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IAMAW DL141 - Industry Review: Influences on the Airline Industry and the U.S. Worker

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Review the issues facing Airline Workers. These issues go beyond the negotiations table and effect all U.S. Workers.
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  • 1. Data:Power Analysis
  • 2. There are many factors thatInfluence our jobs. These areJust a few of the differentAgencies, companies,organizations that effect us.By watching their actions weHave a better understand ofwhere our jobs are headed.
  • 3. Data:Wealth Disparity
  • 4. The Walton Family$144,900,000,000$517,500Your Family$70,000Immense wealth does change a person.Would you pick up a quarter on the street?For the Walton family, that quarter is equivalentTo $517,500 – the value of this house in Las Vegassource:
  • 5. Data:Airline Industry
  • 6. Source: Soaring Poverty at the Philadelphia International Airport. How Low Wage AirportJobs Keep Philadelphia #1 For Poverty. By National Employment Law Project
  • 7. TECHNOLOGYfinding our place
  • 8. TECHNOLOGYFinding our placeUnited Airlines customers Karen, Peter and Nathalie Holland, 10, use new kiosksto tag their own checked bags at O'Hare International Airport. (Brian Cassella /Chicago Tribune)By Gregory Karp,Tribune reporterAUGUST 22, 2014,United Airlines on Friday quietly rolled out self-servicebag-tagging at Chicago O'Hare airport.Does United offer self-tagging at other airports?O'Hare is the eighth airport in which United hasimplemented self-tagging. After testing at a Houstonairport, the airline decided to roll out self-tagging first inother airports that were already undergoing renovation,such as those combining ticketing lobbies following itsmerger with Continental Airlines, Bostock said. "We'renow rolling it out in our hubs, and this was the righttiming for Chicago," he said.
  • 9. Route StructureWhich cities will have air service
  • 10. MitsubishiOutsourcingSkywest has 100 MRJ90 onOrder with 100 more on option.MRJ90 hold 92 seats
  • 11. Data:Public Relations
  • 12. Corporations vs. UnionsFavorable Not FavorableCorporations 16+47 = 63% 24+7 = 31%Unions 12+36 = 48% 28+18 = 46%
  • 13. Statutory Corporate Tax Rate Effective Corporate Tax RateSources: Bureau of Economic Analysis, via Haver Analytics;National Bureau of Economic Research
  • 14. Job Creators
  • 15. Data:Legislations
  • 16. Right to Work States
  • 17. The Union DifferenceA Union Contract Federal U.S. Labor LawPay Progressive, living wage $7.25 – Federal Minimum WageOvertime Double Time Time and half onlyWork Rules Negotiated work rules Management DiscretionJob Security Seniority Based, Paid Move At will employeePaid Sick Time Yes NoPaid Maternity Yes NoPaid “I” Time Yes NoRetirement Yes Social SecurityVacation Yes NoVoice Yes NoBuy-Out Yes No
  • 18. Minimum Wage
  • 19. Paid Vacation Leave (weeks)
  • 20. Paid Sick Leave Duration
  • 21. Paid Maternity Leave
  • 22. Data:Health Industry
  • 24. HEALTH INDUSTRYAlthough the U.S. spends more on healthcare than otherdeveloped countries, its health outcomes are generally nobetterHealth Outcome U.S. RankHeart Attack FatalitiesDeaths per 100,000 people29%15%64%(1st is preferable)12th out of 3234%Life ExpectancyExpected age of death for individuals currently age 65Men 22nd out of 34Women 25th out of 34Infant MortalityDeaths per 1,000 birthsUnmanaged AsthmaHospital admission rates, adjusted for age and sex, per 100,000 peopleSurgical ComplicationsAccidental puncture or laceration, rates per 100,000SOURCE: OECD, OECD Health Statistics 2013, November 2013.NOTE: Data for 2011 or latest available.31st out of 3427th out of 2816th out of 19©2014 Peter G. Peterson Foundation PGPF.ORG
  • 25. Total Bill: $55,029.31Insurance Cost:Allowance – Insurance C/A $37,448.31Aetna PPO Payment $6,461.47Patient’s Cost: $11,119.53Source:
  • 26. HospitalsPharmaceuticalsCorporations Health InsuranceYou
  • 27. It’s too expensive
  • 28. Data:Media
  • 29. Data:Time to Vote
  • 30. And let’s changethis Country... Like it’s ourJob.
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