal Crown Derby dinner plates, in the Old Imari pattern, no 1128 100-150 130 Six Royal Crown Derby side plates, and three cake plates, in the Old Imari pattern, no 1128 70-100 131 Three Royal Crown Derby ginger jars, in the Old Imari pattern, no 1128 80-120 132 A Royal Crown Derby salt and pepperette, and two egg cups, in the Old Imari pattern, no 1128 40-60 133 Four Royal Crown Derby scallop dishes, in the Old Imari pattern, no 1128 40-60 134 A Royal Crown Derby mantle clock, in the Old Imari pattern, no 1128, of octagonal shape 40-60 135 A Royal Crown Derby carriage clock, in the Old Imari pattern, no 1128 50-80 136 A pair of Royal Crown Derby pedestal sucriers, in the Old Imari pattern, no 1128 100-150 137 A pair of Royal Crown Derby candlesticks, in the Old Imari pattern, no 1128 70-100 138 Six Royal Crown Derby pin dishes having scallop rim, in the Old Imari pattern, no 1128 70-100 139 A Royal Crown Derby lidded dish in the Old Imari pattern, no 1128, and two Royal Crown Derby bulbous lighters, dates c.1914 and 1925 respectivley 80-120 140 A Royal Crown Derby cheese dome, in the Old Imari pattern, no 1128 50-80 141 A Royal Crown Derby fruit bowl, in the Old Imari pattern, no 1128 80-120 142 A Royal Crown Derby tazza, in the Old Imari pattern, no 1128 70-100 143 A Royal Crown Derby ewer, in the Old Imari pattern, no 1128 70-100 144 Two Royal Crown Derby ornamental plates and three posy vases, in the Old Imari pattern no 1128 50-80 145 A trio of Royal Crown Derby lidded ornamental dishes, in the Old Imari pattern, no 1128 40-60 146 Four small Royal Crown Derby scallop dishes, in the Old Imari pattern, no 1128 40-60 147 Five Royal Crown Derby scallop dishes, in the Old Imari pattern, no 1128 40-60 148 A pair of Royal Crown Derby picture frames, in the Old Imari pattern, no 1128 70-100 149 A Shelley dessert service in 1920's Tall Trees pictorial pattern 70-100 150 A Shelley tea service in 1930's orange Iris floral pattern and a Shelley tea cup and saucer in Regent pattern 70-100 151 A James Kent jug in 1930's flower pattern on pink ground number 2974 20-25 152 A 19th century Chinese design lidded baluster vase having polychrome decoration and armorial crest and two similar plates with crests 70-100 153 A 1920's glass perfume bottle having transitional Art Deco stopper on pink base 20-25 Miscellaneous and Collectables Tuesday approx. 11.15am 161 Three vintage stoneware jars including Rowe, Dutton, Chester 20-25 162 A collection of walking canes and crooks including silver knop 30-40 163 An Edwardian brass fire curb having scroll decoration and a pair of brass fire dogs of ornate design, and a selection of fire irons, historically from Grosvenor Hotel, Deansgate, Manchester, April 1969 40-60 164 A 20th century Chinese silk work picture, depicting a nobleman's journey, having foliate style bordering, signed, 40 x 37" 50-80 165 A marquetry picture, Alpine village 20-25 166 A collection of barkcloth including Fijian and Papua New Guinea, circa 1970 and other similar including string bag and grass skirt, circa 1960, shell necklaces, loin cloth etc 150-200 167 An early 20th century brass two handled urn on stepped base 40-60 168 A box of table linen and similar 30-40 169 A vintage cut glass chandelier ceiling light with matching wall sconces/lights 40-60 170 A vintage tool box containing grinders, flat irons, trivet etc 30-40 171 A late Victorian/Edwardian brass fire curb 20-25 172 A basket containing damask tablecloth and similar table linen 30-40 173 An early 20th century travel trunk, bearing labels for the Cunard Line trans-Atlantic liner company 30-40 174 A selection of miscellaneous including 19th century sycamore bowl, milking stool, porch lamp, iron pans, wash board etc 30-40 175 A 19th century pine box containing vintage plough horse tack including presentation Cockerham Ploughing Association 1890 50-80 176 A 19th century indenture for Nottingham, framed 20-25 177 Three 19th century copper warming pans with wrigglework decoration 30-40 178 A 1950's aluminum outdoor playground rabbit on a spring, stamped Mexico Forge, Reedsville P.A 100-150 179 A pair of early 20th century brass and cast table cannons, having dragon decoration 70-100 180 A selection of miscellaneous including mirror tray, 19th century bisque bear, compacts, caddy spoons, miniature sundial, Victorian Blackpool souvenir etc 40-60 181 Two Victorian treen bobbin stands of turned form 50-80 182 A vintage Short & Mason, London, anemometer number J.13654 in fitted golden oak case, a vintage Elliott speed indicator number 15572 in fitted case and a Giotto gauge in fitted box 40-60 183 A collection of vintage pipes including treen bull, meershaum, horn snuff box etc 30-40 184 A late Victorian oil lamp having glass reservoir with painted floral decoration and brass base 40-60 185 A late Victorian oil lamp having copper reservoir and brass base 50-80 186 A selection of miscellaneous including Bohemian glass, Victorian case, cast bull, papier mache snuff box, scent bottles etc 30-40 187 A selection of treen including mauchline ware and treen watch stands 40-60 188 A pair of Edwardian circular photo frames 20-25 189 A 19th century oak salt box and a similar period glass oil lamp 30-40 190 A 19th century treen bilboquet of traditional design 30-40 191 A 19th century treen knitting stick and similar 30-40 192 A collection of vintage spectacles, various 20-25 193 A selection of treen including butter pats and moulds 20-25 194 A vintage continental claret jug having white metal mount with mask spout and etched glass body 30-40 195 An early 20th century cast and frostglass white metal dish, modelled as naturalistic hand 40-60 196 A pair of early 20th century brass chamber sticks and a similar period brass pierced candle holder 30-40 197 A bronze figure after Juan Clara, later re-cast modelled as child on stool, inscribed to base 70-100 198 An early 20th century lacquered Chinese box having pictorial stamp date 30-40 199 A W.M.F. Art Nouveau pewter tray having pictorial decoration depicting maidens 100-150 200 An early 20th century corkscrew having ivory effect handle and a similar period corkscrew having treen handle and brush 20-25 201 A Georgian glass toddy lifter 50-80 202 A pair of Art Nouveau copper candle stands, a similar period scallop stand number 282456 and an Art Nouveau candle wall sconce 40-60 203 A vintage cast brass bell with rosewood handle 20-25 204 A modern stone resin nativity set 15-20 205 A late 19th century walnut and mahogany mantel clock having pillar and crest decoration and German movement 30-40 206 A late Victorian black marble mantel clock of traditional design 30-40 207 An Edwardian mahogany mantle clock having chequered inlay case and striking movement 20-25 208 A 19th century mahogany oval mirror wool