Prototyping - 2015 PhillyCHI UX Workshop Series

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LEONARDO DA VINCIArtist Engineer Inventor Philosopher UX Designer INTRODUCTIONSnoun a first, typical or preliminary model of something from which other forms are developed or copied verb make a prototype of (a product) PROTOTYPE / pr d tp / USER /yzer/noun a person who uses or operates something, esp. a computer or other machine noun practical contact with and observation of facts or events EXPERIENCE /ikspi()rens/ User experience encompasses all aspects of the end-user's interaction with a product, service, system, or environment. USER EXPERIENCE PROTOTYPING IS THE MATERIALZATION OF A DESIGN CONCEPT PROTOTYPING IS ABOUT SIMULATING SENSORY INPUT + OUTPUT USER TESTING PRESENTATION COMMUNICATION FEASIBILITYWill this work for my intended audience?Will my stakeholders buy into this? Will this shit even work?Will my stakeholders understand this?So why do we prototype?AND FOR FUN! Am I having a good time?I have not failed, Ive just found 10,000 ways that wont work - Thomas Edison FAIL FAST FAIL OFTEN PROTOTYPING SHOULD BE RAPID + ITERATIVE Client or stakeholder cant make it rain for prototyping and/or user testing? DO IT ANYWAY. RAPID INSIGHT TESTING Prototyping and testing at the minimum to maximize value and insight. #MOTOTYPEA miniature prototype Prototype a single novel feature or interaction to test or present. PAPER TECHNIQUESStrive for simulating true CONTEXT OF USE ContextProduction on-screen Paper on wrist Production on wrist Less Context More Context Most Context Butbutdo I have to know programming to prototype?! YESNOAND A LITTLE BIT.PUSH YOUR CAPABILITIES THE RESOURCES ARE THERE FOR YOU Prototype Fidelity SpectrumPrototype Fidelity SpectrumProduction Software + Hardware Fidelity != InsightQuestions?TOOLS If your only one is a youll treat every problem as a Good ol Paper and Pencil! Anyone can do it Flexible Portable No barriers to entry Not really dynamic Shareable Ubiquitous Simulate realistic state changes Minimal animation Limited interactions Not really dynamic framerjs Requires some light programming knowledge Simple, but powerful Very flexible can prototype almost anything Collaborative team share feature Seasoned platform Powerful animations and interactions Recently acquired by Google Render direct to device Cloud-based Very easy to use Limited to smartphones Cloud-based Very easy to use Has smart watch support Large variety of boards from IoT to wearables Easy for newbies C and C++ Huge community Easy USB plug and play Tons of APIs (including AS3) Lots of other boards to connect to easily connect to Cloud platform Tiny form factor Has a JavaScript API A lil motherboard! Micro SD ports USB Ports Programmable with Scratch and PythonWHY MUST WE CARRY ALL THIS?!THINK OUTSIDE THE RECTANGLE ACME Electronics is interested in competing in the Internet of Things market, and sees particular opportunity to sell products that improve the connection between consumers, their automobiles, and their home; as well as reduce the number of artifacts consumers must carry. ACMEE is looking for vendors to think outside the box and employ a novel approach to overcoming some of the risk factors associated with safety, security, and identity. ACMEE asks that vendors come up with a prototype that addresses a single use-case for the idea. The prototype should demonstrate all states of the design relevant to the use-case and should simulate context of use as closely as possible. Group 1Create a lo-fi prototype of a mobile or wearable product that integrates security between the car and home. Group 2Create a lo-fi prototype of a mobile or wearable product that can identify its users between the car and home (think personalization). Group 3Create a lo-fi prototype of a wearable and/or in-dash product that improves safety while driving. ACMEE has had trouble with complex voice recognition, so use this sparingly. Group 4Create a mid-to-hi-fi prototype of a wearable product that improves security for the car and/or home. PAPER PROTOTYPING TIPS & TECHNIQUES Cut Out and Slide ThruStick On and Peel OffDuplicate and Change StateQuestions?Last Thoughts It only took you 2 hours to develop a prototype Dive in, dont worry about the edge cases yet Are paper prototypes juvenile? Appropriate to present to client or stakeholder? Dont reinvent the wheel not every idea has to be original BooksThank you! I value your feedback! Follow me: @mattinteractive