Social Mobilized and Mobile Socialized

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  1. 1. Social Mobilized& Mobile SocializedThe world in the palm of your hand broadcasting to the world from your palmBarney Loehnis Head of Digital, Asia-Pacific April 2013
  2. 2. Part 1. MacroPart 2. MacroImpact on society: Impact oncommunities &individuals:enterprisesrelationships with people and brands
  3. 3. Brands fail to understandthe scale and scope of themobile & social opportunity
  4. 4. In terms of screens it is ...and yet it transpires tothe ugly ducking: at first it be the swan: agile,seems an inferior canvaselegant, deft, swift andfor creativity &efficient.interaction...
  5. 5. You might think mobileis about this
  6. 6. 7
  7. 7. Mobility haschanged the waythat we interact andmanage our lives 8
  8. 8. We no longer think all about theof communication at empowereda fixed and planned consumer controllingstate of time their world,unconstrained byphysical terminalsand locations9
  9. 9. Sois (m)obileNot (M)obility10
  10. 10. You might think socialis about this
  11. 11. 12
  12. 12. 13
  13. 13. Social media haschanged the way weview socialising withpeople14
  14. 14. The Bondingexperience oftenstarts digitally longbefore people canmeet in person15
  15. 15. So is (s)cialNot (S)ocial16
  16. 16. Social and Mobile aremore about this:
  17. 17. mind need, wantPeopleconsumer& society what isfeelingdesirable?like, affinitymotivation physical ability, skill why?technologywhat is possible? 26
  18. 18. Emancipationof Consumer throughConnectedness
  19. 19. 20
  20. 20. SOCIETY BRANDS LearningEDUCATIONCredentialing EMPLOYEESSocialisingSymptomsHEALTHDiagnosticsINFORMATIONTreatment MaintenanceCOMMERCE Market prices COMMERCE MicrofinanceEfficiencyGOVERNMENT Sustainability INTERACTION Emancipation
  21. 21. Mobile is like thebloodline that connectsthe faceless emotions thatrun deep across differentmoments in time. Mobile isthe back bone ofcommunications andservices.
  22. 22. State of mindNeedAttitudeRelationships
  23. 23. Brands fail to understand howto design expereinces withmobile and social at the core
  24. 24. Social networkingtime spent by devicePC still the main entrance for users to spend timeon SNS site, but more and more users accessSNS via mobile - particularly Apps. the percentage of each device to access weibo97.66 %89.3585.43 % % 60.24% P smartphon table non- C e tsmartphone Resouce:
  25. 25. >70% use their mobilewith other media
  26. 26. TVt Printal Di g iMobile, like socialis a unifier.OOH & EIt is central within OM OCLBI IALOnli na larger ecosystem tSEvenioRad
  27. 27. Golden rules
  28. 28. 1. Obsess over peoplesrelationships & behavioral nuancesPeople & Relationships
  29. 29. Understanding peoples social motivations is crucial tounderstanding and predicting their behavioral responseThe UnabashedThe Lonely The Oversharer The Joker The First Word PromoterHeart The Wannabe The NewsThe Retweeter The NerdThe Last Word Photographer ReaderYOU
  30. 30. Staying in touch with your interest and social graphs...Twitter Facebook
  31. 31. ... finding new ways to interact and relate...WEIBOWechat / WexinSocial way: micro blogging , LBS Social way: instant messaging , LBSRelationships between people & strangers Relationship between: acquaintances , strangersUsers: 368 million Users: more than 250 million11 2Share photos and text withacquaintances and In-app QR scannerHold-to-talk: the widelystrangers.Also added LBSwelcomedwalkie-talkieservice. makes all mobile functionfor users who prefer to activations much leave a quick instant voice friendlier.message rather than text.23Moments aremore like Path, Shake to addwhich is aa friend who isnarrow way to also shakingsocialize witharound you.selectivefriends.
  32. 32. ... stalking the people you deeply love...Mamabear FootprintsGPS Find My Kids ~ Footprints Keep track of childrensTracker whereabouts friends can locate each other even managers can track employees set up Geofences, like school be notified when fences are crossed.
  33. 33. ...or simply digging deep to find love...LuluLulu
  34. 34. 2. Craft and polish the relevancy andsingle minded purposeContext: Where, What, Why
  35. 35. C.A.P.T.U.R.E for relevance and valueC ontextu P lacelyU seful E ffortfulal A lwaysT imelyR emarkable on relevancevalue
  36. 36. Deliver relevant messages and promotions... DD Coupon JiePangSocial way: LBS1 Relationship between strangersInformation: text, pictureFind coupon by categoryUsers: 2 million12Users share that theyvepromotion and coupon list arrived at specific venues,by category as well as share tips,photos, and commentsaround those venues.3 2nearest restaurant withaddress, contact info and Merchants and brands canlocationuse Jiepang to reach,engage, and learn about4 their customers by informationLunchbox FoodspottingUntapped
  37. 37. ... use Apps to give insight about consumer behaviorJauntle GateGurutTripadvisorTripit
  38. 38. Get close and personal to those with similar interestsAirbnb Meet and Seat: KLM Want to find out who will be on your KLM flight? With Meet & Seat you can view other passengers Facebook or LinkedIn profile details and see where theyll be sitting long before your flight leaves the ground.
  39. 39. Deliver new services to improve peoples access to services Relationship between people: shake Apps to call taxi The way to deliver information: LBS between users and taxiYY Zhaoche drivers Users: over 40 thousands 2012.9 123 send taxi to pick someone Free service to call taxiFind users by LBS else
  40. 40. 3. Use the consumer states todeliver the transactionActive, passive:Receive, broadcast
  41. 41. There are FOUR consumer states of interactionSearchingSeeking1. SpecificOutcomesthe world to methe world to me 3. VagueOutcomesReading AwardedBookingBrowsingTransacting ReceivingSelectingWatchingOrganisingPurposelessnessACTIVEACTIVEPASSIVEPASSIVESharing 4. Digital Read2.FootprintViewedPostingSelectedCheck-inGaming Interaction LocatedRedeemingAssociating Logged inBroadcasting PerformingMe to the worldMe to the world
  42. 42. Oreos Walkers Kill Count
  43. 43. Autodance: Just Dance3
  44. 44. 4. Seek mobile moments & createmobile movementsInstances & platforms
  45. 45. Deliver relevancy & intimacy via Unlock value through pervasivecontextconnectivitymobile moments mobile movements
  46. 46. Mobile is used across the consumer journey
  47. 47. Identify every moment and movement34718230 Moments 1966 1712Movements53518 22 151614 27 133428 3010 3325 363293121 20 11 29 26 23 24
  48. 48. Social Media and Fashion: me. here. now.
  49. 49. Connected Commerce - one bite at a time Mogujie and Meilishuo
  50. 50. Wearable computing will have a transformative effect. WithingsZeo Sleep ManageriBGStar Lark Silent Alarm ClockNike FuelBand
  51. 51. ... streaming every interaction and experience.
  52. 52. Summary1. Obsess over peoples relationships & behavioral nuances2. Craft and polish the relevancy and single minded purpose3. Use the consumer states to deliver the transaction4. Seek mobile moments & create mobile movements


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