winder bracket 40-60 209 A Victorian base metal chatelaine having various appendages including scissors 40-60 210 A vintage corkscrew, model Zig Zag, of concertina design and a Black Forest small headed bear 30-40 211 A 1930's terracotta bust, possibly modelled as The Queen (Mother), signed and dated 1938 40-60 212 An early 20th century oak cased mantel clock having silvered face and subsidiary dials with striking movement 40-60 212A A pair of cast table electroliers having cast glass droplets 40-60 213 An early 19th century walnut tea caddy of sarcophagus shape having part fitted interior 30-40 214 An early 19th century mahogany tea caddy of sarcophagus shape, containing Ingersoll watch and Foudroyant Nelson medallion 30-40 215 An Edwardian mahogany travel case containing a selection of miscellaneous including sovereign holder, mother of pearl card case, scrap silver etc 30-40 216 An early 20th century stained frame Japanese jewellery box having marquetry decoration 30-40 217 A selection of postcards, various 50-80 218 An early 19th century oak salt box of traditional form 50-80 219 An Edwardian mahogany mantel clock having pillar decoration and striking movement, on bun feet 30-40 220 A Victorian walnut and stained frame ink stand having brass applique decoration and an early 20th century stained frame Japanese jewellery box having marquetry decoration 30-40 221 A Victorian work box having inlaid mother of pearl decoration 50-80 222 A vintage pen and pencil set of green mottled design 'The Rufford' in original box 20-25 223 A cut glass sugar sifter having silver collar and pierced lid, Birmingham 1989, Barker Ellis Silver Co 30-40 224 An HM silver and glass sifter, Birmingham 1916 20-25 225 A pewter pepperette modelled as an owl 30-40 226 A Victorian pipe having silver collar and mount and amber mouth piece in original case, Chester 1894, W H Carrington & Co 50-80 227 A ladies vintage evening bag containing costume jewellery oddments 15-20 228 A Victorian folding triptych travel case containing oval portrait miniature 20-25 229 An early 20th oak jewellery box with HM silver plaque monogrammed RB containing cufflinks/studs 20-25 230 An early 20th century German ivorine box, a 19th century ivory fan seal and an ivory model Britannia lion with date 1792 80-120 231 A late Victorian needle case, having wirework decoration, and stanhope interest to top, "The Pier at Swansea" 30-40 232 A small selection of costume jewellery including polished stone pendants, propelling pencil, chains and an LSM Park Lane vanity case having original contents 40-60 233 A yellow metal pin stick stamped 15ct having a diamond chip decoration 30-40 234 A gents 1950's 9ct gold wristwatch by Vertex with presentation inscription 40-60 235 A selection of miscellaneous including lighters, propelling pencils, thimble case, scarab, charm etc 30-40 236 A selection of miscellaneous including hand mirror, celluloid trinkets, cigarette holder, napkin rings etc 20-25 237 A selection of watches and costume jewellery including Mexican silver and white metal jewellery stamped 925 50-80 238 A selection of vintage copperware including measuring jugs 30-40 239 A set of vintage scales having brass weights 20-25 240 A selection of vintage copperware including pans and kettles 30-40 241 A selection of vintage brassware including fire dogs, pans, chestnut roaster, warmer etc 40-60 242 A selection of vintage copperware including tipping medal, measure etc 30-40 243 A selection of vintage metalware including lanterns, candle box, trivet etc 30-40 244 A selection of 18th, 19th and 20th century pewter including plates with London touch marks, tankards, measures etc 40-60 245 A selection of miscellaneous including Victorian lacquered crumb scoop, bellows etc 30-40 246 A selection of vintage horse brasses, hames, and other related items etc 50-80 247 A modern Nikon S.L.R digital camera D700, and accessories 300-400 248 A vintage Sky leader transistor radio and an enamel advertising sign, Needlecraft Monthly Magazine 30-40 249 An early 20th century wall clock, having circular dial and pendulum window 30-40 250 A selection of treen including shoe tree etc 30-40 251 A selection of miscellaneous including cased fish knife/forks, four seasons reproduction tiles, plated wear 20-25 252 A selection of table linen and embroidery 20-25 253 A vintage Grain miniature hand sewing machine in golden oak case 20-25 254 A early 20th century Walker and Hall circular cheese dish having pottery inset and cow finial and a small cloisonne lidded jar 40-60 255 A pair of late 19th century carriage lamps of traditional design 40-60 256 A vintage British vacuum cleaner, model FF, number 3369 40-60 257 NO LOT 258 A selection of 19th century vintage clogs and leather gaiters 50-80 259 A vintage mahogany lap desk/writing slope having fitted interior 40-60 260 A selection of books and pamphlets including Windermere Police Station details 1926 20-25 261 A selection of miscellaneous including glass ink well, bone dominoes, badges etc 20-25 262 A variety of John Player cigarette cards and a signed Rugby programme GB V France 1989 20-25 263 A selection of cameras and accessories including Agfa, Admica 8, Nikkorezx, Olympus etc 40-60 264 A 20th century British brass lantern clock and a vintage photograph 20-25 265 A selection of vintage lamps including carriage, carbide inspection etc 20-25 266 A box of miscellaneous vintage tools, including branding iron, Salter's scales, tolanium etc 30-40 267 A selection of vintage copper including early electric warmer, miniature warming pan etc 30-40 268 A 19th century cast pewter urn, leaded glass panel etc 20-25 269 A mid 18th century boxwood rule in the style of Edmund Gunther and a vintage parasol 30-40 270 An early 20th century part ebony cue, by Burroughes & Watts, London, in original case marked "Winner, Troy Snooker H.C.P Xmas 1913" 30-40 271 A selection of vintage copperware including slipper box, posser heads etc 20-25 272 Two vintage flat irons, La Esperanta and Kapar, a copper meaure, brass spray etc 40-60 273 A cast plaque for Martins Bank Limited, reported to be from Cartmel bank 30-40 274 Four vintage copper kettles, including engraved "good luck" 50-80 275 A selection of vintage fans, various including Victorian embroidered hand painted 40-60 276 A selection of miscellaneous including flatware, volumes, watercolour, a Lucas Country Cottage watercolour, Harling and Todd plaque an Indian white metal bangle etc 30-40 277 An early 20th century brass spirit kettle and a 19th century brass spit jack by Salter & Co 50-80 278 A late Victorian plated gallery tray having Art Nouveau pottery inset and a matching coaster 15-20 279 A pair of traditional miner's lamps, The Protector type 6 30-40 280 A late Victorian brass Art Nouveau