Seven Ways To Make Your Shoes Last Longer

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Seven Ways To Make Your Shoes Last Longer Well It's a fact that everything gets wear and tear situation which somewhere affects the longevity. Shoes are prone to environmental conditions, faces ground directly and thus prone to abrasion. Here are few ways to make your shoes last longer: 1. Care For Your Sole The sole gets teared out, on lots of walking. To strengthened the bottom sole, you'll need reinforcement so get it done by a cobbler. He might give a thin layer of sole, effective in water and abrasion resistance. Believe it or not, this extra layer can actually extend shoe life. 2. Lifts Can Be Useful Particularly for heels, which are mostly accompanied by plastic lift. This lifts faces all toughness of the ground, so make sure the lifts are not worn out. While buying heels, prefer the rubber lifts on it . The rubber lifts are shock absorbent, and enable smoother walking. 3. Protect Your Shoes From Harsh Rainy Weather Sometimes water and moisture hampers more than anything else, so it is always a wiser decision to use a water protector spray. It is highly recommended to use these spray once before the rainy season commences. 4. Protection From Stains Stains are a big thing to care about, so treat it as soon as you mark it. If you've leather shoes, then salt stains could be harmful so treat them using damp cloth. 5. Prevent The Change In Shape Long shoes and boots are more vulnerable to shape changes, usually when they are wet and left to dry out, because these have a tendency to expand or shrink or curl. So always cover the shoes with papers and keep them at the bottom of your closets. 6. Polish Your Shoes Regularly Everything needs maintenance, so dont forget to polish your shoes, at least once for a week . Polishing keeps them alive, maintains the glimmer and then make them last longer longer. It is like feeding them,you can use conditioners or just a smooth cloth will do the job. To bring the shine, Oil can be the ultimate solution. 7. Keep Your Shoes Covered Never expose the pairs under direct sun, wind, or rain. Keep them covered, don't let the dust settle on your shoes, this will vanish the shines. So these were some tips to improve and extend your shoe life. Above all the best thing is quality, always get the shoes of top notch quality that does not ask for much maintenance . You can try out from the sites like to get the best shoe deals at affordable price range.