1 US EPA RadNet Program California Air Resources Board Monitoring & Laboratory Division Special Purpose Monitoring.

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US EPARadNet ProgramCalifornia Air Resources BoardMonitoring & Laboratory DivisionSpecial Purpose MonitoringProgram History1950s: Federal government begins monitoring radioactive materials due to nuclear weapons testing1970: Monitoring for rads is consolidated under the US EPA1973: US EPA creates a continuous monitoring system called Environmental Radiation Air Monitoring System (ERAMS)2005: ERAMS is renamed RadNetWhat Is RadNet?US EPAs environmental radiation monitoring programCategories monitored:Drinking waterPrecipitationPasteurized milkAirAir MonitoringSept. 11th brought renewed emphasis to monitoring airborne rads.US EPA installed a nationwide network of 124 near real-time monitorsCalifornia RadNet Air MonitoringCalifornias RadNet sites:AnaheimBakersfieldEurekaFresnoLos AngelesRiversideSacramento (Began late 2008)San DiegoSan FranciscoSan JoseSan Bernardino (11th site as of early 2011)The RadNet MonitorStand alone monitoring system developed by General AtomicsAcquires, stores and electronically transmits data to the National Air Radiation & Environmental Lab (NAREL)RadNet Components (Met. & Comm.)Satellite antennaTemp. sensorCellular antennaRadNet Components (Sampling)Beta & gamma detectorsFilterRadNet Components (Data Mgmt.)Local Processing Unit (i.e. CPU)Operators RoleChange and field test filters 2x / WeekComplete and submit Air Particulate Sample Report to NARELOccasionally assist US EPA with trouble shootingAnnually calibrate the RadNet w/ US EPAs assistanceFilter Change & Field TestPerform background count w/ the geiger counterRemove and replace the exposed filterPerform count on exposed filter w/ the geiger counterSample Report CompletionAfter completion, mail form & filter to NARELInteresting LinksJapanese Nuclear Emergency Webpagehttp://www.epa.gov/japan2011/index.htmlUSEPA Envirofacts RadNet Datahttp://iaspub.epa.gov/enviro/erams_query_v2.simple_queryRadNet Operator Webpagehttp://www.epa.gov/narel/radnet/operators/Thanks for watching.Contact:Whitney Okabayashi(916) 324-3997


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