fire front, a brass coal helmet, fire irons, sconces etc 30-40 281 A selection of miscellaneous including spirit levels etc 20-25 282 A box of coins, medallions, lighters and collectables etc 50-80 283 A selection of cast weights, various 15-20 284 A scale model of Queen Elizabeth II and similar ship memorabilia including glass paperweights 15-20 285 A vintage set of scales and other kitchenalia 30-40 286 A selection of vintage postcards, various including teacards 50-80 287 A Victorian walnut lap desk/writing slope having fitted interior 40-60 288 A Victorian mahogany lap desk/writing slope having fitted interior 20-25 289 A pair of vintage photograph frames 15-20 290 A selection of miscellaneous including plated photograph frame, pair of salts etc 15-20 291 A vintage field telephone having bakelite ear piece 30-40 292 A pair of cut glass and ormolu effect Rococo style table lamps and a treen page turner 40-60 293 A collection of vintage copper saucepans 30-40 294 Two pairs of late Victorian metal and brass carriage lamps 20-25 295 A box of miscellaneous and plated ware including tea set, commemorative spoon, fashion prints etc 30-40 296 Four cast fire plaques for London and Lancashire, Manchester, Shropshire and Birmingham 50-80 297 A late 20th century cased set of flatware by George Butler and Co, Sheffield 30-40 298 A plated oval tray containing a selection of plated ware etc 15-20 299 A plated gallery tray containing a selection of plated ware including knife rests, coffee pots etc 30-40 300 A Victorian sampler having pictorial and script decoration 40-60 301 A 19th century pine dolls rocking crib, a Victorian walnut sewing box etc 40-60 302 A selection of vintage copperware including jardinere 20-25 303 A selection of metalware including 19th century pewter etc 20-25 304 A selection of cased plated flatware by United Cutlers, Sheffield 20-25 305 A Victorian treen stereoscope viewer and cards 30-40 306 A hardwood ethnic staff 20-25 307 A plated handled rectangular tray having floral and scroll rim and a set of twelve plated fish knives and forks 50-80 308 Two vintage spit jacks including The Cottage Jack and a wash board 20-25 309 Three stainless steel Borrowdale dishes of stylised design and a Bodum Jorgensen teapot of stylised design 30-40 310 A theatre poster, "When We Are Married" 2002, signed, and a theatre poster, "Deathtrap" 2002, signed 20-25 Militaria & Medals Tuesday approx. 12.30pm 401 A Russian Naval Officers jacket, Cold War era, bearing medals, badges etc. 80-120 402 A German trench coat, Second World War period, having fur lining 70-100 403 A British Army battledress blouse and trousers, 1955, bearing badges of Kings Own Regiment 50-80 404 A military uniform in green, having lion badges to collar and buttons bearing "China" with dragon insignia 30-40 405 A British military parade uniform, in blue and gold, comprising jacket, waistcoat and trousers with breeches 30-40 406 A British military dress jacket, in dark blue, bearing badges of the Royal Corps of Signals 40-60 407 An early 20th century military print, depicting HMS Iron Duke, Earl Kitchener, Admiral Jellicoe and Sir John French 20-25 408 A late 19th century/early 20th century dress sabre, having straight blade and brass hilt and pommel, no scabbard 200-250 409 A William IV cavalry sabre, having curved blade, brass hilt, guard and pommel, no scabbard 300-400 410 A Napoleonic era cavalry sabre, having curved blade, brass hilt and pommel with oak handle, no scabbard 800-1200 411 A 19th century cavalry sabre, having straight blade, cast hilt and pommel with oak handle, leather scabbard 100-150 412 A early 20th century dress sabre, by John Jones & Co, London, stamped 2181, having straight blade, white metal hilt and pommel with leather scabbard 400-600 413 A Victorian ceremonial dress sword, having straight blade, brass hilt, handle and pommel, with brass and leather scabbard 400-600 414 A Victorian naval dress sabre, having straight blade, by Seagrove & Co Portsmouth, with brass hilt and pommel modelled as lion's head in brass and leather scabbard 400-600 415 An early 20th century United States Marine Corps dress sabre, made in Toledo, Spain, bearing number 32111 stamped on pommel, in leather scabbard 400-600 416 A decorative Spanish dress sword, having straight blade and ornate handle and scabbard 30-40 417 A mid 20th century flare gun, stamped 87915 50-80 418 Two vintage copper horns, one circular and one straight 20-25 419 An early 20th century copper and brass bugle and a 50th Anniversary of VE Day cotton wall hanging tapestry 30-40 420 A selection of military ephemera relating to E.J Gabbott and his military career, including photographs, badges, Limited Edition figurine etc 50-80 421 Two decorative Indian dress sabres, having curved blades and felt scabards 20-25 422 A vintage Eastern sabre, having curved blade, cast hilt and wooden scabard 40-60 423 A German Second World War clock, by Kienzle, number 5887. 1944, stamped Heereseigentum (property of the army) 40-60 424 A selection of vintage ammunition, including mortar shell and grenades 50-80 425 Three early/mid 20th century brass naval artillery shell cases, various sizes 40-60 426 A selection of military related collectors plates, including Spode Royal Air Force plate, boxed 20-25 427 A late 19th century French bayonet, St Etienne 1878, signed to spine of blade 80-120 428 A British First World War sword bayonet, P1907, for use with Lee-Enfield No IMKIII rifles 70-100 429 A German type M1898/05 sword bayonet, by Fitchel and Sachs, Schweinfurt 70-100 430 A French M1866 Yataghan style sword bayonet, no scabard, British marks 50-80 431 A Swedish M/1896 knife bayonet for a Mauser rifle, in a leather belt frog 70-100 432 A replica miniature military drum for the Kings Own Royal Border Regiment, a plated presentation mug and a volume of Bawdy Barrack-room Ballards 20-25 433 A First World War medal pair and memorial plaque, 31948, Gnr E Ashmore R.A, and a decorative crucifix 100-150 434 A First World War selection of medals including 1914-15 star, three Victory medals, one pair for 1634 Dvr W Byrne RA etc 80-120 435 Two First World War silk handkerchiefs, one depicting regimental badges 20-25 436 A Second World War German Narvik sheild, 1940, and a modern Zippo lighter 20-25 437 A selection of miscellaneous militaria, including 5th Battalion Kings Own silver napkin ring, a World War One pair for Pte L Gardiner G.GDS, peace medal awarded to Sgt, Gardiner from the Parish of Rangeworthy etc 70-100 438 A Second World War trio, 39-45 star, defence medal, war medal etc 20-25 439 A Second World War German style eagle and swastika embroidered badge 20-25 440 A selection of First and Second World War medals including World War One pair with miniatures for Gnr W.R