12 characteristics of a good logo

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1. 12 CHARACTERISTICS OF A GOOD LOGO 2. A logo can say a lot about your company. Here are 12 characteristics of a good logo. 3. Unique: Your business is different. Your logo is an opportunity to express that. 4. Readable: If its not easy to be read it wont be. 5. Simple: Complexity turns into noise. 6. Stands Out: If its not noticed its like its not there. 7. Smooth Lines: If its rough it looks unfinished. 8. A Limited Color Pallet: Lots of color options is a privilege, not a right. 9. Visually Balanced: Placement of elements is important. A lack of balance creates confusion. 10. The Colors Contrast Well: Contrast is what helps us distinguish one thing from another. 11. Works on Any Medium: Cards, billboards, shirts, cups, hats, cars, ads, and on and on and on 12. Scalable: Looks great at any size. 13. Uses Imagery Familiar to Your Audience: People like to make connections quickly. 14. Clearly Says Something About Your Business: This may be your only opportunity. 15. Find out more at JESSETHOMASDESIGN.COM