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Video Marketing StrategyMarketingAutomation TorontoVideo Marketing StrategyOBV TeamLucy DeLaatChief Creative OfficerSofia StefouChief Development OfficerDave AlcanaSocial Media Intern@OnBrandVideo#OBVChatAgendaWhy you should consider videoWhat type of video can you createWhat to think about during production74% of visitors who watch a demo are likely to remember the product vs12% if the demo was of written content ~Neil Patel, Quick Sprout FounderHigher Product Recall440% of consumers who watch video are likely to place an orderHigher Conversion Rates37% Will recommend product to others ~Eyeview research study5Emails with the word video in the subject line are opened 7% more often ~ExperianOpen rate 5.6% higher96.4% higher click through rate6Types of Videos To ConsiderCase Study VideosProduct DemosExplainer/Company ProfilesCustomer TestimonialsVlogsThought Leadership VideosDIY VideosWebinarsLive Streaming of EventsSocial Media Videos/Vlogs Thank You Videos Thought Leadership Videos When To Hire A ProfessionalProduct DemosCompany ProfilesHow-To Tutorials Case Study VideosExplainer/Company ProfileCustomer Testimonials Animation is great for tech companies that need to explain a product/service processShould be customized as it is an integral part of the company branding experienceUse proper voice overTake the time and money to develop a well thought out script Will typically be more expensive than live action Animation17Live Action is great for companies that rely on emotional appealShould be customized as it is an integral part of the company branding experience. Stock footage should be at a minimum. Use proper voice over/actors/directorsTake the time and money to develop a well thought out script Is typically less expensive than animation, but will often require a local production crew for shooting on location Live Action18Get someone who doesnt know anything about your business to go through your tutorial and company profile videosGet someone in your target audience to review your vlog videos, product demo videosConsider creating more room in your production schedule for A/B Testing Test Your Videos19Thank You! Strategy Production Distribution