Blanchard, R.A 100-150 441 A selection of military postcards and ephemera, including naval interest, cigarette cards etc 30-40 442 Six Second World War medals, in original boxes, and a Border Regiment cap badge 30-40 443 A First World War war medal, for Gnr E Dewhurst, RA 20-25 444 A First World War war medal, Pte J Parker, Yorkshire Regiment 20-25 445 A First World War British military compass, 1917 30-40 446 A military pocket watch in case 30-40 447 A 1930's silver and enamel cigarette box bearing RAF insignia to lid 30-40 448 A vintage early 20th century Upper Burma Athletics shirt with associated World War I medal, dated 1916 70-100 449 A photograph album from a tour of Germany in 1936, with journey diary, includes Nazi and Airship interest 80-120 450 A selection of miscellaneous militaria including dessert spoon for First VBR Warwickshire Regiment, Special Constabulary medal etc 30-40 451 A First World War medal trio, for SS 5869 P. Brennan, ODRN 50-80 452 A First World War medal pair, 4041 Pte BG Winkworth, 20 London Regiment 30-40 453 A Kings South African medal, with 1901-02 bar for 3447 Pte H Murray, North Lancs Regiment 30-40 454 Approx thirty eight First World War peace medals, including Birmingham, Bury St Edmunds, Sutton Coldfield, Carlisle etc 80-120 455 A collection of World War One ephemera relating to Private Fred Derome, 58080, 13th Battalion Royal Welsh Fusiliers, resident of Kendal 200-300 456 A Second World War type P10 large brass compass, for scout vehicle use, and a selection of medals 80-120 457 A First and Second World War medal selection, for the Fenn family, including World War One trio, 2305 Pte JA Fenn 2nd London Regiment, and World War One and Two ephemera, including zeppelin interest etc 150-200 458 A selection of military silver plate, for the Kings Own Regiment 30-40 459 A selection of Second World War newspapers, including Daily Telegraph, Evening Standard, spanning 1940-45 100-150 460 A print after Cuneo, The Germans Surrender 10-15 461 A print, after Robert Taylor, Duel of Eagles, and a print after Jeff Pritchard, Clash of Aces, Battle of Britain interest 30-40 462 A print after Stuart Brown, Twilight Thunder, signed and two other pictures of air warfare interest 30-40 Auction continues Wednesday at 10am, viewing from 8.30am. Books & Maps Wednesday 10am 501 Bannerman & Lodge, The Birds of the British Isles, 1953, twelve volume set, all in d/w 150-200 502 A selection of vintage photographic post cards, UK and Art interest etc. 20-25 503 A selection of Beatrix Potter childrens story volumes, including early editions, Observers volumes and two volumes of Arthur Mees Kings England 40-60 504 A box of miniature volumes, including Shakespeare, poetry, religious interest etc 20-25 505 Dickens, Charles, four volumes, Our Mutual Friend, Little Dorrit, Martin Chuzzlewit and Domeby & Son, First Editions in book form, 'Our Mutual Friend' is two volumes in one, two bound in cloth and two bound half calf, all having repairs 80-120 506 A selection of vintage postcards, Lake District interest 150-200 507 Chambers, G.F. A Handbook of Descriptive and Practical Astronomy, 1861; Howard, H. A Defensative against the Poyson of supposed Prophesies, 1620; Flaubert, G. (Matthews J.W. Trans) Salammbo, 1930, Limited Edition, illustrated by Haydn Mackey; Downs, Harold. Theatre and Stage, two volumes, 1934 70-100 508 A selection of Antiquarian calf, including Mannex & Co, History of Westmorland; Lonsdale and Amounderness in Lancashire, 1851 and two legal documents dated 1776 and 1845, etc. 30-40 509 A selection of miscellaneous volumes, including Lancashire history, Armstrong's King Cotton, Uganda in Black & White etc 20-25 510 Eight volumes of Epic Illustrated, 1980-82, adult fantasy and science fiction, seven volumes of Marvel's Howard the Duck etc 20-25 511 A selection of Bronze Age Marvel Comics, Conan the Barbarian 20-25 512 A selection of Bronze Age Marvel Comics, Howard the Duck and King Conan 20-25 513 A selection of Bronze Age Marvel Comics, Silver Surfer, Black Panther, Dr Strange, Dazzler etc 20-25 514 A selection of Bronze Age Marvel Comics, X-Men and Daredevil 20-25 515 A selection of Bronze Age DC Comics, The New Teen Titans, Firestrom, Arion, Night Force etc 20-25 516 A selection of Bronze Age Marvel Comics, The Avengers, Iron Man and Thor 20-25 516A Two pen and ink sketches, John Robinson, Sci-Fi comic artwork, Monster Island and Quest, signed and dated 50-80 517 A box of poetry volumes, including Houseman, Wordsworth, Burns etc 20-25 518 A selection of Observer's Guides, various editions 20-25 519 Kilner, Dorothy; The Village School, 1828, Paget-Tomlinson, Kindness to all created things, 1914, and Harry Burne and other stories, childrens interest 30-40 520 A selection of Aero Modeller magazines, 1940's, and a selection of The World of Wonder magazines 30-40 521 A selection of miscellaneous volumes, including David Shepherd, The Man and His Paintings, signed, Wainwright, A., Pictorial Guide to the Lakeland Fells: Book One The Eastern Fells, 1955, first edition, etc 50-80 522 A box of Cumbrian volumes, including Walks From Ratty, Morecambe Bay interest etc 20-25 523 Poucher, W.A., Snowdon Holiday, 1943; Smythe, Frank S. Over Welsh Hills, 1941, and a 19th century engraved plate by William Miller, Newcastle 20-25 524 Shaw, R. Cunliffe. Kirham in Amounderness: The Story of a Lancashire Community, 1949, in d/w 20-25 525 Three volumes from the UNESCO World Art Series, Japan: Ancient Buddhist Paintings, Iran: Persian Miniatures-Imperial Library and USSR: Early Russian Icons, 1950's, Elephant Folio' and two volumes from Caldecott, Randolph Graphic Pictures Series 70-100 526 An Album of Antiquarian Christmas and Greeting cards 40-60 527 A selection of miscellaneous volumes, including Tally-Ho Back by Rancher, 1931, childrens paperbacks etc 20-25 528 A selection of childrens volumes, including Blackie story books, Dutch language childrens volume, etc. 20-25 529 Barrie, J.M., Peter Pan & Wendy, illustrated by Gwynedd M Hudson, C. 1930 30-40 530 The Penny Cyclopaedia of The society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, fourteen volume set, Charles Knight, 1833, attractively re-bound in half calf with marbled boards 100-150 531 A selection of decorative military aviation prints 10-15 532 Wainwright, A., Westmorland Heritage, 1975, Limited Edition number 933, signed 80-120 533 Heaton Cooper, W. The Lakes, 1970 second edition, in d/w, Abraham, Ashley P., Beautiful Lakeland, 1912; and Yee, Chiang, The Silent Traveller In The Yorkshire Dales, second edition, 1941, signed, in d/w 30-40 534 Anon. The Hastings Guide; or a Description of that Ancient Town and Port, and its Environs, third edition, 1804, bound in half vellum and blue cloth, four engraved plates and folding map 80-120 535 Scott, W.G., three late 19th century maps relating to Manchester's Ship Canal, docks and Railways, linen backed and bound in maroon Morroco boards, later coloured 150-200 536 A selection of Cartmel related ephemera, including The Womens Institute, Notes on Old Cartmel and the Valley, 1928; Cartmel: A Haunt of Ancient Peace, 1923; Wakefield A.M, Cartmel Priory and Sketches of North Lonsdale, 1909, etc 30-40 537 Kirby, W.F., volumes one to four of Lloyd's Natural History Series on Butterflies and Moths, 1896, in original cloth 20-25 538 A selection of miscellaneous volumes, including Otley, Jonathan. A Descriptive Guide to The English Lakes, eight edition, 1849; Mrs Beeton's Cookery Book, 1898, etc 40-60 539 A selection of miscellaneous volumes, including Thomas, Dylan. 