New Year, New Energy Resolutions

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The start of a new year can be a valuable time to take a fresh look at your energy management practices. Kick off the new year with a full to-do list of resolutions that you'll actually keep! Do some research on GRI, CDP, and ENERGY STAR so that youll be ahead of the curve when updates take place that could affect you. Read up on resources like the EPAs Energy Strategy for the Road Ahead.Stay on top of next year's regulations the whole organization in energy savingsTake advantage of lingering holiday spirit and post- vacation energy to launch a company-wide energy- saving initiative. If you can measure total energy usage before and after, demonstrating a tangible impact will raise employee engagement and support for your programs. The Carbon Trust offers useful tools for this, including campaign guides, posters, and stickers. your best performing building and extend those best practices to othersYouve spent plenty of time poring over your worst- performing and highest-consuming buildings, finding ways to lower consumption and spend. But what about the best ones? What are these buildings doing right and how can you get the rest of your portfolio to follow their example? Year = Renewable ResourcesUse this time to go after the procurement projects youve been keeping on the backburner. Take advantage of historical data and tariff analysis to make informed recommendations. Before you start, take a look at PwCs recent report for insight into the drivers and challenges behind corporate renewable energy procurement. the most out of your dataIf youre not getting your data fast enough because youre waiting on monthly paper bills, or youre not getting enough detail because youre dependent on the AP department, stop sitting on your hands and do something about it. Better data is out there. The new year is the perfect time to start spending more time acting on your data and less time trying to organize it.