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Unlocking Emotion


WELCOME UNLOCKING EMOTIONJULY 30, 2014 KYLIE TUOSTO, DESIGNER DESIGNING FOR EMOTION EMOTION EASE BENEFIT Preserving the human touch and showing ourselves in our work isnt optional. Its essential. - Aaron Walter, Designing for Emotion Works great and efficient. I can run payroll while on the go! Love it! Makes it nearly impossible to miss payroll. The reciprocation rule possesses awesome strengths, often producing a yes response to a request that, except for an existing feeling of indebtedness, would have surely been refused. - Robert Cialdini, Influence SAMPLE CHALLENGE Pandora Music App _Goal: Double daily ratings _Partner up! _Ideate, finalize, sketch: 15 min Simple isnt always better. 1 Constraints are your friend. 2 Oh, Cmon! Just when everythings going smoothly, this happens. Sorry about that. While we work to fix it, try going to our home page. EMPATHETIC POLITE TIMELY GOOD-HUMORED Language is key. 3 Timing is critical. 4 Timing is critical.4 Language is key. 3 Simple isnt always better.1 Constraints are your friend.2 Emotion isnt science. UNLOCKING EMOTION THANKS!


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