18 Poems, 1934, The Fortune Press; Lawrie, W.H. All-Fur Flies & How to Dress Them, 1967, etc 30-40 540 Martneau, Harriet. Guide To Windermere, third edition, C.1850 bound in green card covers; Anon. Tourists Guide to The English Lakes, Thomas Nelson & Sons, C.1900, and a Penrith Auction advertising poster from 1908 40-60 541 A shelf of miscellaneous volumes, including railway interest, Lancashire Life magazines etc 30-40 541A A box of miscellaneous Antiquarian volumes, including calf bindings etc 30-40 542 A selection of Antiquarian volumes and bindings, including The School of Recreation: Or a Guide to the Most Ingenious Exercises, 1736, Hoyle's card games guides etc 30-40 543 A selection of Lake District and Environs interest, including 19th century guide books, linen-backed vintage maps, Historic Farmhouses in and around Westmorland, etc 40-60 544 A box of motoring interest, including Rolls Royce, Classic Cars etc 20-25 545 A box of miscellaneous volumes, including Poetry, Novels, Supernatural interest etc 20-25 546 A late 19th/early 20th century 'Album Artistique' of Paris, in red card covers, with twenty photo plates, later coloured, two royalty photographic plates from the 1930's, signed by the photographer, Bertram Park; and a roughly bound album of hand coloured plate cuttings, possibly early 19th century 40-60 547 A selection of miscellaneous Antiquarian volumes, including Shakespeare's Dramatic Works, two volumes, 1790; 18th century edition of the Christian Reader etc 30-40 548 Four mid 20th century Ordinance Survey 6 inch to 1 mile grid sheets; The Times Survey Atlas of the World, 1920 and another early 20th century World Atlas 20-25 549 Anon., Fair Women: Reroductions by the Collotype Process of some of the Principal Works Exhibited At the Grafton Galleries in 1894; and Pennell, Jospeh, The Work of Charles Keene, 1897 30-40 550 A selection of miscellaneous volumes, including Ward Lock guide to London 1938, Folio Society, Highways & Byways in Normandy, 1904, etc 30-40 551 A selection of miscellaneous volumes, including Dulane, The Canary Islands, A&C Black, 1911; Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, 1930, illustrated with colour plates by Willy Pogany, etc 30-40 552 Two boxes of miscellaneous volumes, including Poetry, Novels, Engineering, Chinese photograph volume etc 30-40 553 Four early 20th century volumes of the Penny Popular magazine for boys and a box of miscellaneous volumes, including Poetry, Novels etc 20-25 554 Two boxes of Paul Theroux volumes, various 20-25 555 A box of miscellaneous volumes including, Mines & Mining in the Lake District, The Records of Patterdale, other local and Cumbria interest, Mrs Beetons Household Management, 1869 etc 30-40 556 A box of miscellaneous, Poetry interest, including Rudyard Kiplng, John Keats etc 20-25 557 A shelf of motoring racing volumes, including Pritchard, Anthony. British Racing Green, 1969; Walkerley, Rodney. Brooklands to Goodwood: Fifty Years of the B.A.R.C., 1961, etc 80-120 558 A box of miscellaneous volumes, including Maps, Observers Guides, decorative story books, etc 30-40 559 Three boxes of Paul Gallico volumes, various 30-40 560 A box of miscellaneous volumes, including a selection of Ward Lock & Co guides, Ballet and Dancing interest, etc 30-40 561 A box of dancing and ballet interest, including magazines, periodicals etc 20-25 562 A selection of miscellaneous early 20th century ephemera, including an album of 1930's British newspaper photograph cuttings, Wartime Cartoon booklet by Fougasse, official Funeral Procession programme for Queen Victoria, 1901 etc 40-60 563 Two boxes of vintage Ladybird books, including Early Learning, Hobbies, History, Fiction, etc 30-40 564 An 18th century map depicting areas of Central America including the Caribbean, later hand coloured, text in Latin 40-60 565 A mid 20th century commemorative map of Sussex, celebrating the role the county played during World War II, and an 18th century miniature world map 30-40 566 An 18th century map, Tartaria, hand coloured 50-80 567 A late 17th/early 18th century map of Westmorland, after Robert Marden, later coloured 50-80 568 An Elephant Folio folder, bound in half calf with marbled boards, having Sir John Barrows bookplate to inside cover, containing a varied selection of earl prints, engravings and sketches, including pen an ink sketches after G Durand (presumed Godfray Durand) etc 50-80 569 A late 18th/early 19th century map of the North Riding of Yorkshire, after John Cary, engraver, later coloured; and a Fishing print, The Landing Place 30-40 570 A 17th century road map, John Ogilby, The Continuation of the Road From York to West Chester, taken from the 'Britannia' by Ogilby, later coloured 80-120 571 An 18th century map of the county of Cheshire, after John Speed & William Smyth, having detailed plan of City of Chester, later coloured 50-80 572 A reproduction map of the Bermuda Islands, after Joan Jansonnius, original published in mid 17th century, detail of the island divided into its tribes, later coloured 40-60 573 A reproduction map of the County of Buckinghamshire after John Spead, later coloured 30-40 574 Two framed collections of Will's cigarette cards, one D.I.Y/household maintenance theme and one trees and their fruit theme 20-25 575 Two vintage map plans of Lathwaite in the Parish of Cockerham, one later coloured with reference sheet attached 20-25 Pictures Wednesday approx. 