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www.panayainc.com Panaya 2011 Every upgrade project should start with a clear business justification. We have listed below some of the most common drivers Oracle EBS Directors report as a justification for an upgrade to Oracle E-Business Suite R12. Of course, not all of them will apply to your situation. Choose the ones that apply to your business. 1. End of Standard Support This one is simple. If your release is not supported, you will need to pay more for extended maintenance and you may not be able to receive the prompt problem resolution your business requires. 2. Sooner is Cheaper than Later The longer you wait with your upgrade, the more it will cost. Why? Because you will have more customizations to upgrade (Part of them are not documented and nobody will remember them) , because some of them will be so old that no one will know how they work, because some of the original developers may not be around, and some of them no longer support your organizations business processes anymore. 3. Compliance Responding to todays truly globalized business strategies requires the ability to achieve universal compliance, reduce IT costs, obtain flexible reporting, and perform efficient integrations. The launch of Oracle EBS R12 includes a host of enrichments like an improved intercompany transaction model (AGIS) and significant enhancements to access / privileges controls, which will enable enterprises to meet these goals and increase IT efficiency. 4. Standardization If you have a substantial number of custom objects, a good deal of them can probably be replaced by standard Oracle R12 functionality that is now available in Oracle E-Business Suite R12. You can use some of the new technology offered in R12 (e.g., BI Publisher, Oracle Framework) to improve the functionality and usability of your customizations. This will reduce your TCO and increase your flexibility and your users satisfaction. 5. Shed Redundant Code According to our customers experience, on average, 20-50% of custom development is unused. Thats a lot of excess weight that you are paying for every day. If you use upgrade simulation tools, they can automatically map your customizations and locate unused objects for removal as part of the upgrade project. 10 Ways to Justify the Oracle EBS R12 Upgrade to Your Management http://www.panayainc.com/www.panayainc.com Panaya 2011 6. New Functionality Oracle EBS R12 provides IT teams with a lot more flexibility in how they can design the companys global structure. There are many new options included in R12 that enable IT to more easily set up a truly global business model. Specific enhancements in Oracle EBS R12 that provide this ability include: A new ledger architecture for supporting legal entity configuration and multi reporting modeling, sub-ledger accounting capabilities for greater control, transparency, and auditability, A centralized banking model using a trading community architecture and more. 7. Robust and Scalable Architecture Upgrading can provide advanced database capabilities, better integration, newer extensions and personalization, and improved security for enterprise applications. 8. Increase User Productivity Oracle EBS R12 offers an overall improved experience which includes reduced time to complete tasks, screens that can be personalized by the end user, reduced pop-ups, less duplicate screens and improved overall visual style and look & feel. 9. Consolidating Instances & Platforms If you are running multiple EBS instances, you could consolidate them into a single instance or into a smaller number of instances. Upgrading can provide an excellent opportunity to upgrade enterprise applications from a legacy platform by utilizing the new integration and administration capabilities. 10. Easier Maintenance Oracle EBS R12 offers improved maintenance procedures such as: Ensuring patch compatibility with your installation and automatic incompatibility alerts; Generating custom read me instructions based on customer-specific setup and configuration; Leveraging faster programs to analyze patch prerequisites and automatically detecting patches that have already been downloaded. http://www.panayainc.com/www.panayainc.com Panaya 2011 DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTY Panaya Inc. makes no representation or warranties, either express or implied by or with respect to anything in this document, and shall not be liable for any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or for any indirect special or consequential damages. COPYRIGHT NOTICE No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted, in any form or by any means, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without prior written consent of Panaya Inc. No patent liability is assumed with respect to the use of the information contained herein. While every precaution has been taken in the preparation of this publication, Panaya Inc. assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions. This publication is subject to change without notice. Copyright 2011 Panaya. All rights reserved. About Panaya Panaya's software-as-a-service helps companies that use SAP or Oracle reduce 80% of their upgrade and testing risk and effort. Utilizing a cloud-based supercomputer, Panaya simulates the upcoming upgrade, automatically pinpointing which custom programs will break as a result of the upgrade and automatically fixing most of these problems. Panayas testing solutions dramatically expedite ERP testing and eliminate the need for manual test script maintenance. Seamlessly capturing business knowledge in the background, as users work with the ERP applications, Panaya automatically generates plain-English test scripts that are rapidly executed and continually self-adjust based on test results. To learn more, or apply for a free trial visit http://www.panayainc.com/Request-a-Trial.html. http://www.panayainc.com/http://www.panayainc.com/Request-a-Trial.html?Source=SalarySurvey2011PDF


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