10 tips for a successful slideshow

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10 Tips for a Successful Slideshow10 Tips for a Successful SlideshowFrom Gary Reynolds Top Ten Slide Tipshttp://www.garrreynolds.com/preso-tips/design/Keep it SimpleLimit the components of your slide so that it does not overwhelm your viewer. Use elements that make that slide pleasing to the eye and easy to understand.2Limit bullet points & textThe text on the slide should be summarizing what you are going to say to your audience. The audience should not be able to tell what you are going to say by looking at your slide, use key words and phrases, so that the bulk of the presentation is coming from you and not the slide.3Limit transitions & builds (animation)Animation often distracts from the slide show, do not use it unless it is useful in your presentation. Effects often keep the reader from focusing on what you have to say, once the slide has been presented there should be nothing happening on it to take away from what you are saying about the slide.4Use high-quality graphicsAvoid using pictures that appear fuzzy or pixelated. 5Using TemplatesTemplates that are offered on slide show software make it so that your PowerPoint will look exactly like the next guys. Eliminating the use of templates allows for a more creative and unique show, that people will be more likely to pay attention to6Use appropriate chartsDo not include a chart unless it will be helpful to the audience in understanding something. Make sure the chart is as simplified as possible.7Use color wellA tool to use, to make your slide more appealing is by utilizing color, make sure that the colors compliment each other, and pay attention to things like ensuring that the font color is not similar to the background. If you cannot find a font color consider filling in a text box so that the font stands out.8Choose your fonts wellChoose fonts that are easy to read and pleasing to the eye.9Use video or audioAudio and video can be a great way to break up the show with something other than your commentary. It often gets peoples attention when you use videos.10Spend time in the slide sorterOrganize your ideas and slides before you start creating them. This will eliminate the possibility of distraction from formatting options.11