10.30am 601 An oil painting G Hallen, Moonlit river landscape, signed 80-120 602 A Limited Edition print after Steven Townsend, Top Withens, sheep interest 70-100 603 A print after Alfred Wainwright, West Tanfield, signed 30-40 604 A watercolour, Herbert Finn, Aldwich Dock, signed and dated 1893 70-100 605 A watercolour, Harold Riding, Cartmel Priory from Cartmel Park, monogrammed and attributed en verso 70-100 606 A watercolour, Thomas Bush Hardy, Vessels coming up the tide off Gravesend, signed and dated 1892 400-600 607 A print, published by Lawrence & Jellicoe, Glasgow, Royal Mail Coach, attributed en verso 100-150 608 A watercolour attributed to Percy Lancaster, View near Windermere 300-350 609 A watercolour, Flemish canal landscape and a coloured etching Catalunya dancers, signed 30-40 610 A watercolour, B Richards, sheep in mountainous landscape, signed 40-60 611 A Limited Edition print after James Tythe, Edwardian children at seaside, signed and a print after Vic Granger, Border Country, dog interest, signed 20-25 612 A colour pen and ink sketch, Nancy Howarth, Holme Carpet Factory, initialled and dated (19)57 20-25 613 Six prints, hunting interest including aquatint and Limited Edition John King, signed 70-100 614 A watercolour J Shearer, lovers meet 30-40 615 A pastel sketch, Brown, religious study, signed 20-25 616 A Limited Edition print after Judy Boyes, Summer at Watendlath, Borrowdale , July, signed 20-25 617 A Limited Edition print after Judy Boyes, walled cottage garden, Stonethwaite, Borrowdale, signed 20-25 618 A pair of Limited Edition print after Judy Boyes, Elterwater Cottages and Langdale Pikes, signed 30-40 619 A pair of watercolours, W J Joy, 19th century, frigate and fishing vessels and steam ships, signed and dated 1851 100-150 620 Four watercolours, J Astin, Kendal and Ullswater, one signed 20-25 621 A sketch, Fiona Clucas, Curlew with beach comb rubbings, signed and dated (20)01 and a Limited Edition etching panoramic windmill landscape, signed 20-25 622 An oil painting on board, Lister, Harbour scene, indistinctly signed 50-80 623 A watercolour, Lakeland landscape 15-20 624 An oil painting, on board, attributed to Aspinwall, river landscape 30-40 625 An oil painting on board, Beatrice Hagarty Robertson, still life, signed 30-40 626 An oil painting, GBD, after Millais Bubbles, monogrammed and dated 1905 80-120 627 A watercolour, J Croswaite, 'Evening' country river landscape, signed and dated 1928 30-40 628 An oil painting P Wagner, Lakeland landscape 40-60 629 A Limited Edition print after Tom Dearden, still life, signed and a print, after Dearden, self portrait, signed 20-25 630 A watercolour, Kate Bentley, Sandside, signed 30-40 631 An oil painting on board, Watkins, river landscape, signed 50-80 632 An oil painting, Harold Rawlinson, Birches by Ullswater, signed and dated 1973 20-25 633 A watercolour, C Whittle, Elterwater, attributed en verso 40-60 634 A watercolour, A Teal, Mondays Moor, signed 30-40 635 An oil painting, Tom Seymour, 19th century fishing family, signed, and an oil painting on board, Carne, village scene, signed 150-200 636 A watercolour, G E Kinder, farmstead, signed and a watercolour, country cottages 15-20 637 A pencil sketch, Fiona Clucas, Walney Gulls, signeed 20-25 638 A watercolour, A B Ogden, Felltop, Roeburndale, monogrammed and attributed en verso 20-25 639 A watercolour, P H Marriner, Dallam, Morecambe Bay, signed 30-40 640 A watercolour, Don Roberts, Rising Mist, Riggindale 40-60 641 An oil painting, Fiona Clucas, Spring Song Robin, signed and dated 06 20-25 642 An oil painting, Fiona Clucas, Sunrise over Sandy Bay 30-40 643 A watercolour, J L Weber, Estuary scene, signed and dated 1915 15-20 644 A watercolour, G D Hyslop, Early Morning, signed and attributed en verso 30-40 645 An oil painting, E Chattin, Lake landscape, signed, an oil painting Highland landscape, monogrammed and dated 1971 and an oil painting, mountainous landscape 20-25 646 A pair of Limited Edition prints Liberty 1 and 2, nude interest, signed 40-60 647 A selection of pictures including pair of prints after Peter Scott, ducks, signed, engravings 19th century Lakes interest, watercolour etc 30-40 648 A selection of pictures of Lakeland interest including 19th century engravings, glass photographs etc 20-25 649 Three etchings, Cuthbert Cherry and Leslie Austin including dog interest 30-40 650 A selection of pictures including an oil painting on board, M L Clarkson, Morecambe Bay signed, print after Buckley, Cartmel, signed, still life etc 15-20 651 A selection of pictures including C E Kinden, Swan Hotel, Newby Bridge, signed and dated 1965, watercolours including Levens 15-20 652 Three etchings, various, including The Cathedral of The Downs, signed 20-25 653 A 20th century traditional artist's easel 15-20 654 A watercolour, Gouche Venus, Oyster Catchers, signed 30-40 655 An oil painting, Venus, still life, Foxgloves 30-40 Musical Instruments, Vinyl etc Wednesday approx. 11am 701 Two boxes of LP records, approx 120, 1960s to 1980s rock and pop including Queen, Pink Floyd, Rod Stewart 120-180 702 A box of LP records, classical, mainly Decca label, including Maria Callas 50-80 703 A large collection of Elvis memorabilia, including framed montage, throw, calendars, postcards, books and ephemera etc 300-400 704 A collection of LP records, approx 28, 60s to 80s rock, inclduing Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Rolling Stones etc 120-180 705 A volume, musical interest, Spizer and Daniels, "The Beatles For Sale on Parlophone Records", including slipcase and inserts , numbered 44/200 100-150 706 A collection of LP records, "The Beatles" including Sergeant Peppers, Help, Revolver, For Sale, With The, Love Songs plus US booklet etc 70-100 707 Six Beatles LP records, including For Sale PMC1240, and Japanese import Let It Be etc 50-80 708 A collection of 7" single records, mainly 1970s and 80s pop and rock (two cases) 20-25 709 A selection of LP records including Cliff Richard, Stone Roses, Mary Hopkin 20-25 710 A selection of LP records, Elvis interest 100-150 711 An LP record, HMV, Elvis Presley, Rock N Roll, CLP10193 (no sleeve) 100-150 712 An LP record, The Beatles, White Album, numbered 0345884 50-80 713 A collection of LP records, Beatles related, including "Scouse the Mouse" (stickered sleeve) 40-60 714 Two LP records, rock, AC/DC Back in Black, and Nazareth, Razamanaz 40-60 715 Two LP records, Now That's What I Call Music, Summer Album and Winter Album 30-40 716 A selection of 12" singles, dance music etc 50-80 717 A LP record, Polydor Guitar Album, with insert 30-40 718 A box containing a selection of books and cassettes, jazz and general interest 15-20 719 A box of cassettes, rock and pop interest 30-40 720 A box of LP and single records, including Woodstock, Stevie Wonder, Johnny Cash etc 20-25 721 A box of 7" single records, mainly 1960s pop 30-40 722 A box of records, 1970s and 80s rock and pop including Queen, Nazareth, Pigbag etc 20-25 723 A case of LP records, assorted genres, including The Kinks etc 30-40 724 A selection of LP records, musicals, inclduing The Kids from Fame and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang 20-25 725 Three LP records, Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin II and Led Zeppelin III 40-60 726 Three LP records, John