Recall Report: Inventory Monitoring

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An old version of a prototype product we built in 2011 to help monitor, scan and then generate risk reports of retailers inventory. Was a helpful way to show recent recalls while also any recalled items that should be taken off the shelf.


1. COMPANY // WEEK 1 - MAY 2012RECALL SAFETY ANALYSISRecalled Items: 4Jammy Sammy, Revolution FoodsIndie and Indie Twin Strollers, BumblerideExplorer Strollers, Phil and TedXplory Stroller1%inventoryriskDetailed OverviewProduct Brand UnitsSoldDatesIssue Prod #Strawberry Jam & PeanutButter Flavor Snack SizeSandwich BarsRevolutionFoods8150Feb.2012Individual bars canhave a mislabeledinner wrapper, posinga hazard to those withpeanut allergies.1858, 4438,(3581 could beinvolved as well)Bumbleride Indie & IndieTwin StrollersBumbleride28,000(an additional2,700 were sold inCanada)Feb.2012The front wheel canbreak at the axle hub,causing the strollerto tip and pose a fallhazard.3519, 3520, 3321,3355Phil & Teds Explorer andHammerhead StrollersPhil & Ted 8,300Jul.2011The brake mechanismon the strollers can fail,posing an injury hazard.3420, 3736Xplory Strollers Stokke 2,000Dec.2007A bolt that attacheseach front wheel tothe stroller can loosen,causing one of the frontwheels to fall o, posinga fall hazard to youngchildren.2802, 3793,2803IN STOCK!IN STOCK!IN STOCK!1 Condential 2. 21. CHECK YOUR INVENTORY: double-check the datesand product information in your current and past inventories toconrm if you have the applicable lot numbers or aected items2. CONTACT MANUFACTURER: ask your accountmanager or rep what you should do with the recalled goods oritems sold; many times vouchers are possible can ConsumerBellcan help3. CONTACT CONSUMERS: if you have detailed consumerorder information, contact your consumers; email templates areavailable or we can send them for you4. ADDITIONAL REACH: depending on the amount of unitsin the recall or sold, you may want to include a notice in yoursocial media channelsBased upon our analysis and in coordination with applicable government agencies (ex: CPSC,FDA, USDA), there are several high risk brands in your inventory to carefully monitor.SvanSvan High Chair - CherrySvan High Chair - EspressoSvan High Chair - NaturalHigh Risk BrandsNeed More Help?800#sNext Steps...TargetedEmailsManufacturerCommunicationPublishingReportingWebServicesCondentialRECALL SAFETY ANALYSIS 3. Melissa & DougMelissa & Doug Ballerina Dress-Up Mix n Match Peg PuzzleMelissa & Doug Pull Along Zoo AnimalsMelissa & Doug Take Along Tool BoxMelissa & Doug Wooden Stacking TrainMelissa & Doug Geometric StackerMelissa & Doug Orange Trunki - SunnyStokkeStokke Tripp Trapp Chair - BlackStokke Tripp Trapp Chair - CherryStokke Tripp Trapp Chair - GreenStokke Tripp Trapp Chair - NaturalCONTACT Broadway, 4th Floor, 143, NYC, NY 10010Any and all items above are subject to change and dependent on local and federal restrictions, manufacturer updates, and additional data sources.This report is not to be altered, shared, posted online or for public distribution. Subject to the terms and conditions of any Agreement on le, theinformation provided is for promoting safety and compliance for a retailer and is only for internal use. ConsumerBell may change report formatting atany time and may also impose limits on certain features and services without notice or liability.equipmentbaby carriersstrollerswrapstoysrattlesbabypaciferphone:email:twitter:mail:More...High Risk Categories3 CondentialBased on our analysis, these categories are at high risk for product recalls.RECALL SAFETY ANALYSIS


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