Lennon "Imagine", George Harrison "Living in the Material World" and Bob Dylan "Greatest Hits" 30-40 727 Five LP records, Pink Floyd, "Dark Side of The Moon", "Atom Heart Mother", "Relics", "Obscured by Clouds" and "Ummer Gummer" 70-100 728 Eight LP records, David Bowie, including "Ziggy Stardust" and "Aladdin Sane" 80-120 729 Five LP Records, Emmerson Lake & Palmer, including "Brain Salad Surgery" with poster 40-60 730 A LP record, Black Sabbath, "Sabbath bloody Sabbath" 50-80 731 A LP record, Black Sabbath, "Volume 4" 30-40 732 A LP record, Black Sabbath, "Paranoid", large swirl label 100-150 733 Two 19th century/early 20th century Neapolitan mandolins, including Perretti and Figli/Vinaccia (AF) 70-100 734 A 20th century Besson flute, serial number 237497, Westminster 40-60 735 A Selmer "gold seal" piccolo 40-60 736 A Moeck cased descant/soprano recorder 40-60 737 A Kung Garkleine recorder 50-80 738 A Old Ambassador trumpet in case, with original invoice, and a selection of tutorial music 50-80 739 A Cyrus 6VS2 brushed black amp and a Cyrus CD6SE brushed black CD player 300-400 740 A pair of Montior Audio RX2 bookshelf speakers, having natural oak surrounds and cables 150-200 741 Three satchels of sheet music 20-25 742 A traditional violin and case (af) 30-40 743 An early 20th Century ukulele banjo, Dulcetta by John Grey and Sons, numbered 25028 50-80 744 A traditional melodeon , P Wyper's, numbered 7983 Saxony/German 30-40 745 A vintage Phillips 'Disc Jockey' Auto, model NG5152 30-40 746 An HMV gramophone 15-20 747 An early 20th Century Neapolitan mandolin, labelled Ferrari (af) 30-40 748 An assortment of vintage Hifi equipment, boxed, including Amstrad, Akai, Pioneer and Wharfedale 50-80 749 A traditional accordion by Hohner, cased 30-40 750 A Romanian guitar, labelled Kansas 15-20 751 A selection of vintage Hifi including Harman Kardon and KEF 100-150 752 A selection of Elvis pictures and mirrors 20-25 753 An electric guitar amplifier, Park by Marshall, model G30R CD 30-40 754 A modern violin having two piece back, bears label "Bellolino Graduate 4/4" in soft case 40-60 755 A selection of rock and pop volumes 15-20 756 Four boxes of Elvis ephemera etc 20-25 757 A boc of Elvis memorabilia including buckles, model car, throw, bust etc 30-40 758 A selection of Elvis CD and cassette box sets etc 759 A box of mixed records LPS and singles, mainly Rock and Pop 30-40 761 A selection of Queen related volumes and ephemera including scrap books etc including Japanese interest 30-40 762 A case of 7"single records, Queen and related, including some imports 40-60 763 A picture disc set, Queen, interviews and a gift box set, comprising CD, video, T shirt etc 20-25 764 A selection of Queen memorabilia, including scarves, badges and cuttings, Fan club magazines etc 30-40 765 A selection of scrapbooks containing mounted press style photographs, Queen related 40-60 766 A selection of records, Whitesnake and related ephemera etc including signed programme 70-100 767 An LP record, Napoleon XIV, They're coming to take me away, Ha-haaa! 30-40 768 An LP record, Black Widow, Sacrifice 50-80 769 An LP record, Pete Brown and Piblokoto, The Art School Dance goes on Forever 200-300 770 An LP record, Ian Carr's Nucleus, Solar Plexus 70-100 771 An LP record, Quartermass 150-200 772 An LP record, Jade Warrior, Released 200-300 773 An LP record, Flaming Youth, ARK 2 70-100 774 An LP record, King Crimson, In the Wake of Poseidon 70-100 775 A case of collectable 7" singles including AC/DC maxi single, Penny Lane with picture sleeve and Pink Floyd 500-800 776 A case of collectable 7" singles including Rolling Stones imports, 1960s etc 200-250 777 A large selection of LP records etc, Jazz interest 40-60 778 A 1971 Rubio Lute in the Renaissance style, based on Hans Frei design. 10 course. Made by Stephen Guttlieb assisted by Rubio 800-1200 779 A Yamaha G-230 classical guitar, cased 70-100 780 A flute, by JR La Fleur, probably early to mid 20th Century 20-25 781 A 19th Century violin, having two piece back, labelled Giovan Paolo Maggini, 1671, cased with bow 50-80 782 A traditional 4 string banjo, steel strung 40-60 783 A classical guitar, labelled Palma, Japanese made 20-25 784 An electric guitar, by Vester, after Fender Telecaster, numbered 94852, with gig bag 50-80 785 A Yamaha electric bass guitar, model BBG4511 (pearl snow white) and Crate practice amp 150-200 786 An Epiphone (Gibson) SG electric guitar, serial number SJ03110531, having hard Gator case 150-200 787 A collection of autographs including Mick Jagger (Rolling Stones interest) 40-60 788 A Record, Queen, White Vinyl Import, Night at the Opera 80-120 789 A record, 7" Promo Single , Larry Lurex (Freddie Mercury , Queen), I can hear music 80-120 790 A case of vinyl LP records, Queen 40-60 791 A box of vinyl LP records, assorted rock and pop 30-40 792 A late 19th/early 20th Century upright piano by Emil Dressler, Berlin 80-120 793 A 20th century traditional mahogany case upright overstrung piano by Schulze and Sohn, serial no 10272 30-40 Furniture Wednesday approx. 12noon 801 A pair of early 20th century stained frame armchairs having bergere cane panel, and animalistic detail 70-100 802 A late Victorian mahogany frame armchair, having later gold embossed upholstery on turned legs 70-100 803 A late Victorian golden oak lectern of ecclesiastical design 70-100 804 A late Victorian oak pew having carved decoration and book rest 80-120 805 A late Victorian oak pew having carved decoration 80-120 806 An early 20th century stained frame occasional table having incised decoration and a similar period occasional table having brass gallery top on bobbin legs 30-40 807 Three Edwardian mahogany dining chairs having camel backs, line inlay decoration, tapered legs and later upholstered seats 30-40 808 A set of four 19th century mahogany dining chairs in the Regency design, having carved rail backs, drop in seats and turned legs 70-100 809 An early 19th century George III mahogany dining chair in the Chippendale style having later upholstered seat and square legs 40-60 810 A 19th century mahogany carver chair in The Regency design having rail back, later seat and ring turned legs 30-40 811 A set of six (5+1) early 20th century mahogany dining chairs in the Hepplewhite style having camel slat backs, leather overstuffed seats and square tapered legs 150-200 812 An early 19th century mahogany chest of two short and three long cockbeaded drawers having line inlay decoration and splay feet 80-120 813 A 17th century oak six plank chest, having carved decoration on shaped feet 200-250 814 A Edwardian mahogany bow front sideboard having line inlay decoration on slender tapered legs 50-80 815 An Edwardian mahogany dressing chest, having two short and two long drawers, oversized top, with inlay decoration on short tapered feet 70-100 816 A late 20th century oak draw leaf dining table, on shaped frame 30-40 817 A late Victorian mahogany Sutherland table having drop leaf top on turned column supports 70-100 818 A late 20th century walnut side chest of three long drawers with flaps and cabriole legs 50-80 819 A late Victorian mahogany pedestal table having circular top, reeded column and splay legs 30-40 820 A Victorian walnut etage/whatnot having inlay decoration and turned supports 40-60 821 An early 20th century mahogany dressing table in the Queen Anne style, having three piece mirror back, on cabriole legs 50-80 822 An Edwardian mahogany occasional table having oval top and slender legs 20-25 823 An early/mid 20th century stained frame Eastern style table having brass tray top and folding base stamped Made In England 30-40 824 A pair of early 20th century mahogany dining chairs in the Queen Anne style having vase splat backs, later upholstered seats and cabriole legs 30-40 825 A 19th century mahogany loo/dining table having oval flip top on central pedestal and quadrafoil scroll legs 100-150 826 A early 20th century stained frame stool having scroll and canework top on bobbin legs 40-60 827 A set of seven 19th century mahogany dining chairs having slat camel backs, later upholstered seats and tapered legs 250-300 828 A mid 20th century mahogany sewing table by Waring & Gillow having slide octagonal top and open shelves 70-100 829 A pair of Victorian rosewood frame salon chairs having 20th century green dralon upholstery on shaped legs 80-120 830 A late Victorian stained frame occasional table having octagonal top on pillar frame 20-25 831 An early 20th century mahogany jardinere stand having Dutchman decoration and pottery jardinere 50-80 832 A late Victorian mahogany toilet swing mirror 70-100 833 An early 20th century part mahogany ships dining table having oval top, ring turned legs and cross stretcher with brass fitment 80-120 834 A late Victorian Anglo-Indian wall clock having marquetry work decoration 50-80 835 A late Victorian dark oak stick stand having carved swirl decoration 40-60 836 A mid 20th century golden oak refectory table having square legs 50-80 837 A set of four early 20th century beech and elm kitchen chairs having spindle backs, solid circular seats and turned legs 40-60 838 An early 20th century stamped pine harmonium stool having splay legs 50-80 839 An early 19th century mahogany footstool having later square upholstered top and animalistic feet 50-80 840 A late Victorian oak hall/dining chair in the Carolean style having twist and vine frame with later tapestry upholstered top on shaped legs 30-40 841 An early 19th century mahogany corner cupboard having panelled decoration 50-80 842 A late Victorian dark oak wall corner cupboard having carved crest decoration, Manners McKyth Man 50-80 843 An early/mid 19th century oak corner cupboard having carved rail and panel decoration 70-100 844 A 19th century mahogany tea table having fold over top and tapered gate legs 70-100 845 A 19th century refurbished mahogany chest of two short and three long drawers, on shaped feet with later fitments 150-200 846 An Edwardian mahogany bedroom chair having inlay decoration, later upholstered seat and shaped legs 15-20 847 A late Victorian oak bookcase top having carved foliate crest on later cabriole legs 40-60 848 A Victorian walnut music cabinet having brass gallery and foliate inlay decoration with glass front and fitted drawer interior on shaped base 80-120 849 An Edwardian mahogany side table, having glass top, with square tapered legs on brass casters 20-30 850 A George IV mahogany sewing table having lift top, scallop undertier, carved column on quad foliate feet 80-120 851 An Edwardian stained frame corner armchair having slat back with later upholstery and turned legs 20-25 852 An early 20th century mahogany corner cupboard, having plinth top and base and panel decoration 30-40 853 A late 19th/early 20th century lacquered toilet/swing mirror in the chinoiserie style 40-60 854 A late 18th century longcase eight day clock, movement by William Shepherd in later 19th century mahogany case 200-250 855 A 19th century mahogany piano stool having swivel top on reeded column and triple splay legs 40-60 856 An early 20th century mahogany bureau in the Arts & Crafts style having slatted superstructure over fall flap and drawers 50-80 857 A late Regency mahogany work table having frieze drawer, swivel and fold over top and lyre supports, on bun feet 100-150 858 A modern mahogany period style dwarf writing table having shaped drawers, gadrooned edge and cabriole legs 70-100 859 A modern hardwood wall display case in the period style 20-25 860 An early 20th century hardwood Eastern table having circular peacock feather top on serpent base 50-80 861 An early 20th century mahogany corner display cabinet, on plinth base 50-80 862 A pair of early 19th century elm bedroom chairs, having rail backs on turned legs with later upholstered seats 15-20 863 A late Victorian mahogany mirror back sideboard, having Art Nouveau carved decoration and shaped frieze drawers 50-80 864 A late Victorian bedside chest of drawers of narrow proportions 865 A Victorian rosewood chair having demi balloon back, with later seat and chamfered legs 15-20 866 A 19th century Regency mahogany overmantel mirror 30-40 867 NO LOT 868 An early 19th century oak corner cupboard having mahogany crossband decoration 50-80 869 An early 20th century oval gilt plaster mirror 20-25 870 An Edwardian mahogany bookcase top having line inlay decoration and beaded glass doors 50-80 871 A 19th century oak corner wall cupboard having glass panel doors 40-60 872 An early 20th century stripped and stencil piano stool with needlework top 15-20 873 An early 20th century oak oval wall mirror, having carved decoration and a modern rectangular mirror 30-40 874 An early 20th century copper Arts & Crafts wall mirror having enamel boss decoration 50-80 875 A 1920's mahogany triple wardrobe on cabriole legs 30-40 876 An early 20th century Middle Eastern design rug having lozenge design on russet ground 40-60 877 A 20th century Persian design rug having floral decoration on red ground 30-40 878 A late 20th century Kazak style rug having red and buff ground 40-60 879 An early 20th century rug having Kazak style decoration on cream and russet ground 20-25 880 A late Victorian oak hall/tree stand of Jacobean style having carved decoration 150-200 881 An early 20th century oak bureau/bookcase having leaded glass top and fall front and lozenge drawers under, on base 80-120 882 An early/mid 20th century camphor wood box having pictorial seascape carved decoration 50-80


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